Sunday, 24 April 2016

An Afternoon of Rambling

This is a quickie, well it was nearing the end of a quiet week of work and preparing for things that are much interesting for both myself and you very soon. Now that I can't say much of yet but i'm excited for some of it. But well, we can see what happens then. But this is basically a quick peek at Dartmoor, which  I live close to and is more vast then people realise. But enjoy a montage of it below:

The first walk. 

Now it was about 1pm and me and the parents and Rosie, got in the car and drove to a car park very close to Princetown, which is an isolated village host to a prision and some chavs and some cafes. But the route has many car parks and laybys which you can park then just walk in vast moorland which is nice in the right conditions. We stopped at one which is nearer the village and it has ruins in front of it. Which was of an school that was here many years ago. From there, we walked to get to the road to Yellowmead B&B. There were boggy parts, there was some paid for geocaches nearby, but we sadly didn't look for any. But before we got to Yellowmead and the Quarry, we had lunch since it was 1:30 after all. 

Massive moorland views
A mini ham salad tiger roll and mccoys steak crisps, a nice combo. 

Then we finished lunch, even though it was only that and some left overs from family, I felt sort of full, so then we walked the road to the quarry, which was actually recently re-layed until the farmhouse then it was broken up mostly, very bumpy for biking to put it simply. Soon, we reached the Quarry, which was pretty well shown, with the mounds on the right looking like a natual pier nowhere near the ocean to the rocky path to a shallow pool which is freezing to swim in yet so tranquil. Rosie was feeling the heat there when we stopped to adore the view. 

The B&B and the pier looking mound of solid granite rubble

A look to the former quarry
The shallow pool to make it look like a hidden oasis on the moor

As we then carried on, the path ended to the former Railway between Princetown and Yelverton which was a slight gradual but very curved route, and as we got there, 2 cyclists were talking and their we thought was dog was around and started to approach us, but it didn't and carried on, even though it did notice us, it just walked. We were unsure since that could be pretty deadly with a dog as strong as what this one looked like, even though it and Rosie had similar colours. This was a flat but windy path to follow before it was near where we had parked and started. 
The views from where the path crossover

A look back at the quarry and the TV mast

Looking to where we started on the opposite side
As we walked off the path and back, we saw that dog follow us slightly but still minding its own business, mum was wanting to call the person on its collar but we eventually just walked on, since it wasn't acting lost as far as we knew. But it was then getting to a river to cross and as rosie was near it, she tried to jumped and fell partly in which was the 1st splash of the day. 

The place we parked. 

Then we got into the car and drove to Pork hill, which is the famous car park for ice cream and long views from high up.

An ice cream break.

Now as we parked by some car in Pork Hill, it was actually one of the buisiest times i've ever seen it to be, with rows of cars and queues of people heading up to buy from a Willy's Van, yes the firm that sells ice cream is called Willy's. As we were waiting to get one, (i was in the car), a coach bus attempted and actually parked in which would of made even longer queues and even more money for ice cream. But then dad bought ours back and Rosie decided to sit on my lap, actually she was standing which was ok. Slurping a Apple refresher, even when the label is actually saying Cider (why the hell would one ice cream shop sell cider ice lollies, that would cause some massive legal stance of booze etc. But rosie was getting some of her mummies ice cream to lick off her finger, she liked that.

A blurred closeup of Rosie

She does not know how cute she can be sometimes

trying to take a pic of the Refresher Ice Lolly while rosie was on my thighs still.
Then the 2nd quicker walk was about to begin. 

The 2nd Walk

Now this was a quicker one, but we left the car and most of the tourists from the coach were playing football and Rosie tried to chase the ball but when I pulled her on the lead, she went for the shoe yet again. This will never stop sadly. But we walked on some tracks which lead us down towards a granite fence which then we went left which takes us to a leat, now this leat is actually a leat that goes down stream from a spring and then is drinking water for Tavi, since there is a Cross and a sign that says "Drinking Water, DO NOT POLLUTE" which is quite clear, even though the water is treated downstream anyay. But it was family pictures and it was also funny that Rosie tried to jump accross and I went "OH SHIT" and nearly fell in the leat, well, its not deep but you could sit down in it and have the legs deep. But luckily that didn't happen.

Moor stunning views (get it)

Alot of goss around as we see stunning views

The Leat and the mini waterfall it has when it splits

Then as we carry on, following the leat, I get rosie near it to see if she wants a drink, which she tried to jump and I pulled and she made a splash which was a laugh, then we carried on following it until we saw the road, which was then a case of turning left and walking up to the Pork hill car Park again. In total it had taken us 40 minutes for this which is pretty good going. But there was a point in the sky where airplane trails had crossed each other, making X all over the sky.

The X in the Sky

Looking towards the moor as we made our way back to the car

By about 4:50, we were back at the car and ready to drive back, with the sun shining and some heat around, it was a nice end to a nice exercised afternoon. Then coming back home to a smell of a roast is always amazing. 

Well that is that, Next week will be some possible important events, like a first night out of the year nearly 7 months since the Nights out during September and there is a special Suprise unless you have me on snapchat which you might of already found out. 

Cheers for now