Thursday, 28 July 2016

A Punctured Exam Fail

A wet day on a important day and this was also nervy. A Microsoft Exam but this was alot harder to do than that windows 7 one, I even bought a book for this one since it was more topics which might be hard for me to even understand. of course, there are NDAs so not much on the exam itself can be done, but the vlog of before and after is below (one vlog).

The Morning of Tyres and Wakeups

It was a nervy morning. sure the exam and sure it was spitty rain and i woke up a tiny bit late at 9:00am and i was meant to leave by 9:45. So the shower was needed as well as a quick drink before getting my stuff and biking off.

The bike before leaving

Everything was ok in the rain  until by yelverton and the back tire was punctured, making me panic and feel slower and feel like I was being in a earthquake. I managed to reach it by 11:20 and got in and did it. But the tyre was shattered. I was booked in and the procedures were in place with nice staff.

The bike with the flat tyre

A Failed exam and a Cycle of Shame

By 12:55 I finished the exam. But I failed to get the pass rare by 300 points, so that was pretty much a waste of time. So it was time to get back to getting the bike fixed. This was a nightmare, to cycle back the way I came with my bum vibrating everywhere and also cars passing by, especially in foggy weather in the rain and this roadworks just before Dartmoor diner making it difficult to get up the hill and the pavement was overgrows and my knuckle even got stung by nettles. Eventually by 2:20, i reached the place to be, Rockin Bikes.

Leaving with those clouds around

The bike parked before getting it fixed. 

Fixing and Shopping

So then, I went in, waited and then the rep offered to help and I mentioned the puncture and he said they might have time to do it, his buddy was finishing with a customer and then he said "yeah, better get it done quick" which is nice and only cost me £11 which was good value. £6.00 for the inside line and £5 for the fitting. While that was being done, I popped over to co-op to buy some drink and food. Now after looking in the Game shop first, which was expensive and the premium quality that is over my budget, Co-op had some deals. Like Oreo Doughnuts for £1 (pack of 2) and of course the 1L bottles of flavoured water I buy for lunch when working sometimes.

The combo for £3.
Then I drank some of the Mandarin and Cranberry, nearly puked it up when trying to run back to the shop to pay for the fixed tyre line. Which was all nicely done for £11 and then I was off back to Tavi. 
The tyre has been fixed 
When i got to morrisons, I parked up since I remembered that I had to by my dad some presents for his birthday this weekend, as well as food to cook for a mukbang I might be doing when i have some free time soon. So I parked the bike by a tree near the petrol station and explored. 

The bike by the tree

Exploring Supermarkets

When i got into tesco, apart from a Dogs trust being very plain and not inresting to invite me to donate to them, It was the usual feel to it. But I wandered around and saw deals like Ginsters Chicken and Mushroom slice for £0.35 and there was 7 in, I was tempted to get them but I was seeing if there was a box of 60 pieces of chicken which was for a mukbang to make. Which sadly there wasn't, so I went to Morrisons, which took a while since of traffic, even one guy was shouting to use the traffic lights down the road. But I did and got in there, I saw a guy and he said hi back, walked in, various deals but the Frozen section only has a 16 pieces of chicken offer for £4.63 which was a nah. So then I walked back to tesco and bought some food. 

Tesco did have a pack of 30 Chicken nuggets for £1.50 which was reasonable amount, then i found a new york cheesecake for £1.50, added. Finally there were some mango chunks for smoothies I make using my sister's Magic bullet, That was £2. The food was £5, since the Ginsters slices were gone, all 7. only steak ones which are bleugh. But then the Vue giftcard for £20 was the last bit. Added that in. Totalling at £25, I paid it on my card. One of my customers offered me a lift (he was in front of me in the checkouts as well), I declined since i had the bike. Then it was off home

The food and card I bought for £25.
I manged to get home, even after hills and phone call attempts which make me nearly fall off my bike, but I didn't have my headset in which is karma. And then it was all done and the end of the day. 
Even though my sister was off to MTV Crashes and I found out she bought a VUE card as well which was annoying since i bought one too and was told to. 

But there is the end of the vlog, It was a poor day but soon it will be more days out and possible dates coming soon which might be a nice touch :)