Sunday, 2 October 2016

omracer's Night Out: The Wet LED Rave

here we go, possibly the first and last night out i'll have this yes, lets make it a classic one, but add the glow of chinese USB LED shoes into the mix. But the weather was on a wedge and a chill was in the air with October now in the play. What will happen, well find out in the vlog below and in the blog even lower.

A wet quiet day

So after waking up, doing a review of a Chicken pie which had uploaded the night before , *insert link*, i fapped and woke up and then headed off to work as normal, this was a day for just getting by, as the night was going to be impressive and maybe immense with a bit of sadness and maybe love biting.

Work was fine, from fixing PCs, to booking in stock and then talking and chatting and looking at the weather, to see if it looks good and make sure its ready when I was, sadly it's not.
But I had to take an iPad home to do a dfu restore on it due to poor internet at the owners house and at work, so when it was 4:40, I was leaving, work closed up, iPad with me and I walked to somone house to talk to them about tablet buying, wok life if my life nearly. That was done, then walking back home, not running, walking.I got home and did the fish feeding and other mini chores, which then got me getting the iPad sorted, calling family before I'm out else nightmares can occur of them realising, my nan worries too much, like imagine being called every workday morning to make sure Im up even though I have 2 alarms.

Never mind, I started the iPad and checked weather, and the usual social media, since I also got a possible tinder match with a feedee, which might work out nicely, I hope. That and the weather was checked alot. But then it was time o make sure the shoes were working, which they were.

The Shoes, before 

The Departure for a big night

The bus said 8:05 was the last bus before the 10pm which meant I would be late for free entry. I really got ready with a shower, I didn't want to use an entire bottle new of the chocolate shower gel so I use half of brut and half of that, then made a roast Americano aka black coffee which I gulped down after 4 ice cubes to cool it down, to provide that all night kick I actually need. Then I got changed and just as I walked out the door, a pouring bit of rain, oh fucking whip Dee doo

The selfie

Then I pelted it casually (it felt slower) to the bus at lidl. Which that was nice to be early, but the bus was 2 minutes early as well. Then I got on the buss, with the £3 (that's good they reduced it), since even the stagecoach site said £3 online, shame I can't order tickets online unless I'm Manchester way. And then relaxed to type this up, worrying about the rain outside, but I had 2 shirts on, so meh.

A view from the bus, funnily enough,its the same place (on the back row) that i sat at on the way back from Gracie

 20:50, I made it to Plymouth, the weather was dry with a bit of wind, but I was happy for that, nice that's what a night needs, I was still unsure of it, but it's a start. Then I vlogged, maybe a ramble on talking but my goal was to get into the casino, which that was a smooth walk, which I got in and nervous met coffee from earlier and that was me right then. 

The bright night begins

Heading into the city centre

I went toilet and had to sort out the left sole which is slipping and could damage the shoe, but then it was a few minutes to relax and save battery, since it's been 14% use since I left, location does that but it's accurate, the power bank is there if i need it but I will try not to. The Ryder cup was looking good too. Blackjack usually means busy people around, so it was to union rooms, boy that was fun, I put the shoes on and the rave and flag really got some love, people gasping, snapchat possibly, and of course, I raved. I was dancing next to a cute bbw and her bbw mate, both blonde and attractive, no boner but I blushed or it was coffee making a hyper guy. There were some more bbws as well, I wanted to talk but I don't think it was an idea. One girl asked where I got them from, I said China.

So, I walked upstairs, put them on blue and some girls and guys complimented them. Then I walked down and this guy I danced with walked me outside then walked off, not a bouncer either, he was sweating more than me. So I was out of there.
Instead, I walked to revs, walked in, got the red going and by much dancing was up and small looks, I walked upstairs to find it. Closed and empty. A hendo was going on as well, as I walked past a nun, then a small chillin it moment.

In Revs with the Red Lit shoe

The Photobombing

Then I went to the Bank, which was nice and cheery and still was, the shock of the shoes was maybe the reaosn for  the odd stare or 50. So i tried to go to the berkely, which there was some notice of rain which meant, the weather is not holding up, as I got to the barbican, I went in gog and Magog due to the rain, but as I used them shoes, something happened, left one, it went either low battery or it died.

you can try to see the red

Since it would be flashing red like they were Charging, so I tried to sort the in he toilet, but no luck until i got out and it worked. The the shoe just stopped working just after I used them, maybe it's a battery issue, but I unplugged them until oceana to  see if it was that was causing it.

Since the sole is peeling of. we can see the wiring

Then it was the way to oceana, it's been a year since ivr been, which the shoe idea nearly failing me was a sad story, but hey, I had a vibe of it..

Same Place, New Feels...

But on the way, the other for decided to die on battery, which means it's a sign of a bad time with them. Om the way, I caught up with Brett and there might of been a deal going down but we caught up and he asked about the shoes and about work, he was still shocked.
this feels the same 

welcome to it

I walked into ocenana, it's free until 11:30, a blonde bouncer refused a in I front of me due to outdated passport, but i went in and boy has that place been stripped like Cerci was in GOT season 5. No carpets, walls everywhere. Mate it felt Empty. I raved on the floor, some girls danced with me but he shoes were worrying me, so it was off to the toilets to put the power bank in, I know i'll regret it but it's needed.Then it was raving, with the shoes off then flashing then off and repeat, but then I heard the main song used for the powwow music video so I got that added in.
The release Date of the expansion or sub bar inside

Then it was raving in the disco room, there was this amazing girl, belly bursting out of her dress almost, a lovely choker, nice accent and we danced, twists and turns and she loved the shoes, then she went off to the girls toilets and it was a rave in the ice rink. I yawned twice so far this night. Uh oh the. I relaxed and typed in the smoking area, when she was up there a couple of time but ignored me :/.

Then it was more raves and walking around, i saw a staff dance off in the disco room them it turned into a rave of a classic Couple of 2016 raving tunes before i headed to the smoking area.
Getting up there, it was a selfie with a girl with lovely arms, Nikita was her name and she gave me her number, that's a first on a night out from a random girl, the shoes were flashing on an off from battery. It was past midnight by this time, with only a run home to decide my fate if i bottle

Can't Beat a rave 

More dancing and  soon it was having to be my first cup of water :), my mouth was a dry one, I manged
to have no problems at the bar, she read from the keep notes and served quite nicely, in the tall white cups as usual.

Then I raved and explored, I saw a married ssbbw who liked my shoes and had curly hair. Meanwhile  the shoes were flashing on battery, this is one since t shows the point off and im knowing they have life. But it's also getting towards 1am, some louts were around, but nothing majorly dangerous just yet.Then it was more dancing and chatting, also i kissed a girl on the cheek who a beautiful double  chin who popped her face in the vlog, she was so nice to me really. Then some guys chatted and said they saw me 2 years ago, and after that, it was time to head to town, with 58% battery and a chill, a run could awaken me

The shoes still in the charging mode
I did get slightly dizzy running and then some girl wanted to race but I didn't, eventually I got to town by 1:40, the street was busy and it was time for me to visit popworld, which wax a whopping £5 to get in.

The street of other major clubs and food places

As I was getting in, I tried the power bank to my left shoe, to give it some charge, that was getting somewhere. Then o was facing and Sarah waved at me, then I had chats with guys who were shaking my hand quite a bit, which  was until I chatted to a mate of petes and had a selfie with him, then more dancing to better pop in the bottom room, which was just a nice time. Cool jigging, fist pumping.
Then it was nearing 2:30 and my choice of jesters was next, this was a danger of shoes, I did pass amber and she saved at me :)

The stamp for Popworld

I got into jesters and the £4 was paid, the stamp was on and facing and walking and some grinding on bbws or tried to anyway, but there was no one i know of there as of yet, which is a shame, one guy pulled me towards this mature bbw but it wasn't much interaction, but she did greet me, a cute curly haired soft sized blonde smiled at me, Her mate who was bigger didn't like me from the look until she was swaying with some hint to see her but she was drunk. Then it was a rave to a sandstorm remix before chillin and a type up before it was nearly 3am, with 3 hours left until the night ends and the sunrise and run home begins. God this felt quick. But a fresh style To a night out. A selfie might how my tiredness but we are ok

The Selfie

Then jesters got interesting, with dancing with Chloe looking lovely as usual as well as her mate and seeing other bbws griding and dancing, but a walk up to the smoking area led to an attractive blonde with lush arms, quite tall and I like her stuff on Instagram, this guy in an orange top shouted stalker a few times, but no stress. My send and final driink  in a bar was abut to happen and that was a down, it was slightly bigger than a shot glass whch was perfect

There are so many bbws with curves everywhere, this tall blonde in a floral dress danced abiy later on, along with then saying young money young billionaire a few times. Passing to see JP who gave me a thumbs up was neat too. But vegaboys and 3:34. It was time to head north hill for the final bits, here I got my first kiss and this new bar, switch.On the way, I went to mcdonalds, some guy asked for £0.60 and it was class how he felt happy and respect full on how I only went I there for flirting, we hand shaked and then i went into.
The mcdoanlds
As i was in. There wax a group of amazing bbws. In a corner, then I saw Chloe and he'd mate ordering from the self service, she said something, then I walked on to north hill, finally I got there..
Then it was to caffeine club to see and browse, only a cute girl near the counter but nothing else apart from afros.

The walk to the famous street 
So i walked up, and switch wax the first part, after a queue and £3 entry, I raved and browsed, which was ok but really tight, mostly students. Eventually i left after a small bit, the shoes were dead near now.

A blurred version of Switch

Then it was a £3 cuba entrance, which was packed and dancing, then a beautiful girl right in front of me as I type this, she wasn't interested in me though :(. The smoking area felt a breeze of fresh air in my corner but time to pump it on shoes :)..Exiting was ok but my many people seen apart from a few, but the raves were fun, some girls smiled, some went burgh and well the usual. A mate was talking to me and his mate was one of my biggest fans and i handshaked, switch raving was quite cool to be fair but By 5am, I called it quits and decided to make my way home, now it was either a 4 hour run or 5 hour of boredom, the run would of been more of a ego boost. Also Cuba was looking like it closed at 5am instead of an encore moment as things used to be.

On the way to mutley, I popped in to spar and who did I see, Hannah and Jordan, so a selfie on snapchat was that way to goalong with her hugging and it felt just like Gracies in a way. Then I got to mutley. It was peaceful yet cityscapes.

Mutley, a street the past was always around on
The store had the classic food and some £0.39. Cartons of juice, i was tempted but I know I have McDonald's on the way back or so. Goodbodies had no one i know of in there, the security guard was teasing the waitress a bit, but thats not my business.

The big run

So by 5:35 i was off. Listening to PAC Jump up with occasional sound cutting out on one ear due to the volkano's design flaw of using an extension cable, that theme was always happening, the legs kept going and sweat was pumping and within 30 minutes, it was Mcdonalds in Crownhill.

The A38 is empty 

The favourite mcdonalds
I walked in and it was empty except staff doing drive through ordering, So it hesitated on picking what to have, which in the end was a Medium Sprite Zero which was my second to last drink before being home. I Paid the £0.99 and then was off to drink and vlog, then run to the nearest bin.

The Sprite Zero
The running was starting to pass the George and the Crack of dawn was nearly here, with a blue sky appearing from darkness and then the landscape going brighter as this yellow sky was getting vast, it was beautiful to see it going from Roborough and from the main road in between dartmoor diner and clearbrook. 

When you can see a glimpse of dawn

There it is near clearbrook
My legs were tiring, nipples were hurting and it was over and hour to get to this point but soon it was nearing to 2 hours and daylight was eveyrwhere by then, It felt nice but the chill was really there with every breath and the head feeling the cold. But Passsing cyclists and traffic alike was a good reason to keep going.

Google Fit was actually playing nicely

The crossing just up from where the last picture was from. 

Now, my legs were struggling to carry one and i kept pushing myself, so i managed to get to where this night out started, the bus stop by lidl, in 3 hours exactly, which is amazing. So I knew my deadline of 3.5 hours could be done. One the way. it was cyclists and a collie licking me and smelling me which was ok but the beatiful fog inbetween the sky and the forest near gem bridge was astounding.

The fog amongst the forest

The bus stop, Lidl never looked so bright
Passing morrisons is always tempting, so I wandered into the petrol store and bought 3 bottles of flavoured water and a tub of fruit which came to £2.50 with a bag. Which was for a smoothie for when I got home.

£2.50 for all of this, is ideal

Finally, in 3 hours and 22 minutes, I was in the door at home, it was a painful but a releif. I felt stiff, nipples were bleeding and also that 24 hour awake is going to catch up with me along with feeling really cold. But that was me to sort those problems out, after a shower of course.
So then, the big night out is done and the time to catch up on my bodies needs is here. There should be more videos when i've recouped if i'm not working too much this week. The shoes almost got battered with the conditions they had faced, I know i bought 2 pairs but I still need to sort them out.

Bye for now