Thursday, 14 April 2016

Meeting Important Friends

This is an exciting insight to something that i might be working on in July, but there is just one good thing about meeting friends, is that there is always something new. But this day was for meeting Sandy and his girlfriend and meeting the house along the way. The journey in vlog is below:

The morning prep:

This was actually a early one to get going with. Waking up in the morning and now I had type be up early and make sure that i could see friends I've never met before. 
A bed selfie
After fapping and internet checking. i was up and ready to get changed  by 9ish, since an earlier ride is better for me. then a quick shave both beard and eyebrow and change and by 9:25 I was off.
the cycle was breezy yet calm her busy, but I must of pedalled pretty quickly since I got in in the 2nd fastest time of 1 hour 45 minutes which even with a but of queues, that's impressive for me. I even messages sandy to say where I was at and work tried to call me 3 times,


Entering a tunnel

Always a mini lane 

The bike has to have a selfie #throughglass

Letting Sandy know i've gotten close

Passing my favourite fast food

Dam queues

The fair in central park

views when biking, it feels like the fish eye lens here ?

parking #throughglass
Then as I got in, I had to rush to the toilet and also call work but as I was peeing I realised I didn't bring h keys so I dished back to get them and the  had to get my FreedomPop account sorted, since expired cards don't work obviously and if took a Asian FreedomPop rep in blurry 3g. then I tried to call work but with no luck. Then I got told sandy was by primark and i strolled off to see them both for the first ever time. I met them outside the entrance. 

The mini tour of 3.

I first looked in Primark but then realised it was the entrance just outside there and as i saw them both, there were shocked expressions on their faces and then we hugged, even grace did. Which then they said they only had an hour to spend since of a picnic with her family in a park near the east end of plymouth. So then we chatted about a fair whack of things along our journey, but before that began, they were feeling in need of energy, well especially when both of them and her twin went to oceana last night, he finally went to the place I've raved in and been kicked out for being too drunk when sober once. He really did kinda enjoy it minus some people being annoying. 

The first stop was Starbucks, well we past the one in drake's circus so the one near the USA sweet shop was the idea, we walked in and there were talk about the 10 hour bus trip and the coffee and also that grace used to be a starbucks barista. There was a nice latte for both and then a bottle of water as well, it wasn't cheap for all of that. But then we walked our way up to the hoe, we then talked about work and of course the problems there that its too not safe to say here. 

As we were passing the court and the holiday inn where i lost a best friend to someone that works there, we were talking about how big Plymouth is as well as accents and also with the palm trees made it feel like we were not actually in the UK. Then we reached the hoe and apart from the wind, it was amazing, the bright sun, the blue sky, happyish people and us 3 sat on a bench and chatted about what projects we might be doing in july and also how grace's family were going to buy a house on the hoe but it was going to cost over £600,000 inc repairs on the building. 

Then we decided to head down to see that building which has a lovely view but was rundown, it was a shame since this could of made some possibly good vlogging location, but meh, its not worth it. Then we made the long way back, testing glass and talking about girls as well as showing a bit about milbay and jesters as well as saying cuba was my most loved club (with the first kiss and other bits of flirting there). 

a glass pic of where we were

Then we were heading towards the Pavilions, which we then were a bit rushed on time due to the time of the picnic, but we had a selfie outside the Duke of Cornwall hotel, before walking back into town.

Me and Sandy

The three selfie

Then we walked by walkabout and heard about how stereotypcial it was while then pointing out temptations which was the strip club i had a anxiety attack in and then walked our way via town to back where we met but a pop into poundland on the way, which i mentioned about the juices and also where grace bought some plastic cups for the picnic, the queue was as long as always but it was quickly sorted. 

As we were walking back, we walked past Swaggy and Pete and then we all carried on walking back and they introduced and chatted and we caught up since the house members haven't seen me since the meal at arribas, sitting next to katie who was amazingly sized and feeding hayley before she left the house and didn't pay debts. Soon, we were at the entrance where we had to say goodbyes to the couple but a selfie was needed though.... We will be seeing them again for a project 

The selfie with the house and grace and sandy.

A House Shack lunch

Now after we had split ways, myself along with swaggy and pete made ourway down to the market, since pete was on his lunch break. So we eventually decided to pop to JD's Grill BBQ shack and there we ordered things, ok it was more me and james had something. He had a pulled pork burger and i had sweet potato fries and a drink. For £4 for mine and £5 for his, it wasn't too bad value compared to the restaurant owned by the same company.
The combo for £4
During this i had a phone call from work about ebay shipping and laptop ordering, it made sense that swaggy said "that place can't run without you, eh?" Which my neighbour agrees. Shortly after eating this, we walked back to the barbican and more chatter about so much things, such as tinder and BBQs and the project with Sandy as well as other mini bits. But soon it was the barbican ans then we had to say our goodbyes for pete and me and james went back to the mall. 

Now this bit was pretty much getting to learn a bit more on tinder, since he uses it alot and has pulled a few ladies and some of them we both have swiped right on and some slut naming was happening. But one thing i was struggling with was that tinder wasn't working on Data for me but worked for him, maybe its a setting but i didn't get anywhere. Then we decided to get some mini bits i was looking for.

We walked out and first looked at maplin which had not really any good deals and was hinted to buy a razer keyboard but nah. Then we walked to poundworld which then I got a few things like Ice lollies and powerbank and earphones, of course they were £1 each. Which that was paid for and packed. 
The items from Poundworld for £1 each

Then it was time to visit CEX then Game and head out, since there always has to be bargains in there, which there wasn't really, sure the was some ok GPUs but nothing too good value i could get new ddr4 the same price as used, along with farcry primal on uplay for £29.99 when i could get it for £23 via the place i sell codes from. Then we walked out and made our way back to the bike, I said goodbye to him before he made his way back and I got the bike prepared. By the time i left, it was spitting (not heavy) with rain so there was no pics of the way back. 

A pic before leaving
With the rain spitting and traffice queuing up, it was more effort to make me cycle home, it was pretty consistent even when it was near the moors. But hills, paths and roads aside, I finally got home about the 5:25 mark which was lucky and it just started to rain heavier as well. But a final selfie couldn't hurt. 

A final made it home selfie
Then i got in and started to get this up, but knowing that there might be more plans for me this year is a good feeling, sure i know i have possibly another date and also work related vlogs with carnivals and things along with games to stream and reviews to make, but i'll get there and take you along with me. For now enjoy the mid April.