Thursday, 29 September 2016

omracer's Second Date

I said to myself I would have one and well, sometimes timing can be either off or perfect, with no guidance or with all. This is my second ever date, which on a wet autumn's eve, is foggy, not that cold to begin with but dark and dangerous. With my love love getting nowhere except with the odd occasion of a girl speaking to me then blocking me like lustx or that feeling  of missing someone who now has a ring o their finger, a child, or even both along with a house.

It was time to feel like i'm dating and hopefully to learn on things and to pick up on hints that might help  me get a girlfriend one day, and or to know how to impress and make sure I'm up to scratch as you could say without being Kochy. The lady that could help with this was Gracie, who I still think on how good the first date of my life, they say the first leaves a picture in the mind and that's true. It will be nice to cath up

A Quiet Day

Well work was quiet, sure it was a GPS issue, a delivery and toner fitting as well as jokes, learning from my neighbour from  someone who looks amazing and says hi to me, that work might be longer for Christmas, but Sundays I don't mind, it might mean less blogs and vlogs then, but I don't know the future holding for us all.

Then I ran home and got in before 6 whch makes prepping of emails, snapchat and general internet good, also I got an email about the powwow contest saying i had won a prize, which is a nice surprise that yesterday brought me. Then it was catching up with parents on holiday and also the grandparents who are pleased to see me Thursday for a pre birthday company, I got my granddad a power bank for him and one for me, since nights out is also one the cards for a second attempt if the weather is good or clear. Also i was given 2 cards as a favour from a neighbour in work, one was for the money for gracie.

The card used for this evening 

Soon it was nearing 6:15 and it was shower time, featuring the chocolate gel and then teeth cleaning and face scrubbing before getting changed after feeding the fish. Well a chore is a chore.Finally, by 6:45 I was ready to run and it was wet but actually reasonable in its warmth minus damp rain.

A chest selfie

a more stern look

The Wet Journey

I got to the bus station about 7 minutes early and it was hard to dry off but since I've lost my glasses for 2 weeks, I can't do long distance, which is a shame.

its wet as usual

I managed to see the bus when it appeared, then I got on it and paid £3 for a return, which is ideal but he might of though of age, my youth.. The journey was quiet with only a few people on and closing a window helped while leaving my back against a heater which was the engine, since that is the bottom back of the bus. Marjon and derriford were not busy, oh wait, derriford had cars in and out, saving lives , making mistakes, like a person.
Eventually, it was nearing the part of getting off, which I did and that was at the golden hind pub, I've heard they do good curry as well which makes all the difference but not this time. The directions from there said a great whopping 47 minutes walk according to google.

The stop for me before running a fair whack

The idea was clear and the money I needed along with a card was almost ready, which after a Morrison's trip. That was ideal, but those lottery pens are very crap :(.

Then it begins in running. And actually that was almost half of the time the map advised me. The run was wet, windy, chaff rubbing due to those holes in my night out trousers, but it was finally a gast time of music, one guy asked if i was ok and also near trips. But it was 21 minutes and I'm impressed. Then it was a wait outside hers for a bit, since she said 9 and i did text her saying i'm near hers, rain was slightly heavier than drips, it felt like a cringy romcom , seeing a beautiful girl when your soaked I rain, but the clouds looked soo nice and brown like, maybe due to light pollution.

A street procrastination 

But she let me know she was running late. I killed some time in a pub, which was a 5 minute walk. It was a big pub, but only 3 people including the bartenderss. She was shocked on how soaked i was, but i got a glass of water as per usual. The story was funny of chats and a turtle was walking around the bar floor, I shit you not, it hid in cans to drink and gets hyper. It went into stories and also it was about a 30 year old jacket and also that lead on to a story about a women giving labour on a pool table.

But it was time  leave at 9 and I thanked her for the drink, I wandered up the street was a Chinese takeout which i wandered into and the sales rep was there but looked after her baby, so the I went back to the other takeout and chatted to the Romanian who was a nice chap, then I left and crossed the road again which then lead to a Massage Parlour and as i walked up the stairs, the sensors were going wild, then this slim redhead opened the door and a cute bbw got me comfortable in  standing ans explained how it all worked, I mentioned i was waiting for a date (with an escort) and she said they let escorts out as well, but this was not my ideal. Then I got a text saying to be there by quarter past, so i sprinted to hers and then it was ok, I knocked on the door and after a slight while.

The most romantic time of my life

No, seriously, she opened the door and she said hi and she was in a towel, I looked at her as she smiled at me and she was looking wider and arms were more softer, she just come out of a shower and was wrapped in body lotion as well, we had that rushed awkward i pushed too hard hug, she got up the stairs and mentioned how she cut her foot which was a painful thing, bless. But she walked me to her room which looked alot more casual along with the cot and also the colours of it were similar to my mums but more cosy and just so much fragrances and lotions etc. But she said to wait since she was getting her teeth done (cleaned and prepped up), this was taking about 10 minutes before she finally arrived in a busy schoolgirls uniform, that confused me but she looked amazing and much bigger than i thought, then she leaned towards me and we hugged and she calmed my nerves a slight bit, before saying to me to take my shirt off (since it was soaked still and earphones were in the way, which means those too).

We got the bed prepped up and we cuddled and it was so nice to just catch up and talk, ok this part was not much talking but the feelings were deep at this point. The cuddling was so soft and i tried to be gentle, holding her back fat a bit as well as feeling blissful, then it came to the kissing which was amazing tongue action and she thinks i'm a really good kisser. 

Then i started to feel a belly hang to grab which i did but she was a bit wary due to her C-section with her amazing daughter she loves to pieces, I joked about her having another one and she said one was enough for ne which made me happy since her belly was full of the dreamy goodness of soft skin that was heavy when resting on my belly and her thighs were soft yet i felt my D being squashed when it was happy to feel that pressure. She asked if it was too much, ?I said its ok and i like the pressure and its a learning point with this". This lead into big girl talk which was nice and she blushed a bit when i said i like at her this size now. She was soon asking to take her clothes off which i agreed and she was very gentle not to push it with me, since she could see I was nervy as fuck. Which she embraced that by letting me drop her belly and the thud i saw and after jiggle was amazing and i was so happy to always have the chance to do that. 

Soon, she asked me if i wanted anything since she was off to get some nasal spray, she offered drinks but I declined, but we then snuggled up close and cuddled and it was so relaxing for us both, i was close to falling asleep, which that feeling was about to get stronger later on. We chatted about internet and i mentioned Feabie indirectly which she was ok about and we then led to the "some girls will be all out to get as much as they can with money. 

But soon it was a unique idea, she wanted to give me a massage, I said yes but stutter due the fact i never get offered on by family (mum and sister both can do it as qualified ones), so she was asking me to lay out in a certain position and then she put lotion on and started to see the strain my back has been in, she explained the strains can be a showcase of that person;s back which she said "you must do a a lot of sports or heavy lifting", I joked nope and she did say it wasn't 100% accurate, but there was moaning and yeah from myself, which then she differed her moment, she let her belly which was so heavy, sway on my back and it was an absolute dream, this stopped about 10:15. She did ask if i hasaaaaaaaaaa

I started to be a bit worried on time and she said about last train and I mentioned bus and she offered to take £20 out of the charge to pay for my taxi but I mentioned to her its £22 from WOOLWELL ( did didn't shout this to her) to Tavi at Night . But she booked a taxi for me to get to the bus stop for pm. After that we went to the cuddling position and chatted more, she joked about me feeding her broccoli when i said a few feeder fantasies I've had and she joked but also was compassionate about those but her passion was really a anti-meat , full vegan power, which was ok but which can put the gaining kink off on the right person

Then we were into the last 30 minutes and I had an idea of Spooning when she asked me what to do next, so get rolled over and guided my hands to the right of her and almost squeezing the belly slightly, But then it was back to the best bit, where climbed on top, pushing on my happy Boner, and then i just did some belly kissing, belly near biting, belly worship a little and kissing which was the amazing bit, just lifting her her belly and it drops and jiggled so nicely, it was like a spell on me. 

Then it was a final bit of cuddles and i did say I  was nice and relaxing for her which then we had some small talk and it was a story about a guy who workers his way to the top but felt really lonely. I felt some feel to that, but it was then just seeing her nail to pain in crystals from the place I tried to help improve with Nicole. Then I saw pics of her daughter which was, it was nice to see but not ideal in a another way. 

But soon it was a call from the taxi and it was time to get changed, pick everything up, Pay her which she felt really bad for being late so she gave me £50 back (£150 paid) and also said i'm allowed half hour extra for free next time I book her, which i want to but i can't justify just yet. Which we both agreed we are happy and then she showed me her foot which was cut from the razor from earlier with a foot fetish client. But then she held my hand and walked me down the stairs and we had one more kiss and then I left, or so i thought...

Crazy Taxi

This was funny, a taxi was parked differently to where it normal was and we panicked, since time was slipping but she told me to come inside and called the firm up, her puppies were sniffing me and happy to see me, aww, but not as fun as rosie sometimes is. But then I saw it was a silver and rushed in and shouted goodbye and then got into the taxi. 

There was a eaten European chap, he was as nice as anything, he calmed me down, we casually chatted about things and maybe i was worried about the bus but taking a route to the past, passing a pub i used to pass in my #crappycityplym days and eventually into Union street and then on through royal parade and he parked me straight in front of the bus i needed and I rushed and paid the guy £6 which was £0.30 tip and then ran to get on that bus...

The universe explained on a bus home 

Shit gets funny. So I got on and I ask the guy if this was the last bus, he said it was in a mini joke and "lucky I was reading the news, so i showed him my ticket and got on. The journey seemed like a queit way back until..

Until we got to mutley, which then a big drunk guy managed to get on and he started randomly shouting in a drunk but positive way. Then he started chatting to me, since he and then i realised that I helped him up years ago and he never forgot so he tried to repay the favour. 

It was the most unsure mindfucking confusing to hear, from the universe is a part of us, to me being genetically older than him, to me wanting to go on a campfire and just chill. Seriously, this guy was in depth with his theories but some of them made sense in the same way a customer in work talks like. Then we learnt of the rules or main points that were 
  • Thought and Time = Fear
  • Thought and Actions  = Freedom
  • Thought is related to how the past proceeds you since you can't ready have knowledge of the future and the bigger the past, the hard it is to have the knowledge. 
  • Sometimes you are left with either Freedom or Fear

There was touching, look at me, or at telling me to. Some trying to get me to punch and some assertive training which were a bit too pushy. He thanks me for saving his life 3 years ago on a night up, which was night but the things were odd. I was glad to get off the bus and Run home.

And there we have it, one date night of weird and wonderful when you are sure about where you are going, but Gracie had saved me dreams up and the romance i've never had anything better and might never apart from her. But we learn something new everyday. 

New blogposts coming soon.