Saturday, 16 July 2016

Go Dogwalking with omracer

This is just a quick blogpost on the recent craze of Pokemon Go, why. Well since its something to enjoy and also it might be tied into vlogs a bit more. So, it was released officially in the uk on Wednesday and well, its been everywhere, people getting robbed, people getting hype of Team Mystic or Valor, Muesums banning people, celebs having pokemon invade their Gym and more.

Since I can't get any vlogs done until Saturday 16th for the Carnival vlog (Which was going to have this featured in the blogpost but its too long so nah). But here is a typical dogwalking with omracer blog featuring catching them.

Time to GO dogwalking.

We started out from home and walked down to monksmead and down to Morrisons that route, there was some pokemon along the way, catching them was tricky while keeping Rosie on the lead when she bites the shoe. 

We started to GO. 

A video posted by Mattie LT Marker (@omracerfaps) on

A video posted by Mattie LT Marker (@omracerfaps) on
It was soon by the Canal by a first gym. Which, since I was on level 4, I couldn't access it yet. By a Staryu appeared.

The path with the canal on the right and the college on the left

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And walking between The college and Morrison's, I saw a mate of a old school mate and then he showed me some High CP Pokemon, there was also a note that Level 12 gives Masterballs which are stronger Pokeballs and then he walked on and I was on the same path. But, it was soon time to approach the Red and Black football club which had a NCN Route 27 Sign as a Pokestop, which was handy since I needed to get some more Pokeballs. But connections were at a whim which means I Didn't get any Pokeballs. There were kids hanging around with muffins (cake ones) and getting things while using Pokemon Go.

As I reached the road after the Bridge, a hypnotic Pokemon appeared and I managed to catch it. With then carrying on to morrisons which did have some possible sightings at a car park which got me to near the level 5 point. But since the battery was at 12% on my phone, I stopped using it and carried on walking on the main road (well the route, not the actual road itself). By this time, I FINALLY REACHED LEVEL 5.

Finally Level 5

Soon It was coming near the Meadows where 3 Pokestops were upon me. One for the Meadows, one for the Subway (Lighthouse Memorial) and one for Drakes Statue. I managed to get all three but the connection on their end was glitchy when getting the subway one.

The Meadows 

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Then I walked on back to the Spar, which was also near a Gym, which then a big choice of which Team I had to make was happening. Team Mystic, Team Instinct or Team Valor,
The Gym
So, I chose Team Mystic, Team Blue and then it was done, the Goal was Blue and I was ready to explore this Gym. Since it was 9pm, I decided not to battle, but some kids sat down by the bench to enter the Gym.

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It was then a case of walking back home, with Rosie Biting my shoes as per usual and then it was time for relaxing and a bath which was nearly 2 hours (to check snapchats and setup my mum's old phone which was my first Paris since she went for a weaker Galaxy J6 which was buggy and laggy and all she needed to do was get a sim only contract from tesco, which is £9 a month + £87 for the phone.

And then it was time to finish off and Prepare for a Carnival which was ruined in the beginning of the day...