Thursday, 6 October 2016

A Cold Cycle Case shop

This was one of those quick cycle to plymouth vlogs, with the final video before I reach my 500th, it will be an impressive longer version i hope of the Powwow music video. this vlog is below:

A Offish morning

But then out tale begins at 6:30am in the morning when I  was meant to get up and get going for a long day trip on the train but my cold which happened after the night out, stopped me from doing that. So, it was a trip into Plymouth instead when i woke up aT 9:15 Am which was then a phone call to make about the Powwow contest prize which was a voicemail left eventually.But by 10:20, I was just about to make the intro and cycle off for a long ride, which this one was windy, slightly detoured, a bit risky and more tiring due to this cold.

The sun down the hill

Leaving Horrabridge

The road to the path to clearbrook

As i cross the road from the main bit due to roadworks further back

The cloud over crownhill

A Boring Browse

Eventually, I arrived and needed the toilet to freshen up and make sure I could shop. Our first stop was Primark with some £10 jeans i looked at but that was nah, which then lead me in the direction of left and heading out into town, walking out of the mall with a 10 year old birthday feels weird but so casual at the same time.As I walked and browsed shops, some nice people about in terms of looks and some politeness along with deals from Game and also warren james since of thinking about how to try to impress Nicole or at least see her in real life, which I haven't yet.

The walk was average and deals in places, CEX had some old GTX's and I was trying to not visit all the regular shops that I normally do just yet, even though I did. But the only deals I did see where a Mac mini for £119.95, a i3 Brix for £130. The market was busy but not much gaming deals, apart from the stall holder joked about Bioshock, the collection which was a price of £52. But I still have infinite to download and play at one point since that had a lovely location which made me buy it.

But Cash converters had a deal for a PS4 for £170 which was really tempting although I don't need a PS4 until technically KH 2.8 is out in the UK, with the £59.99 Preorder price. But since of the spending in the past few weeks, it was a NOPE, don't get tempted sort of deal. Then it was exploring the other end, Computerbase is moving a few doors up, Subway were still going, WANTS had not much deals except in the new one which had a Huawei E5330 for £19.95, which was £20 cheaper than what I would sell an unlocked on in work.

This was a small story on a nice blonde trying to talk to me to ask if i wanted anything, I tried not to speak due to the cold but I showed her which one and paid that £19.95 for it with £0.05 change and no bag. Just as i was showing it off on the vlog, some pigeons decided to have a pecking match and one fell off.

The mifi for £19.95, I managed to unlock it and get it working with freedompop

Then it was looking up maplins which had some GTX 10xx but that pricing is more than what i want to say YES to, so i browsed the reduced section opposite. Then I walked to Kenroy Thompson and the place was very empty on IT stuff, which worried them a bit, but that was a short visit..

Drake's Circus was the next place again, and the Apple Store was a case of looking for refurbished Macbook air's since a 11" laptop for editing vlogs on the train is an ideal next step i want but pricing is not what i want either, Finding a right hackintosh for it is not that easy either, So that was a leave before another wander around Town. Also it was around this time that I managed to have a rep say to give him an address to post the prize for the Powwowtv video, which was done nicely on gmail on Freedompop.

The only different this time was Almost  a case of grocery shopping in pound land and Poundworld, before visiting the Asian supermarket with loads of choice but hardly room to carry it, which put me off buying from there. Then it lead me to the other Poundland which was more looking until I saw things, I saw a tub of popcorn for £2 that tempted em and then a case of my favourite drink, which was £10, so I got the box and went to buy it, which almost got me refused due to staff being novices, but the £10 was paid and the fun of fitting 24 bottles in was next

The Case of Aloe Vera Drink for £10
Fitting that in was a risk since it was no way i could, but i managed 22 bottles after gulping down 2 of them beforehand to make it fit . By this time, it was nearing 3:30 pm and I felt it was time to leave.

A Exhausting cold cycle back

Leaving was fun and tiring af, since it was hills, tired legs, roadkill making me fall over and that strong wind on a cold ridden me that was making it difficult, but in the end, I got home just before the 2 hour mark.

Passing the road nearing to the flyover

When a walking on narrowpavement means a pause and pics

That cloudy Sunset on the moors
My sister was home and doing some chores, bless so we talked and then she left for something and came back at 7 and we caught up some more, then it was time to say goodbye and get this up. Thats it, now on to the big events of this month and my 500th video to make