Sunday, 16 October 2016

Tavistock Goose Fair 2016 - The Full Moon Finale

The final night and it is fresh and cool, with work been slow in between vlogs, it was a nice chance to tie off loose ends of the vlogs and also make sure im ready for things. The vlog is below.

We being this day as I was working after a 3 days stint, but we made sire that I was ready for this, the chill is strong with this weather bit after tain, it dries up nicely. Running gome in sun was nice and I got home to a chat with my sister and email checking. But after tea and photo thumbnail editing, it was time to head down to the fair which was about 7:45. The air was fresh and the sky was nearly mostly clear with that full moon. As i ran down to the fair, i forgot hat the led trainers were not charged after using them the Wednesday night vlog and that meant only one was working.

The LED Shoes

The view on the way down

Heading into the fair
Then it was exploring  the fair. With more busy people that i've never seen before, except one which was Chris and we talked for a bit in a catch up since he was bored since no one was queuing up for a ride, I shown him a pic then he joked about saving up the £320 for a i3-6100 and windows 10. But it wax killing time.



Phantom Menace in mid air


Fun Dodgems

A Fairscape 

Then I wandered into town and the square was empty except one or two cars and a taxi rank full of hopeful fares to be picked up by those drivers, I then walked my way back go the fair for another look.By now it was 9:30 and the fair was really showing the packing up, like a rush to leave Tavistock for another year, with parts being taken apart, drilling sounds to undo Stargate, and fun houses nearly folded up

Laser Dome, you can see some of it being pulled down

The helter Skelter was being folded up

a pic of #extremerideuk in a full moon

the red blur

Fun houses being pulled down and folded up

Then I wandered aback not town and this time popped up to the co op where i used to work nearby and I saw fireworks, how typical is that, since fireworks is just 3 weeks away. I browsed I co op and saw something about what honey g was and went meh, no reduced food deals that tempted me I there so i walked out to wheterspoons and explored, the smell was strong and some bbws about and some stares from people, but apart from one bbw I the smoking terrace, who was on the phone, I decided to leave and buy some donuts and head home, but I got to the stand, there was none left, so i bought mum candy gloss for £2 instead

The candy floss for £2

Then I decided to made my way home, it was past 10pm and getting the video up and such, so I made the effort to so that if i left cealer. A run up the hill and i was home by 10:15
And that is good fair done, another week gone, I hope the videos went out ok, fro the views, it seems only  me and another yt user have videos of this year's fair on there and mine were 78 in total, not much but it can make a difference somewhere.

Anyone as. I will see you as i land on a plannet call Pannier