Friday, 9 September 2016

A hot GO coach cycle shopping visit

One of those days, its september, it was a sbit of rain tghe nigher before and now it was a cycle trip out, with a birthday to buy for (an extra gift) and also a bit of a catch up around the town. It was one of those days. There is a vlog below for this one

A Chocolate Shower Morning

So, I woke up at 8:40 after internet checking and the more usual as usual. The sun was shining out and the ground was wet. But last night was a panic when glass had low volume but it turns out it was muted. that was lucky. Sorting that and chaning the phone to the original paris i bought since the GPS on the one i replaced it with was faulty and weak. So that was done. Then a tweet from jasmine asking about Macbook prices just before was always nice. even on days off, IT help is always needed by some.

By 9:10, it was time for a shower. My lo0ls were in tha hands of the fluttering cunt mishearing and the new shower gel I have yet to review was used. Hot chilli chocolate by natural elements. It was nice and it does give off a a chocolate man smell.

The chilli chocolate shower gel

But once that was done, it was time to head out by bike, I was debating on a jumper but I just put it in the rucksack. Once that was done, it was time to go.

The bike is ready again

The journey was a longer one in feeling but in time, it was actually a normal time one, there was slightly drizzle from the sky by yelverton but passing clear brook, the wind was lovely. No major near misses either. By 11:40 is,  I parked up, a old lady let me park in since she was leaving, which was nice of her

Biking by the red and black club

the sun through the trees

Gem bridge

passing to yelverteron

roadworks on outland road

a view of Central Park
Google Fit has my better stance


I walked in and got a toilet and charge done, I went to the three shop to try to have a word about the huawei e5330 and how to get the data reward but they were busy with selling overpriced slightly sim deals, they could never compete with that FreedomPop 10gb for £9.99 a month bit that offer was a short rare one.Then I wandered into apple store which had some deals and looked at motion which can make some cool titles for vlogs if I used it but time to edit is scarce enough as it is with only 1 day off to film and edit and upload else it's delayed after work and feels are bad.
Then it was a wonder into game, with the little bits and game codes in order and some ps4 pro chatter. But I walked on into town and explored all the usual shops.

  • Cex had little deals on offer
  • Pound land was not too bad but some ice lollites and micro USB docking stations as well as a card reader which I do need.
  • The big screen didnt have me on it yet but it has done from one tweet I had to me.
  • Poundworld had the same
  • Wants had the huawei e5330 for £19.95 used but locked to see I think
  • Maplin had some deals but nothing to rush into.

Then I walked down and visited the new coach station, it looked modern and simple although the triangle aren't that good to cover when raining. But I might be there more if I do get free time for a coach vacation or something, maybe for a feeder meet up or a bgp or something else.

Looking from the Passenger view of the station

The depature lounge

a simple a board of the stands

The fromt of the station, minus the tree in the way

a better view of the station

Then it was down to the bottom of town after passing into the Sony centre, which had no deals minus a 13" i3 but that was £549 so meh. Instead I went to the oriented supermarket to browse and I ended up buying 2 fortune cookies for £0.30. But there was a deal of a case of peanut butter for £3.50, nos if I was a real feeder in a relationship, that would be a bargain way to help her pack on a few, but I couldn't justify it. The fortune cookie was "Nothing will be as bad as it appears" which was a mini reflecting moment in recent events.

The  2 fortune cookies

This is what was written

Then I walked into the market and deals I games and a £199 ps4 was very good, considering the slim and pro were announced last night, it was a good time to have a good price Then I walked into computerbase, not much deals but some hard drives were tempting. But just as I walked out, my mum called for a catch up , she said the weather in Tavi was cloudy so I was lucky. Soon after, I walked my way to Union rooms, since mums gift  was a gift card for whether spoons for £20. That was a 15 minute wait for that and a glass of water, which was OK  but customers queue up so quickly. I had the drink outside and sipped a bit before packing up and heading to the hoe off Pokemon go.

walking to the union rooms

The gift card and glass of water
Then I was a walk to the hoe to explore the pokestops and catch some, which I thought I screen recorded but it didn't work, shame on that, so I filmed just scenes of the hoe for nothing. Then I relaxed and typed the blog up some more.

Looking back on how many stops plymouth actually has

Tranquil views

Smeatons Tower and the flags with a small sign of marquees being built

Look at that
By 15:10, it was time to walk back to town and get some pounds hopping done, while actually recording Pokemon go of course

Lures were nearby

This was a gathering of Piegons
I got into town and went to poundland to check if the stuff was still there, it was but I went into the bigger one to buy the items and also came out with blackcurrant ice lollies. £3 for all of that.

The poundland stuff
Then I wandered up to poundworld, someone said "alright Matt" as I was going up through the first aisle, but I went for the braided micro USB cable which was yellow and blue for £1 and then it was either 2 Twinkies (to omracer review) or a box of my favourite microwave popcorn, that was a quid as well, so another £2 and totalled to £5 from both.

The Poundworld Stuff
Now then I was browsing FB and a girl I flirt with on twitter works in a jewellers nearby so I popped in to warren James and a blonde nice for normal guys looking says hi to me and asks if she could be of any help, so I said "just looking thanks" and saw some nice £20 heart necklaces, reminding me of what I bought abbey many years ago which was a St Just made necklace. Then as I was browsing, I heard another voice and saw a nice looking black haired girl with some cute arms and attractive. Listening to her was nice but it wasn't the girl I was flirting with, so i left.

Then I headed up to the bike, but I stopped in go mobile and asked about the sim cards working with the mifi I'm selling in work, he was not sure but he had heard of FreedomPop and he laughed at what I'm paying (not a taking the piss laugh since it's £10 less than what they charge for mifi contracts) and the customer service, but my main advice was to go to the three shop and ask.
I got to there and asking this Chap with a ginger beard and he was a bit confused at first but he explained it simply, the sim needs to be topped up if used in a mifi device, they didn't say that on the sim, but this is needed info. I left...

Then it was time to get the bike back and cycle home, with GPS working nicely, I pedalled a nice 1 hour 41 minute in cloudy evenings and it shows of how Dartmoor can change the weather. But I was home and it was then time to relax and get this video up.

Leaving via Plymouth Uni

The hill to horrabridge

in the grenofen tunnel
I hope you enjoyed this, we are soon to be doing more near the end of the month depending on my energy and the weather, so stay tuned at some point.