Sunday, 14 August 2016

A Midsummer 1940s Weekend Afternoon

Its this time of year again, the Harrowbeer 1940s weekend. Now normally i would work for this but since work had nothing to do with it this year, it was a day off. This was somewhat a still feel to the end of a busy week for me but an even more vlogging style busy week next week.

A leaving for a meal

So, it was 11:35 and me and my parents were off to pick up grandparents since we wanted ot have them tag along with us and since a friend of my nan was in a care home near harrowbeer, it was a good idea to do both in one go. We were not sure on what pub to have lunch in but in the end we decided on The Burrator Inn. So we drove to pick them up. 

Once we were there, we greeted and then helped Nan get into the car then once we were all in. It was a scenic drive with Denham and passing crapstone while listening in about gossip and "the good ole days" with memories my Nan and granddad had. It was OK. But it was coming up to 1pm by the time we reached burrator inn.

The Burrator Inn
I walked in there and a waitress greeted me and asked "how many high chairs" and i said non  and she joked "all adults then" but was good as gold and got table 2 (the corner by the toilets) laid out for us and I went toilet and by the time I was out, the rest were there and drinks were on its way. From Wines to Limeade, it was nice and refreshing. Then we all ordered Roasts. 3 of us went for roast beef and 2 of us went for Pork. Both of which were good. with lots of potatoes, vegetables and a yorkshire pudding. £7.90 each as well.

The Roast Dinner for £7.90
AS the succulent meat was nice and thin and juicy, the horseradish slightly burning my nose but the taste was top notch, the gravy and potatoes were mmm and just a general nice sunday roast, it was more conversation and family members giving me more of their leftovers. The chatting and eating continues which by 2ish, We were all full and the plates were cleared and 2 of us had lattes to finsih the meal off which was nice. The bill for us 5 in total came to £58 and there was £7 tip that happened (£5 from nan and £2 from dad). Then we left and headed for the Ravencroft home. 

Leaving Burrator

The 1940s hot afternoon

As we were driving there, it was hot and the cars were getting busier and busier nearby. Finally we got to the nursing home. We parked up and decided on what was going to happen, My mum, Nana and grandad went into the home to visit nan's friend. Me and dad waited outside and it was a chat about people dying and how life is unpredictable which was 15 minutes then they arrived back and it was back in the car to cross the road. 

As we drove into the rep guided us right but dad had a chat with him and we went left instead and got a very close parking space. Which once we got out and some chairs, people were already chatting to nan and after greeting them, I left and browsed. 

When i was about to wander around. 
There were different stalls and vans compared to last year,  From dog food stalls as well as a 1960s US trailer baded food van as well as a focus on Remote Control planes and Cars from some place in Torquay. Chatting with people i know from work (other tennants such as 2 cake stalls and one of the janitors had some part in the old fashioned lawnmowers and contraptions. But the crowds were busier by far.
Posh nostalgic cars

the crowds and cars

Model Planes in the sky

The radio play along with more crowds

A retro diner 
A landing of RC Planes

Armoured Vehicles

The model spitfire every year, dragging crowds in.

Then i was passing more memorabilia and RSGB stations and i come across the Homeland Army who were doing their own made chutney's. Sadly on piccalilli and cucumber pickle were there, it intrigued me so the lady did put some pickle on a cracker and my my there was a nice gherkin taste to it, she said "well cucumber is also part of the Gherkin family). So i bought a jar for £1.5, which was a bit of an impulse due to bus tickets i've got to spend next week. But it will be nice for some meals to come.

Nostalgic war memorabilia

The chutney and their stand sign
Then I walked my way back to the car and my nan was with a friend of theirs. I greeted them, then sat down and relaxed while putting the cucumber chutney down in a bag (the jar). Then it was more exploring and seeing others around.
More crowds

The radio station and wartime farming machinery 

Then I headed back to  the car and saw the family back there and chatting away about things like getting nan out more and the weather and pub food. But then the announcement for the Spitfire draw was coming up and Grandad thought it was a run of the engine, but that was 4pm. I walked over to it, trying Pokemon Go and that was failing on my GPS. But as I walking by, I saw Lauren, she said hi while with her boyfriend, looking her usual nice self. I said hi back but well thats was it then it made me think of last year which was the last time i saw her on that night out of charley's 21st. I kept saying to myself its in the past and moving on by ghosting (cutting someone off in your life it apparently means now) her when she got that ring on her finger just before my birthday was the right idea but something feels like it was the bad thing, but we can't change the past. But Lauren looked happy anyway :).

Then it was the 30 minute wait and attempting of a raffle announcing to happen, which was not well done since people didn't really get to the booth for the prizes and it was 3 minutes until the winner of one of the prizes got to use the spitfire for the 4pm go. But that was all done anyway..

The pilot in the seat but not the winner

insert video here

Then it was soon to get an ice cream then go home. So we went to one of the willy's vans, ordered our ice creams and for 5 people it came to £10.10. A bit shocking. I had the refresher Orange for a change, I Usually go for the apple flavour. 

The orange ice lolly 
Then it was back to the car to eat and chat with the family. It was talk about nan's friend and also the day we've had. But it was then 16:15 and it was time to go home. So i went to put the wrappings and tissues in the bin before leaving, it was some last performances and also last pics of the crowds which were less and less. 

A view to the main event which crowds were less

The final performance of a respectful song to remember those who had fallen in the second world war. 
Then it was in the car and on the way home. 

and that concludes the afternoon of family, food and nostalgia in remembrance. A classic blogpost which actually, was pushed earlier compared to last year, but then again this event is always the week before the Bank Holiday in August, the final one of those in the year. 

But expect blogposts of hopefully BOTH Fireworks nights next week...