Monday, 25 July 2016

Working to see a Man Engine

it was another day at work, well this day wasn't a normal day, today was a day, of the Man Engine being unveiled just 2 minutes less away from the new place (well i've been there 8 months now) I work at. This is going to be exciting, i thought. The vlog is below:

A morning as usual

So then, waking up at 8:15 after the usual and even chatting to a guy that was boasting his sweethearts pot belly on reddit was a unique concept. But waking up, Rosie was snarling at me in her cage and then after preparing things and even taking in a PSP I listed on ebay and sold quickly (they haven't paid) , as well as the fact that i had to take some screwdrivers into work since this Macbook air had tricky screws to take out for a trackpad replacement apple quoted £300+.

But I then panicked about glasses (not glass, not worth taking it in today) and then got running to work. But i took a different route, this route was to really start the vlog, which i caught up with the pokemon craze and also an apology for not doing the 500th video on my 7th Twitterversary.  Then i ran my way down until i got to the square. I saw a truck load it up with other things covering it up.

The view i usually enjoy when walking for a vlog

The puppet being covered

An exciting morning of Puppetry

Then i walked into work, my neighbours were smoking and chatting outside the door, we all caught up and he enjoy a buffet he hosted for £20 from where i get my pasties and drinks for £1.70 from. This was nice, then a customer was asking about a mouse he lost. Then it was time to type this up and check ebay since works Ebay has a fair amount to post off. But nearer the time, the landlord's cleaner borrowed my phone to get a dratini from across the river which was exciting using pokevision. But soon it was time to unveil this Engine and drums were going by 9:40am. But this was time to catch a dratini and it was lost.

But 9:53 and I wandered out to see this puppet  crowds were a mass and it was delayed in its ceremony, the speeches were long yet importantly thoughtful, the banter was somewhat Cornishly there. And 30 minutes to see it gp up and down was not long, but my arms felt it. We learnt that sten is tin in Cornish, as well as another Cornish verse. But it rose up like a robot wars (yes I made that reference since it's on the bbc again) contestant with steam everywhere

Some crowded square

Magicians and tall stilts

A nice banner

The puppet, still being covered

More crowding


That raise in its arms

It does look away

IT looks at us with glares

Back to that working life

Then it was 10:45 and i went back to wofk, some voicemail and some eBay parcels to deliver were my tasks, as well as a Mac but I will get to that later. Managed to sort that out while my manager came to visit and we chatted, then he left and my neighbour was a bit annoyed at things in general but he did enjoy the puppet. Work chores woth posting later on gave me a chance to see it before it left for kithill, which it was on its truck and I was walking that post office way

Folded up and back on a lorry

The  I got lunch on the way back, which was a pasty a citrus drink for £1.50, that I did enjoy, I had a tablet to fix which turning location off did help oddly enough.

A usual lunch now which is £1.50

Then it was some admin phonecalls, VoIP top up and then trying  to unscrew something which has been tricky and spent the past 2 days sorting but with no luck. Then a customer or 2 rushed in for help which I did managed to sort him out, until later on. but I did get given a plate of chips for free :).

Free chips

The end of day for Visits

By 4:50, I was on my way to a visit when I noticed 4 voicemail s, from a customer, so after the first visit, I had to top up my original orange account by a fiver then rush off to his place, virtual box was being a dick on 5.1.2 which no sound on osx. By 19:25 I was on my way home, to a lush tea while getting this vlog ready and up.
And that ends this vlog for today, with another of the Microsoft exam on the 2nd day of MTV crashes this year, it might be a fun one