Saturday, 26 March 2016

omracer in Taviland

Well, this was a event at work which was a knockoff of a film which for me, is nice and also kinda influenced a part of me (got me into a fantasy of making out with a giant girl) which is Alice in Wonderland. Now the vlog was very disorganised so its more a quick recap of what happened with a few montages if anything. But you can enjoy me walking in a costume below:

Insert vlog here

A morning of wet  cutting. 

Now with things being good the night before. Mostly since i bought new PC parts like the Antec ISK600 and the Intel Celeron G3900 which was £35 each. So thats a nice start to it,

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Then it was the morning, and i was up quite early, like an hour early before, The wind was making its noise while the curtains were bright and not actually making it look as bad as outside was, which was dull and heavy non visibly showers. so, I checked my internet, with a DM from a staff from Bngi that said I asked him to dm me, which is worrying me that I think I might be sleep tweeting or someone is having a hacking banter, which I need to sort out. The internet was checked, it was fapping and asking up time,which for some reason, was an hour earlier that normal, but maybe nerves about the costume was in full effect. Then it was time to wake and clean, okay not a punnable line but it's true. 

Soon after, I got put of the bathroom and started to change, which was OK but u realized that I was risking a trip up in the rain, which was bad so I started to cut the custom to stop it from touching tht ground. The cut wasn't straight but it did a good job and that can't be beaten for a guy like me. 

Cutting the butom of the costume

Shortly after, Rosie who was wet, greeted me with a jump and lick which was OK but the  she was to cage and I was ready to leave, mum was driving me down, which gave me opportunity for some selfies before leaving.

A close up selfie

A further away selfie

We parked opposite her old work and then I walked to work for there, actually early for a change and it was too qet to get the selfie stick put and vlog it, which tbh might of fucked it up for me along the lines of a disorganized vlog which puts things off. So i got passing as some guys I know complimented me and then as i walked in, my neighbour was happy and said how good it looked while my other neighbour has already has a hopping bit of trouble with his outfit, falling over my chair I sit on there and later on other things. But then it was getting to the work mood.

But with this day happening, the rain pouring, it wasn't too long before the selfies and pics of this were to begin. Since well, I was in at least 10 pics, mostly the other stall holders which made it some good sense to promote the place i'm working inside as well as them.

Myself and my neighbours, with a rabbit photobomb

Another group shot
Then the day goes on:

  • with a customer wanting transfer from desktop to laptop.
  • me checking social stuff and seeing a girl i like from feabie following me on instagram,
  •  more chatter and products selling. 
  • The moment the Town Crier says something like "you look like a tart" then redacted and said king of hearts.
  • Songs from the original Disney movie were played.
  • Android box selling (no i didn't say its fully loaded)
  • giving someone bad news that a RMA on a FX-6300 is needed
  • A customer calls to ask me for a home visit (yes and he didn't know i was dressed as i am) 
  • Easter Egg hunts on both neighbours stand which makes them busier than myself
  • My neighbour in the rabbit suit nearly tripping out the door.
Then halfway during the morning, I was asked to get my neighbour a chicken from the butchers for £3.99, which was ok, since his bunny outfit would look awkward when buying from a butchers, so i offered and he gave me £10, I was going to vlog but the rate i was walking was faster than it would of taken me to get the selfie stick out and vlog. But I got the chicken, some stares and odd laughes but it didn't bother me since it was all in a polite way of things. A selfie while out was a good thing though.

A selfie when getting the chicken

But time was getting on and since this was the last working day before the clocks go forward for daylight saving time, it was feeling faster than usual. But it was 3pm and it was a case of more selfies and group pics and also the announcing for the contest was going on about the costumes and intresting that i got a JOINT 3rd Place with another stall holder who the east end usually get along with and speak to so that felt good. The prize was a bag of premium Chocolates and they looked SOOO GOOD (do that in Alex's voice and it makes sense) in terms of the chocolate itself and the presentation of the bag. 

The chocolates I got joint 3rd prize on
Insert other pics if possible. 

Then it was nearing the end of the day and it was getting time to pack up and leave by 4:30, which I was on time to leave and make sure everything was switched off. 

Closing for work

Then it was time to leave and run up to a home visit which was a quick printer wifi job and that got sorted in about 40 minutes after router config and printer IP setups. Then it was me walking home via the Railway line route, and a nice selfie which goes with that before recording a recap while walking is a good way.

The selfie on the way back home. 

Then i got home and it was a relaxing evening, from having dinner to a batch and film watching while typing this up. Which made it all in all a nice day, to be honest its no closer to my New Years Resolutions but i think there isn't much i can do right now to complete some of them. 

Enjoy your easter and new vlogs and blog posts out soon