Sunday, 30 October 2016

A Kerbal Visits Planet Pannier

So, its the final weekend in October, after a pretty busy month for me, with Goose Fair, food videos and that feelings still in my mind after the second date with Gracie. Things are turning into the winter after this. But enjoy a quick vlog in a costume hardly anyone knew about.

The stages of building it. 

This was actually a more complex idea than once thought of. Being creative for a costume like this is actually easy but putting it into practice can be quite difficult and this can make the problems harder for the mini parts like the head staying upright normally. But to build this I purchased: 

Then it was a case of making it, now I originally had a plan of slitting a circle in the circle and slotting the poster roll in there but that would not work at all, so sellotape around was my friend and after 30 minutes of that or attempting, it was starting to form. 
The ring and poster roll

After getting it taped up
Then it was delay with making it due to the dog and thinking and being with the family, but then me and mum got the rest sorted. With black oil paint used for the hair, the balls cut in half and drawn then painted on, and a mouth cut out and painted around, this was starting to get the kerbal look. 

The paint and shape is starting to form
Then it was time to glue the eyes on which was standard PVA glue and, it stuck on overnight or so i thought until i put it upright and it fell down, More glue and firmly pressing on it got it sorted. 

The Head is done

Then it was time to rest before the day begins.

The wake up and prep up.  

AS it was morning, It was pac jump up blasting on my phone and the Internets to be checked and fap then a shower before getting changed into the uniform and then heading out to work, which my mum dropped me off since she was heading town way to walk rosie anyway. But then it was time to get walking to work, which the vlog begins and already a horn on a passing car was blasted. Then I walked into work, there was a laugh or few and this entertaining day was about to happen. 

A kerbal in work
Now for this event, I was on a treasure trail, which is kind of a thing the landlords set up to help promote the businesses in the building and get customers to probably go back there, I was chosen as as stand for it, so what was Planet Colouratimus going to offer, well It was 30 copies of Endorlight on Steam. Which thanks to a plan of buying a website plan and getting the money to buy that put on as a credit balance (like phone top up) at the end of 2015., I had €20 left from spending that for various sales such as DOOM, Max and the curse for brotherhood, Xbox live and Steam gift cards via CodesWholesale, That plan was to get 30 copies of some cheap steam game and give the kids on the trail a copy, For this, was Endorlight, which basically cost me around £17 for 30 copies. 

Then it was time for the day of customers.

The working as a Kerbal. 

To be fair, its not much that happened except work stuff but minor mentions include: 
  • More chatter with a mate of mine dressed up as Masterchief with a helmet he built himself, Some kids did take pics of us. 
  • The Music was the normal old stuff until 10:30ish which then the Sci fi music was really blasting. 
  • The Mayor had a look at most of the costumes, Her comment of me was "Did aliens know and use that much sellotape in their day"
  • I made someones day when a kid jumped up and down in excitement since I gave him a code as part of the trail.
  • The Star wars Cosplayers from Bristol got given the shop at the bottom for the Jedi training in the afternoon
  • Then the cosplayers were like the pied piper with kids following them around.
  • 2 regulars popped in at the same time and one I just had to book in and sort out Tuesday, the other was just to plug a 2.4GH mouse dongle to a OTG cable for a tablet i sold him. 
  • The costume was ripping as i was bending or leaning down.
Then it was time to get some lunch, So, with the costume, I walked to the shop i usually go to post stuff in, which had some classic pasties (ones i used to buy during the #crappycityplym era) as well as cheap bubblegum drinks for £0.48 (The cheapest small flavoured drink in the centre of tavi). That and a chicken slice that was reduced to £1.05 and then a standard space raiders to finish it off. That £1.73 deal is nice 

The combo for £1.73

Eating this was a struggle, it had taken me an hour to eat it all in between. But it was then of the same thing, work and I was meant to get some things reinstalled but it was no time to do that and the internet is committing suicide every so often with its disconnects which work is sort of to blame for from others viewpoints. Ah well.

Then it was someone mentioning a router i sold them is blocking iphones from working ever since I fitted it and other problems i've not been told about but hasn't happened to anyone else. Then it was Jedi Training nearby which was not too bad. Then it felt like a normal day by 3pm with slightly empty walkways and people dressed up back to normal, which a regular returned to buy a smart watch after another customer popped in and I set up his I kid you not, Ulefone Paris X. Which was not too bad and i got that working with the help of OTG. The contacts for the watch phone was a nightmare on a small tocuh screen. By then it was 4pm. 

The end of day and a walking home. 

It was finally time to pack up and realising i've made some good money today was ideal, then it was the usual end of day, money counting and Dust sheets to put over, which I had to take our friend off to help do that. 

The end of day for closing work

Then I walked to the shop again, to top up some money which is for me to purchase a graphics card for next week a GTX 1050 Ti and a N3050m along with a case to build a PC as a lulz and the 1050 will go for the steambox too. Then it was the walk and run to home. Including some Trampoline fun on the way. 

The costume in full height

A close up of the suit

And there we have it, with the suit finished and the head nearly wrecked, it was a finished day. With a blogpost to review the past 2 months coming soon as well. 

All the best until then.