Tuesday, 1 November 2016

A Hot Halloween Catch up

Well, its the end of 10 months of 2016, with 2 months to go before we head into 2017, its a quick look back at whats happened in the past 2 months since our last catch up. In all seriousness, this has been a heck of a 2 months, in terms of new feelings, more money spent, different things to see, popular events and more.


Now most of this month was quiet until the last week, with the second date as well as the mini little videos done with a week to myself before October began. But as all months go, A dogwalking video was the start. Now this was talking about the contest which I entered for POWWOW TV. Now that was good news later on in the month. The weather was good for that week too. 

Then it was the time of Emma's Birtday and Mum's, but since Emma has gone and nothing I can do is going to get me a chance with her, it was only one present which was an extra to get for, which was of course a Cycle into Plymouth the day after the Coach station has been open. Wetherspoons Gift Cards are simple ideas for Family presents, maybe I could use that for girls this Christmas if I do but maybe not, but i did pop into a girl i might be buying for to make effort's work that time, which means a tempting idea.

Then it was in between a Family Day out at Lopwell Dam and the important week for myself was a Steambox upgrade, which was ok, Sure I should of ordered a GTX 950 instead of the i3-6100 but it was actually nice to edit videos on the steambox compared to the laptop and making it overheat. Fitting that without a bios reset is a stupid idea but its made me learn a lesson from that. The Celeron sold for £25 or so in the end. The performance in games is better than what I mentioned with Games like Stanley Parable and BallisticNG and Rocket League playing 720 at 60FPS.

There was also a birthday meal for Mum's birthday which was going up to the George, that was lush too. Eventually a date there would be amazing but love life isn't that lucky. This was inbetween the dogwalking and work as per usual. 

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Also PACMAN CE 2 came out and that was a good game, but its a shame i can't play it EVEN with the HD 530 on the 6100 which made me hang my head in shame. If this GTX 1050 Ti arrives, then Next month might be able to show it off nicely, might help sales of them as well. But in between that, it was Dogwalking in various places like Devon Consoles, which is a lovely place too.

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Soon it was nearing the important time of the week to myself, getting videos done and also the big date, which time was really feeling long winded, but also it was preparation for that week and products ordered to win, as well as a visit to my sister's flat. The small things really. There was one thing when i attempted to buy some pics ages ago and i casually talked about it with some friends on a rocket league match and then a snapchat fallout about me being a pussy thereafter, ah well.

Also it was this meal that was the most popular to look at in September:

But that was around the time of a final dogwalking before 2 weeks of peace and focus without rosie. This was with a Pokemon Go vibe and the walk was almost 3 hours but a lovely long walk nonetheless. Through Doublewaters, being a gandalf with a stick on a path and more.

Also my earphones died so i ordered some new ones to Review, sadly as of 3 days ago, one side of them has died already, thats under 2 months of use.

The earphons I had used

Then it was actually supposed to be a night out after a review of Shower Gel, but actually i was chatting to a girl i really like on feabie who also added me on FB and Instagram then blocked me on all 3 shortly afterwards in the space of 3 hours, but the rain was appalling so it was no use there. Instead I ended up doing a Review of that Action Cam which is nice but the fisheye and me not having a class 10 sd card puts me off using it more.

Then it was a test video with that, which to be fair, was a meal of Kebabs. The taste was still nice though. Although there was some red in there.

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But also it was now a odd E-mail appeared, from POWWOW, which was mentioning that I had WON a prize for the Music Video , which was awesome it was meant to be a time to pick it up during the week i had off but weather and body energy drained me,

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Then we have a Ridge Racer 7 Video using the Capture box which was shortly before my second date. This was the important part of September, the best thing, the wet thing and of course the fact we see turtles in a pub thing. This night was something of a good decision and made life more confident for a while, there is still a buzz of it even as i type, but I close my eyes and member what it was like having her on top of me and just kissing her, while talking, it nearly convinced me to go vegan but that i know i can't do.

That shit writing with lottery cards. 

The day after that, I was at my nan's. Which the family would fume if i did this but technically I have told my sister and shown her Gracie but its one of those moments where I look forward to instead of a holiday, which sure i've not had one in 5 years but at least i get half an hour longer with Her next time around if things in love don't go well. But i do think about her more often now. The friday,  I kid you not, a review of a Morrison's Chicken, Ham and Leek Pie, that was lovely too, quite filling and i'm not surprised i was ill before the funnest and most proven night out i've ever done. And before you know it, its October

Also stats:

  • Tinder Matches = 1, it turns out leah was engaged but talked to me on tinder anyway
  • Wooplus (BBW tinder)  = 2. One conversation with a girl in the US
  • Tweets = 246
  • Videos made = 8


We kick this one off with the first and last night out of this year possibly. Which was incredible, from getting Nikitta's Number, a kiss on the cheek from a bbw to running 15 miles in 3 hours, 22 minutes with nipples bleeding by the time I got home. With the Music from CE 2 being featured. 

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A photo posted by Mattie LT Marker (@omracerfaps) on

That shows the Vidonn has really been put through its paces. Which then leads us on to the next week, which as it happens, a Cold that stonks appears. Which is sort of good since it means I needed to take it easy, but bad since it means most new videos i could of done, was a no go. I Managed to do 3, okay one was a CE 2 video and then it went onto the Enchilada Tutorial with the spicy seasoning sauce

But now we then head to a first and final shoppping trip for Plymouth, which on a cold is exhausting but I managed to buy a case of my favourite detoxing drink, Aloe Vera juice, for £10 which had 24 bottles inside, but I had to drink 2 of the bottles to be able to fit the rest in my rucksack.

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Then it was relaxing this cold off, with the weekend approaching and the biggest vlogging week of my year is about to begin, which before that, my Parents were home and Rosie was back from Kestrel, all happy and not tired and it was like nothing has actually changed since she had been gone, although none of them knew that my life did change with a second date and a big prize on the way to me.

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Then it was a slightly redone version of the POWWOW TV Contest, as a trailer for the YT channel, which turned out well, except its blocked in the US so technically its a shit video and I have to make something else.

And then it was time, for the, wait, the contest prize arrived in work. A £200 Drake Circus Giftcard, which means christmas is sorted for me really for family at the very least, so i have £50 or so on each memeber and £50 spare for a girl or 2 to make the effort with if things are bad.

The £200 GiftCard
Then we head to Goose Fair, From a familiar night before, to the nice weather on the Wednesday. Heading into a LED Wednesday night and finally the Saturday Night.

The hated ham and dounut sandwich while was energy for me for editing the vlog. 

Which after that, it was some quiet periods, ok there were some events which were funny, like the Vidonn died on me and luckily there was a replacement at home.

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Then we had some blocking, well that came to a funny one when a plus sized blogger blocked me for complimenting on her double chin on instagram. Parts of me ask myself "Are we really saying something "on point" has become an insult now Danielle" but others realise that one compliment is an insult to another, which must of happened in my case and 8/10 girls locally if i compliment them.

But then it was the insane rage about a meal i had when i got home from work on the 18th, like how much do people hate my meals. Technically the explosion of tweets was later but for now. This Nutella and Nacho Sandwich is a shock to them all as a cancer, according to Alex.

Then it was my Thursday off, with phone calls and also Amy asking for food via snapchat, a few days before her bae was arriving home for a costume party the week just gone. /So that £14 was spent from just eat and also it was the last time I might be able to watch her eat but that was just 2 pics of her and the food. By this time as well, was a Pokemon Go dogwalking vlog which might be the last one due to the fun of safetyNet.

We then have another week in work, Sure I did buy Thai Food for a friend on FB as i end up doing a few times a year, which end can be Pricey. But it was also alot of nagging from old friends and random accounts really trolling the food on Twitter and the best thing I, I didn't even know if when it happened until a massive amount of Notifications after work.

Partway between this, was the fun task of having to re do the phone bill again, since it didn't charge via Paypal and i got blocked, a re-setup of it and it worked a few days later. As well as that time that a webmaster for a Chinese Tech news site pretty much said my reviews were not up to standard, well for being paid for them anyway. Sure they might be a bit long winded but the depth is never shown off these days in videos. Then we have another resting period of work with Pot Noodles for Lunch, the usual to stay alive things, fap and concentrate along with the hope of getting some extras and also it was the costume to buy the parts for for the Kerbal Visit to work.

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Facts to head out with:

  • Tinder Matches = 4
  • WooPlus (BBW Tinder) Matches = 0
  • People on facebook being a catfish to you asking to send money to get them to fly to the UK = 1
  • Girls food have been bought for  = 2
  • Roleplay on Feabie  = 1 

The Resolutions:

This is the last time in the year before we check out at the end, Have we completed and goals, lets see now. 

  • Try not to fap on mornings when i have work - Thats gone
  • Try to have a Holiday or have a week off from work without being called up at least for one day of it - I've had one day where people ring, heck even a customer called my moblile as i was in a shower on Goose Fair Day
  • Try to meet up with a girl from Feabie - This is not getting anyway but as of today, a cute feedee from plymouth signed up, she hasn't replied to my message yet but has checked out my profile, maybe a fireworks date and feeding session if i'm lucky ;). TLDR = Nope
  • Plan a few days out  - I've done one 
  • Tweet More - Thats getting better, 21% better this month
  • Snapchat more  - Recently its been food pics or behind on vlogs, its not ideal but its still more snaps.
  • Get into my first Relationship - No way on this one just yet
  • Cook for a Group of Girls - um nope. 
  • Make some music Mashups - This hasn't worked at all, i'm starting to ponder listing the deck on ebay or my colleague's mate buys it from me.  
  • Play some more Steam Games and Finish at least 2. This might of been done and maybe 3 if i do Finish CE 2 and another Game using that GTX 1050 ti. 
Well thats another months finished and the last 2 moths of 2016 which has been a downward spiral for the world and a mini rollercoaster of small highs and bigger downs for me. But i'll see you in the Fireworks vlog.