Sunday, 11 September 2016

A Pre Birthday of Family Walking

Another Sunday a d a other day out, this time it was up towards mums birthday and she wanted to go to Lopwell Dam for a walk and catch up with grandparents, aka her mum and dad. So it was a plan.
I woke up this morning at the usual getting to work time or earlier, after fapping. But the  I was changed and it was a 2 hour walk around Tavistock. It was OK with her chatting and the GPS locking on nicely. sure the moors was wet but it was bright and sunny until we got to Morrison s and it was starting to come in slightly cloudy. Also there were funny bits such as sheep on a footpath until we chased them off.

Rosie was waiting outside

A view of Tavi at 9:35

Views from the Pimple

This is sheep on a path

~This is a close up of sheep on a path

Google Fit tells it like it is 

Then it was email checking and also shower, the internet didn't have much, but last night didn't either until I saw a pic of Emily on a date night, that just made things suck but also it give me that idea of just waiting for the right moment to book a second date. The showergel was the usual chocolate stuff which was a bit stronger but not by much. Soon after, we left to pick them up.

Once we got to theirs, we visited their new shower in the bathroom which looked nice but the floors gave me a smell I've not sensed since a night out in Cuba which might  be on it way hehe.
then we got into the car and drove to Lopwell. With fesants roaming like people jaywalking and lanes With hedges as tall as half the man engine, we eventually got there and I learned facts and that little bit of gossip that back in the old days was relevant and also good to know.

Lopwell Dam

The  we walked into the restaurant, it looked nice and after finding a table, getting sat down and choosing meals, I went to with my granddad who asked if breakfasts were still available, a cute nicely shaped for me style lady was polite and welcoming and did a joke to hint breakfasts weren't available, since the kitchen was too small to cook that and meals, which means he had to think of another idea, then me and my mum ordered when he was set on and idea. Their bt hub needed a reboot before epos on their iPad worked. The  it was ordering and for 5 people it was £56.6 including drinks. Which wasn't too bad but you could not manage a burger and drink for under £10. We then paid and sat back down and chatter as we waited. Eventually, the BBQ burger arrived and it looks lush.

The £9.00 BBQ Burger and £1.75 Juice Burst Apple Juice

More conversations and eating took place, the BBQ pulled pork was hotter for longer than I thought but it was nice. And after we all finished, we explored some of the visitor centre type stands just behind us and I went toilet but forgot to lock the door and I jumped az a kid saw me take a pee and that went on clothes.

Then t was a walk to the dam and exploring some feasant pens by the estuary which there were flocks of them, roaming like they own the yard. it was cool, but seriously, this was a tranquil place and if you really wanted inspiration, take a tablet with a stylus or a canvas and you could easily draw something amazing. We then headed back to the cafe to catch up with  Nan who was by herself

The view of the river that heads down south

it opens up

Fesants crossing a footpath

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The route with Google Fit

Then we ordered some cakes and drinks for a afternoon tea which was also gossiping on how money influences people to be 🐍🐍 with regards to wills and inheritance, it made me think about that,,which I should although I'm too young to technically do something about it. The 7up and plain scone for me was nice though.

The scone and 7up
Then it was time to drive home, which we took the road that the footpath was diverting from. But it was a long thing route even though we passwed some cars and more chatter about the past and things similar. The weather was lush and we ended up passing through tamerton foliot which was actually going on the route I cycled up once after delivering Jess's birthday present . Then it was through the george on the way home. Then we evntually dropped nan and grandad off and it was windy af. But then it was time to head home.

Soon after, it was a toilet break and quick internet catchup and someone was hinting at me to buy pizza from their instagram follow back and snap of their belly. But then it was another dogwalking and this time it was an evening stroll in the Meadows and back up, especially with the pokestops to gather and not many pokemon to catch.

An Evening stroll in the meadows

The river on a hazy sunset

The route didn't show up

Then I got home and my sister was home, we greeted and then her and dad went to order and pickup a Chinese while I laid the table. It was a lush and filling Chinese takeout too..

The chinese takeout for tonight
Then it was talking up, talking, watching countryfile and the facts on leeches before it was yet again the mummy on itv 2. But after family time, it was 9pm and finally we said our goodbyes and Emma drove home and I walked rosie. 

There goes another sunday. There are some reviews and also a steambox update before my 500th Video is made so we will see how that goes.