Friday, 12 August 2016

A Wet Zoo Model Day out

With another day out on the cards, it was just looking for the right time to do it. With some events both vlogging and personal to deal with while trying to work five days a week, it was best to use this opportunity to do it. Now, normally I work on Wednesday, but colleague asking for a favour means I had today off, so I felt it was the right time. A train trip to Paignton was the goal, there was Exeter, but I have already been 3 years ago. 

the vlog is below

The journey to plymouth

As I was up until 1am, getting photos backed up, I was knowing my alarm for 6:30 would work, which funnily enough, it did with the menu music to Wipeout 2048 raising it's sound. I was up but looking at times and sT Ives was possible but the recent fires have delayed trains.
Then the 9:25 train was an idea, but it was also the same route for Paignton, so it was that train to catch. I was up and ready to leave by 7 and pelting it in my night out attire was the plan. I made it to look just around 7:13 and the sunrise was already been and gone, even with a cloudy outlook on up there.

Lidl at 7:15 in the morning

I got on the bus for £4.90 and that was the day rider sorted. The bus was busier but this was the days of #crappycityplym coming back to me.
It was a quiet and quick journey, since it was also a time to listen to banter about argyle as the bus stopped in derriford, the sun was starting to come out and it felt warm on my Hawaii shirt.

The sunlight glare by derriford

On the way, it was nice to check updates on mobile data, Twitter had trump drama and most camgirls I follow were doing the nice usual things, then fb was ok, but there was a post I had of the meal deal talk, I checked it for some random comment, then the post I put of it was suddenly deleted, which is a bit taking the piss. Then it was tinder, now tinder is ideal since I had about 20 to swipe right on. But I tried social , which doesn't work unless you have a friend to go with, that's a fucking pisstake tinder, not everyone has on demand friends they can do random outings with no planning with.
By 8:10, I was off the bus and the hour and a half until the Train was ok, since I could go Pokemon hunting, well it's full on the hoe apparently. So I made my journey there. First things, was a toilet to have and phones to charge, since it was needed, but as I made my way down, it was more workers entering their shifts for the day and also some travellers. I made my way up to the hoe and it was the Pokemon go time.

A Sunrise by the Moneycentre

Passing the TV Screen

Lets GO before buying food

Now there were a few stops but it was not the nicest GPS fix which I might of got working but I managed to get 6 pokeballs, level up to 9 and catch a poliwhirl. But by 8:55 I was on the way back to town to buy a on train snack since the station and train food is expensive.

The map looking down from the Hoe

Now, I made my way to poundland and managed to get 2  cans of j20 and  a chicken sandwich. Since that only cost me £2 but even at 9am, there were queues in the till and that's 2 people on, but then I rushed to the station. With a slight wind and traffic not as busy as the rush hour usually goes

The £2 breakfast

I was in and buying the ticket by 9:22 and a nice £7.40 for a off peak return, the rep was helpful and kind too :). Then it waz a cross country Aberdeen route, but it stopped at Newton abbot so that's not too bad, I managed to get on coach C and just as i sat down, it was on its way.

The Journey 

As the journey was heading on, I was time job into my sandwich and also admiring the views, which both were nice and by 9:50, I was in tones and already my colleague from work tried to call which I just missed answering. I had the snack stall pass me by as well,

Passing the end of Plymouth

Getting Towards Totnes

The train tickers for £7.40

Then, to my next stop and that was Newton abbot. So my drinks were finished and the tickets safe with me. My colleague, called twice at that point, but I sorted that later. I got off the train and ran to the next train as it was the on the other side of the tracks via the footbridge.

Getting to the other train

Then it was a case of  calling my neighbour to sort out what happened, which wasn't much, but after that was deciding to either go to babbacombe model village first or the zoo, I said zoo and got off at Paignton. The clouds were quite humid. This was while the train was on its way to Paignton.

a blurred vision of the view outside

Passing Torquay station

Viewing the cloudy seafront

We got off the train

Once I got into Paignton, it was cloudy but warm, so I made my way to the zoo, which was a 16 minute run and that GPS wasn't locking at all. Which is a irritating shame but then I got to the back of in a 20 minute queue.
Leaving Paignton Station

The cloudy town 

We made it to the Zoo

Those Queues

The visit to the Zoo

Which this area, the zoo was actually £16.95 to get in, which for this, I will probably use cash but since the app lets you pay by card, I  paid on the site. but the queues show how popular this place is and I've not been since Tavistock primary days. Once I paid the £15.40 online payment and showed the rep, there was a bbw rep that said about online, which was just one of the many I would see and greet.

In the simplest terms, I paid £15.40 to have that number on my phone to show someone to give me a reicpet and let me walk somewhere nice

There were so many things I could point out but the pictures and vlog to be fair are better to explain but there were new bits I've never seen and more animals and birds than I would of thought of, even from documentaries like planet earth. With beautiful creatures, some good looking ladies both page 3 style and my style and sadly, mostly prams and kids but its a tourist attraction in peak season

The Soaking Wet Run to Babbacombe

By 2pm, it was wet and I managed to run  In the pouring rain to the Paignton seafront to get to babbacombe. The route from the zoo to babbacombe was around 1 hour and 50 minutes. I had to pop into the toilets to dry my shirt and the case for glass which was getting quite wet, which panicked me if it stops working. But I was getting worried I would not make it, luckily the rain stopped when passing torquay. Passing massive funfair, up hilly backstreets, stressing on GPS not locking my signal, things looked bad. But in 1 hour and 30,  it was me that got there and the sun was coming out.

One of the Fun Fairs i was passing by

Cloudy with a Pier next to me

Looking back

The ring road to Torquay, Running on that pavement 

The view one the Torquay seafront

Finally Made it 

Exploring the Model Village

Then the model village was amazing, sure it was £10.95 to get in  that cute nostalgia was there along with new modern locations like Paignton zoo and A castle along with an EastEnders set and koi that were gulping in air for food. The spitty rain was vary slight but it was beautiful and tranquil.

Time to head back

Then it was 16:58 and my time to leave was the way to go. Now luckily, Google mentioned the nearest station is 26 minutes away and I got there in 22, passing shops I wish Tavistock had like Pizza Hut and some other types, downhills to go on.  There was even 2 chaps that said and points me in the direction of Torre station. But with it found, I was running. 

Reaching Torre Station in 22 Minutes

Then it was a wait until the train arrived and it was soon here and it was packed, workers, tourists I saw earlier and more. There was little room and the conductor were busy and so far my ticket has not been checked, which is odd. But then I was in Newton abbot. Newton abbot was packed and I saw another train but that was a delayed to London, so i waited until 6pm to get on the one I needed. Which while the wait, I went toilet and also checked drinks prices, um £1.65 was the cheaper, so I passed and drunk tapwater from the toilets, the hand wash sinks.

An Empty Newton Abbot station

By the time that was done, glass had no battery, my power bank was out and the train arrived, so I pelted it to the other platform and it was hectic getting on and finding seats, I ended up siting next to a chap with a tan and late middle age. The train was off smoothly and by 18:10 I was at Tones so it wasn't long until plymouth.I checked the bus times and 6:45 was the next bus from the rail station back Tavistock, but if not, it will be a run to another stop. Also I called mum to let her know I'm on my way home. There was some delay due to a problem just coming out of a tunnel but it saved me money.Then after that, I was enjoy a conversation in front of me about pubs and jobs and then it was 18:40 before i knew it and sprinted off the train and got to the bus stop. It was me early luckily.

The last stop before getting to Tavi

Soon it was a wait in pouring rain which was unsurprising to say the least but I got on and managed to end the vlog with only 5% of battery left. Then I was relaxing and my legs were starting to ache which was the usual after 40,000 steps had been done.
Soon mate of mine got on but didn't see me until I left side he was chatting with the driver side he gets on well with the bus drivers due to his love of buses.It was 19:20 by the time i got in tavi, with the sunset and almost bluesky around as well.

The stagecoach backseats
The bridge near Morrisons
 It was 19:40 that I was finally back home, which made it exactly an hour after I got on the bus. And what had to happen, some dogwalk since rosie was locked up in here check and i was the only one in the house.

And there you have it, a day out done and a last month goal achieved, that took some effort but luckily the next one won't be as long or even as many pics since I won't need to go to a zoo for a few years now haha. See you for the Fireworks championship