Sunday, 17 July 2016

The Procession to Rio (Tavistock Carnival 2016)

When its this season, its anniversary season, its a year since the strip club panic attack and its also my first Carnival in the New location at work, which was having a dress up. Now with this in mind, I was unsure on what to represent on which country, But I ended up going with Jamaica. Which i had a decent plan for a £50 combo, a body suit and also a Rasta Wig. There was trouble there. But this wasn't going to stop me from hopefully enjoying the Carnival. The vlog is below

The Let down of a prepare. 

Like I said, I ordered 2 pieces of costume for this event. One of them was the Jamaican Runner costume and the other was a Wig. Now I bought both of these from the same supplier to make things easier, Paid £47.98 a week ago, nothing had arrived by Wednesday, so i messaged them and apart from giving out an odd address (same postcode but not accurate property details of where i an in Work's landlord's property). But the rep called bob said he had confirmed the postage. But sadly, nothing arrived and By friday, it was too late, with the carnival only a night away and this event, it made me stressed like fuck and I really, really, REALLY LOST MY MIND. Which is how a bit of Dogwalking with omracer to GO was needed.  

That and I also booked a Windows 10 Specalist exam. Which cost me £118 + £17 for the book which my neighbour is ordering in for me from his supplier. But this is going to be on my mind of revision to make sure I can pass it. 

But that aside, It was time to face the day.

The Day at work. 

In all honesty, it was quiet, sure I was moaning but fapping helped the moan before hand. Once i was up, got my keys, Phone, Glasses, USB Drives and a micro usb cable and then changed and Ran down to work, it was about 11 minutes and also running with a top hat to at least have some effort was the way of things. I Got in and explained the situation to my neighbours and he was sorry about it), But that was about it apart from chatter and some banter here and there, Like one about a giuy on the hearld that was a BHM and protesting a KFC opening up by Marsh Mills. Some favours with remote fixing was paid and I even typed up a blogpost about Pokemon (i linked at beginning), since it was that quiet. But by 12:15, it was time for a drink and lunch, even though I was debating on what to do for a meal tonight (usually that plan of Chinese is is, but since I had it last weekend, it might be either a Weatherspoons or it might be a Indian Takeout for a change). I thnk there was some small change I had for food. 

The fair was slightly not busy

The Fun House

A Look at the Train and other bits of the Square

A further look at the fair

Over The Falls is back again
As I got back in, things get draging, with my nose starting to get runny and also the place feeling quiet even with a small tablet sale and ebay listings. But as it was nearing the end of the day, things felt good but chilly (well the door next to me is open so wind can pop in and say hello, well not really) and making sure that i'm ready for this night.By 4:40,  I was leaving and taking some soldering irons back, Up the hill, with the Music playing and google fit actually recording my track since the GPS doesn't stop if the phone is awake.

It took me 16 minutes to get back and after another 10, i was out walking rosies in the field. Which only lasted 25 minutes and then it was 5:33 and by 5:57, it was shower time before running down at 6:25.

The Evening of Procession and Rio

I Ran with the led sneakers to town, with the GPS working. With luck  I was there within time abd the vlog was starting. With the announcer just coming up to say they are on their way. It took 5 minutes to start searching for a location which I found one by the traffic lights by one stop.

A view of the crowds

More crowds

Now once it started, we were standard in the wait and sway abut while people walk I front of me. The weather was lush and the music was pimping, some cheesy Rio tunes. With also a chap and his dad recognising me and asked if i was filming for youtube. 

But after a few parades and a longer time, it was 7:24 and it was time to explore, which I did and then it was time to head home via a Chinese. But on the way, I saw my parents and sister. Which we greeted and went separate ways. But just as I was about to order the Chinese, My FreedomPop number rung, WITH NO DATA on and I answered. It was my sister, they found a spot in the queens head. So I joined them.

I got in there, My sisters mate with 2 kids greeted us and they got a table as well. Then me abd dad ordered, I ordered a glass of Tap water, along with the meal of a gourmet burger and a apple and raspberry J20. Dad had the same except with cheese and a jail ale, mum and my sis had Southern fried chicken. The wait was a while, to order. While waiting, Ed and Ben saw the shoes and we did a quick greet. Then once ordered, it was £29 something and we managed to get the drinks back. Then it was time for drinking that water,  Which was nice. 
The j20 and Water

After chatter, I was told to get a jail ale, for dad, who gave money for it. I was waiting and Carol, she reintroduced me to her husband ans was surprised I Didn't drink. But that was a quick talk and heather served me a jail ale, no Id and £2.80 for it. Once I got it back, the food was there already. 

The gourmet Burger and j20 

Then I started to dig in and eat, which was lush. As we were tucking in, my sister saw Olly, along with his wife, which we all caught up and I mentioned the new place and then it was a mini trip down memory lane of Dinham Farm, man that camp site was amazing. 
We all tucked in and was feeling satisfied but not full since I was about to run back to home to get this vlog up. By 8:45, it was time to leave.

The sky at 8:48 or so, still bright and still 

I saw a friend i've not seen for years and we greeted and i said hi to his girlfriend and the conversation went blank slightly but then it was time to head out and that  exhausting cold run due to this throat, but it was time to end this night. On the successful vlog. 

Well that is the end of this, enjoy a catch up on my 7th Twitterversary which a new video should be up then.