Sunday, 8 May 2016


it's now the sign of the heat and it's also the time where BBQ season is upon us. Now this makes it the 1st BBQ of the year, and BBQs for me end up some fun with feeding and also time to chillax while chatting about life. This vlog is below:

A slow day to start

But this day starts off being awake about 7:10ish and then checking the internet 20 minutes earlier than usual when my alarm at 7:30. Although i ended up spending like an hour in bed, it was time to get up and leave by 8:25 and that was a hot run, legs being the same old recently, well the weather is humid after all.

Work was ok, sure lessons to teach, 775 CPU heatsinks to screw on, £2.40 to buy 2 Philips screwdrivers for work since we lose the decent ones, well working in a building with other shops is a good thing for this moment. Posting parcels off to ebay customers is also a new routine, its a shame that Royal Mail charge £0.05 more than what ebay charge which actually makes things like OBA useless but thats life. The heat was making the place quieter for others, the cafe just below me was packed as per, my neighbor was chatting to her mates while my other one had taken the day off and a friend of his was covering for him, she said it was painfully quiet too. But soon was the end of the day and it was time to pack up, by 4:30, i was just about to get the covers, But the problem was i had to wait for a mate to get a copy of windows 7 installed on a skylake i7-6700k I guided him on cable management which was like 3 hours until 10pm on Wednesday.

But then it was the run home from work and getting the stuff done with showers, the led trainers and glass. Since I had the usual BBQ stuff to get and might get some fake bigmac sauce made too.

Now I had to pop to pickup the USB drive since it still didn't complete the install, then started to run home. swaggy tweeted me pics of the BBQ already and caining it to get home in humid weather is nasty but fat burning.

I managed to get home by 5pm and then had to let the dog out of the cage which Rosie GP hyper excited and then saying bone got her to the cage. time for a shower and by then if waa 17:15 and the teaveline app qaa not really saying a time, more like 15 minutes until it was at our usual stop or 17:45 for the X1. So I did a chore and nearly attempted to get glass panel painted to see the screen better by that was too late to do that and by 17:35, I usaain attempted to bolt it to the bus stop and if I didn't jaywalk and run nearing in front of a car then I wouldn't of gotten o that buss.

The driver looked at me funnily and said "Gone running ?" and I said "yeah" then paid the £4.90 for a day ridee as per. The fare has gone up but it's  been 2 months since I've taken the bus in. The journey was peaceful. Pete called me at yelverton, then it was hardly any stops and I got off by 18:20 at outland road and started to pelt it to mutley, which was only like 9 minutes.

Getting to morrisons

A quick car park selfie first
Then I shopped in tesco to look for the plain doughnuts and there were none, so I checked Morrison's and non were there, co op it was to, which then caused me to find what I was looking for and for 8 burgers, 8 doughnuts and a pack of walkers sensations. the total came to like £7.03

Getting to Mutlet

The bundle for £7.03
Then I ran down to where the texaco was and then I noticed a tesco had replaced it and then it was time to call swaggy and he asked wefe I was ad then it was just the wait, with that I turned the trainers on with. they were bright.

The new Tesco
Me, Pete and James met and we walked to the house to get them changed,, there lovely xat was waiting, bless, but then they walked upstairs and I waited downstairs, the puss was eating and I waited and then he greeted me while the shoes were on. then both beys were changed and a we went.
We had to pop to tesco first, which some water and drinks to buy were the way, I ended up getting a 2 litre of 7up which was going to lead to some fun, no not really. on the way I showed swaggy poppy, one of the girls I might meet on a feabie meetup in goodbodies, He approved and said I should go in for the slip.

The 2 litre bottle of 7up for £1
Then we headed up to an ex house mate who got into another shared flat, this was actually a steeper route but it was very familiar with the flats on a hill, with that first date. But hey that is lifes reminders now and then. We got in and it was really nicely decorated, the type that those repeats of people that magically make money on houses they refurbish when they never see the place. but then we went out the back and I met the others, which then the shoes really made an impression almost the entire night.

But we all caught up and chatted on so many things it was even hard to explain or understand them. things like girls and the new hookups Cornish ladies can provide. Steam code sales and vac bans, YouTube and also the comedy sketches must of had paid child actors. Before this happened, there was a shortage of caol, so Spenser lent £2 and we went halves on the charcol. I ran down with the shoes on and bought it.

The charcoal to buy

While I was buying, a guy looked at my shoes and complimented  then I noticed the wholemeal rolls for £0.27 and added that. in total, £3.95 was  the total.

The bargain pack of rolls for £0.26, making both of these cost £3.95

I ran back and as finally got that BBQ lit, it was a beauty and had a lid which made this pretty simple.
But then the rain came out and that pushed me,,Pete, swaggy and Sam back into the lounge, which had a pretty amazing 90 degree sofa and a fibre router in the middle of the floor, looked like a netgear, but had a TiVo feel to it. More chatting commenced. Soon nath was easy to get the burgers served. so I popped back to the patio to get them sorted and try those burgers

A HD selfie

The legend of the Doughnut Burger
We started chatting and it was funny with the green blaze that some were having, maybe I wasn't revealing this might be a repeat of a family day out to Glastonbury and this agip made me have a right lol without putting anything directly in my mouth. but it made me say the story with works new neighbor introducing  2 months after she moved in, which was nice. The by 9:30 Spencer left. Then it lead to to the story of how  I had a panic attack with the temptations lady. I kinda said the story backward which didn't help but swaggy was surprised, then I said "Jake's got a phone" . I meant phone call but my way of nerves or speaking is always a dick move. Then I showed them that selfie button which made this annoying white noise nath didn't like and some didn't hear.

There was more chatter about girls and those dares and crazy shit  I used to do which were too nsfw for even this blog, which felt o the past. Pete was hunting to get Gracie around but  she would need to be paid and I'm saving up for that second date and needed advice to  be fair. They were like nah, don't do that. But soon it was getting to the late night and we mostly helped pack up and then chilled in the lounge, I ate some of those orgasmic crisps which I Love and miss.

The chilling was more talk that really I can't or been told not to post but it was possibly hooking up with housemates and fun stuff. I showed swaggy the messages of the snapchat purchasing oh and a pic of millie an ex crush who was a very sophisticated bbw, then I explained to sam about food buying and maybe I should just say no to it forever. But soon it was time to leave and make a run for it. Luckily, the road to take back was only a 2 minute run, so with the pitch black area, bright LED trainers, I started to run back to the bus stop, which was quick, As i was waiting, there were some compliments about the shoes and Police Vans rushing by with sirens and all that. Which after typing some of this up, I got on the bus and sat up deck.

Now the journey home was interesting, there was this +1 and this young couple, must of been a best friend to her, she had this cute nose, nice and wide and an accent I couldn't put my finger on, but they were talking about Mcdonalds and fating and there was this rivalry about the bus windows which reopening them was childish or something, I couldn't care except with the watching her nearly waddle there which i said to myself about an 8/10. Eventually they left at Yelverton and it was dark waiting until I got off by Lidl and said my farewells before turning the trainers on and running back home.
The shoes lit up

An empty street before running back home

Now that is an interesting BBQ outing, sure there were more guys than girls and sure there wasn't any major fun for me but I think it will be nice to be able to get that feeder frenzy I'm into some private one on one time maybe eventually if I get lucky. Hopefully there might be some time for a Night out, although those achey legs are going to really almost kill me with it, but fun is important.

Night all