Sunday, 28 February 2016

The Big Burger Wedding Day out

Well this is a crucial time since it was this date last year was a emotional farewell I didn't realize until it was too late, its been a year since Charley had her 21st early and times have changed, that's for sure. But as times have changed, friends have more appeared, okay I've made new ones but one of those friends is famous by a long shot, not in the sense of TV show famous but in a more  event of fashion sense. but today a project of his is being shown off in pavilions and because 4 art sake, its a good thing to see it for myself, of course taking yourselves with me.

the vlog is below.

To start the day

OK, the week has been a busy one with works and also interviews on Skype, now from a dogwalking vlog, i might of mentioned this, but I've been in talks about being involved on a project and this has been including a phone call and also a Skype interview, in fact my first ever one using 3g and if was a reasonable one, it fucked up my freedompop and they charged me £5 as a top up and also I was greeted by a fan while doing it which sadly fucked things up big time and I had to try it again, so I went to the pimple to do it. THAT FUCKING WIND ON FRIDAY EVENING IS A PISSTAKE AND MADE ME REALLY PISSED OFF. the rep I'm in talks with was okay and not annoyed about it "don't stress about it" was what her Irish accent said on the voicemail as I was running past tavi college to get home.

but then it was Sunday and the weather was good, happy romantic fappings and editing a wipeout 2048 video I recorded last night on the velocap was productive, it took longer for me to have a shower than for fcp x to render a 51 minute 720p video.

As I was close to uploading it while I was about to leave, my laptop battery died so I got changed and left at 10:50. with legs straining and getting to lidl in wind and sun. I made it in 10 min 45 secs. well that's what Google for said to me. since my tracks is being killed in April. Glass didn't come with me for a change, I wanted to and had it on me but since of pavilions, things are a no-no.

I started the vlog and got on the bus for £4.5, it was reasonably packed too and as we were getting in Plymouth, it was busier. we Stopped at derriford for a bit longer than usual and it looks abit different with subways nearby and  cut down trees and the helipad is better by far. then it was passing by and more free logs being cut down and the sun was a proper decent day, a good sign of how things might be looking up. Things were getting busy with traffic  too, so maybe it was a time to get off early and run in, well it didn't happen, since traffic was not that busy since this was the mutley route. for me my stop was just by the library.

Just getting off by the Library
Getting off by the library and it was windy, so much so that when vlogging, the stand behind me fell, which was loud AF. but I walked on and got to the mall for a tiddle and then walking into the apple store and used the core m golden Mac for a bit, since its the same chip as the v919 core m on banggood for £268. I walked out and topped up £5 on the mifi card for Skype interviews next week and he was helpful as anything.

The mifi topped up
Soon after,  I decided to visit a place I might have a date with Gracie at, Hubbox. now this is a burger bar that's been quite popular as of late and now that I'm around and had about £11 to spend. I went in and made an order, lovely heat, tiny burgers for the prices from looks but a after a desicion, I went with a £9.75 deal of a hub  burger with  no cheese and bbq sauce instead. no drink since here and londis just up are expensive af. so I waited and the takeout bags were OK from another customers order.

The Hubbox Menu
Then eventually after 20 minutes or so, mine arrived and I was happyish, since there was outside seating go review and vlog the burger.

Hubbox has a reasonable bag, feels better than Mcdonalds bag's 

That £9.75 for both of these only though.
Now that was delish, in all honesty, it was tiny but it was a decent burger which felt like a pub big Mac which is nice, But this place will be a special occasion even though Feeding this to a girl would be a fun ideal (never as intense as krispy kreme but times to do it)

Then I wondered around town until 1:30. CPUs on offer from CEX. Aloe Vera juice from poundland, decent vita and ps4 games and it was busy too. but before the main event, I went to the casino since I was nervy that I would see a former love and really there could be a fight. especially when I've lost loves that are engaged to someone else. I walked in there and the card door was open but I was told to swipe anyway which is a grr. Basically a quick toilet break made things work quite nicely.

Time to Enter the Big Event

So it was quiet outside, sure there were some lush cars and also a yurt outside too, which actually people do use for hippie or those type of events where wedding are to be one with Nature.

 Then I waited in the queue, then paid the £5 and got my ticket scanned and saw a food court, I didn't know where to go but I saw the signs so I waalke that way. I got in and there was a posh feel to it, well considering there were casino tables, Fondue's, photo booth  and even a money grabber game, it was exciting ish.
My first ever Pavilions Ticket that was for me (Charley's 20th i got my first tickets from them but they were digital) 
I went into the arena. it was like a stall style, along with the cat walk at the far end. but many different organisations there, one was a winery, which I asked about an idea of a elderflower wine or some drink (mother day ideas in all honesty) and her accent was like the stereotypical French actress in films but she did try to help so I can't fault her for that.

then it was a bit of browsing, now I had a few people ask me if they had prepared x or y part of my wedding, which is understanding since this IS a wedding fayre for BUSINESSES to find PEOPLE planning WEDDINGS but for someone that's never had a real relationship yet, its a nerve-racking situation to deal with. I stuttered in some way of speaking. But one chap was nice about it (a wedding photographer that also does cars hire) and say "you'll get one soon" so I can't feel that bad. Also there were alot of cake stands , now feederism and cake go like dogs and walking, so I did act interested and even mentioned I buy expensive food forcgirls to impress them but I took some business cards (written ones) since i might need it for birthdays. There were virgin holidays there too and I mentioned I'm a virgin money customer and also that I've not had a week off since 2012, she joked about me being due one but recommended to go to debenhams since that's where they are in Plymouth.

oh and I saw my friend and he said he added me to stage door access which i felt bad for Paying when he did that. But this was before the show started in like 15 minutes time, then he announced if via speaker. before I sat down, I entered a competition about love hearts and wining some booze and chocolate so omracer was the filled name :). there was also a nutrition stabf too which me and this slim, short rep explained to me about and I signed to the newsletter, £43 for 48 sachets of boost powder.

since it was quiet, I got front row ish seats and a free flapjack, then the big day began. I didn't film the whole thing to not get myself kicked out. but I got some pics and clips of It. but it was really good and even though I've been asked about some of the music choices in work so I know what was coming. it suited most of it and some lovely models, 2 I knew of and one I had that 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍  vibe with her, maybe the curves (not a bbw but her arms were soft).

The logo and stage

Various brides

Outtro and finale 
Now by 15:10 it was the show to end, which people were leaving and starting to pack up and I did one last browse and if was talking some extreme shaving products and I mentioned about how I shave, the rep offered me a £20 deal for a £10 but I only had £5 so I couldn't.

A table with items on, people were taking photos, I literally said "fuck it" and did snap this pic

Then I was about to walk around the back towards the stage door, I met a girl I knew from work, she is not a  customer, nor work colleague, works in a building nearby work who her manager i help fix her mac issues. Shes nice and i still but she said hi and asked "if I enjoyed the show" I replied "I did and you looked lovely" she thanked me and said "see you next week" since . then I walked to the door and waited and then after chatting to a mutual friend of his then I went the toilet. I walked back and he was there then he offered me a lift home after the drinks but I declined.

the walk was nice and us 3  were chatting about Plymouth and then we went to union rooms from the garden, I found out the name of the girl I spoke to just earlier. When in there we waited and I met some of the male models, Chris I shook hands with and then chatted or more I was quiet until I walked down to the other models. I got a glass of water which was nice (my usual order in pubs now). Then I was chatting and listening to people chatter, from tagging on fb go me cycling in and the being paid to play games and I mentioned my adsense payment and he said in a couple of years that will make money. That and some gossip i'll

Then Andrew and our mutual friend left back for tavi and I stayed for chatting. I got to know zoey who was this lovely chatty model and actress for theaters and she mentioned tinder and I learned alot of things from. since Chris and his 2 kids left I got onto the table (not literally) and it was listen and chatter, especially with Angelle and was really cute actions with her fiance (hand holding and back rubbing at one point), but I learned a bit about how she got famous in the last year, she has the accent like Mercedes on hollyoaks which I like. He on the other hand was a party rep in Mallorca, more for boat parties but he also was a casual drinker but never smoked (like Me, but less straight edge) and a fact he told us all was some people have spent €50 (£39.40) per day on coke for 6 months. Then there was Zoey's story which is too deep and personal for me to say, she is a genuine person and welcoming as well.  There was also another model and her daughter, the daughter looks so familiar but yet i can't remember where from, shes 16 so it won't be from a night out thing, but she was joking about "i've not lost my virginity" when she got really drunk once, then it made me related since i'm a virgin too, i didn't mention much about that.

Union Rooms water selfie, cause I can

After chatting and friendliness, it was 5:30 and I congratulated both Angelle and her new fiance i've only just met. I went a bit stutter since i don't usually congratulate things like this since it ends up me feeling up but since i've only just met her and i never fell for her (and never will to be honest which is a fair point), then it would be rude and no excuse not to. She said goodbye to me too.  I decided to run to a bus stop, well since I was earlier than the bus it was time to put myself to the test and it took me 40 minutes to get from town to crownhill while my ankle was straining and my stomach. but as I got to the bus stop, I then saw what looked like Charlotte, now she was my first love many years ago, one who didn't even go into college one day since i bought her a valentines present and she didn't want it or was embarrassed about it, but since she didn't speak to me then it seems like it might not of been her.

Leaving Union Rooms in the Sunset

Getting to Crownhill bus stop with aching ankles

Then the journey home was quiet and dark between 6 and 7 and then it was off by lidl to end the vlog when i got off, which I sort of recapped what happened and also then it was attempting to run home, my legs were feeling heavy and that shouldn't happen. Luckily i'm not entering a half marathon this year, that would be so stupid to actually do with this state of legs. But I got home in about 15 minutes and then it was unpacking time, since i had my power bank (which has died due to a wire going undone) and many leaflets and brochures around.

A view of the Canal

In my pocketses (basically leaflets, fudge, power bank, keys, wallet, passport etc

Now that is the end for that "BIG DAY" and hopefully there will be more content in the month ahead, i'm hoping i can get this documentary thing sorted, since if all goes well i might be able to have more intimate chances with ladies and also maybe build a bit of fame since I've had that go down the past 2 years (heartbreak can kill motivation big time). But not all fame is good and it might be a "OMG HE LIKES WATCHING FAT PEOPLE EAT AND GET FATTER, MAKE HIM SEEM LIKE A SEXUAL TERROIST TO ALL WHO READ US" is what local newspapers will probably do if they caught on to it but i'll face that if it comes to it.

All for now