Saturday, 26 November 2016

Another Black Dickensian Friday

Well its another black friday upon us, this one was a hectic event which really made things a stressful time to see the least and then it gets worse with other parts. The vlog is below:

A Line beginning

So it was partly down to a manic event in work. But the day was earlier. I left the house after waking up and a shower which was lovely and chocolatey as well.

The clothes and steambox packed up and ready

Picking up the bag with the steambox and contents and walked down to work with that and vlogged a intro. Then it was another 14 minutes to work when trying to power walk. Eventually i got into work after 20 minutes of walking and the square looked nice and good with a christmas feel.

The trees and fair being setup

Then work was busy for me for most of the morning, Ladders, mind games, phone calls, and some Adverts to make as well as using 35mb of my FP mifi which worked a treat on granite or asphalt road. Then the steambox was powered on, but it didn't actually boot up, it might of turned out the HDD with OSX on is corrupted, oh bugger. But it was soon working nice and 100%.

Then the day went on and seeing people and guessing on what problems were, but the time was nearing a easy day at 3:30. Things were holding up and there have been customers on and neighbours panicking. for me not being there. But it turns out its not a quick fix anyway. So it was nearing a day of roaming closing time, things were quiet and preparation and old classical western music was the going rate here .

The ice cold windy evening,

Well it was a unique twist to it. The crowds were starting to gather around 5 and things for me were not that hyped. My parents popped into see me and we chatted. But then it was nearing 5:35 and it was time to order food. The lights looked beautiful and then it was the time i called up Chung ying using freedompop which worked nicely. Little stress and little asking but my neighbour was intrigued and wanted mushroom foo yung, so he lent me £6 to get it and then I added that to the call.

it has to be one of those selfies

The views from just outside work

Then it was a slight bit of killing time until 5:55. Which it was time to get to film the lights being switched on. Which crowds were being busy and the events were starting and the usual special announcements that were being made about shopping in the town and yup.

The decorations inside work

The trees are lit

So are the street lights

Then it was wandering up the road, heading towards the takeout to get the food and pay. Passing along the way, apart from my old work, we walked to just up there, seeing a roast chestnut stand and a empty nativity tents and also the stand with music playing which felt like what Peter Jackson would use in a emotional scene in a film. 

Then as i walked back up the main street, crowds were busy, existing shops were closing, and my old PE teacher saw me and we chatted, he was unsure on glass though. It was funny, since it was chatting to a fellow teacher about me and the rugby days (this was when I grabbed a guy by the balls and swung him around viciously as a tackle that was an accident in year 7). 

Looking down towards town

Then it was to pick up the Chinese. That was empty, I kid you not, I walked up and enquired on the order i placed, which i was right on time or maybe 2 minutes late for. Paid the £12.20 and that was it. Time to walk my way back to eat it.

Walking down with this, 

Walking down was quick, windy and busy. But i managed to get into work and nearly lost the chance to have a fork to eat it with, luckily, there was one in work. So it was time to eat it. I gave my neighbour the foo yung and then i had a nom while some customers were playing pacman CE 2 and some were chatting to me just before eating.

The combo i had, which was actually £7.60
Then  it was eating and talking and not many customers until about 7:30, which then I was going to explore the streets, which actually was quieter than i had thought, sure  it was busy and crowds everywhere but the events there were not as packed as i thought minus obby dancers and more chestnut stands and medical teams. Ok there was a photo booth but I wasn't really that good on time for getting a selfie done. 

Then it was walking to the Town hall, which some nice stands, soap, jewellery and many more bits and pieces. But one stand was a Aloe vera juce stand, with aloe vera related products, from toothpaste to drinks and even honey. So this cute mid aged bbws was chatting to me about them and I ended up trying 3 flavours. Christ were they strong and had some kick, the first one had a creamy flavouring which maybe was vanilla, the second was a cranberry style flavour and the 3rd was odd. She told me how the Poundland versions actually have plastic in them and is bad for your health, then again its £0.50 a 500ml bottle compared to £25 a 2L or less tub.

Then it was time to head back to work. With little happening exept a rocket league match and when I try to sell a xbox live code over mifi and the connection causes bugs to order a code and not be charged for it and have database errors when printing the code out for the chap, who waited 20 minutes before i had to refund him.

By the time, it was 9pm, with no internet, it was soon time to quickly pack up and walk home with that steambox in the bag and closed up and left by 9:30. With a freezing cold air, with the stalls and fair packing up and the lights shining brightly, it was a sign of the final beauty feels of the year.

Walking home and looking back at the square 
The lights are lovely looking here.

Then it was a walk home but what has to happen is that the battery on the phone died out which means Fit was out of touch, the final scene of the vlog had to be refilmed and also i think i might of killed 2 hard drives bringing it down and showing it off. But hey hoe, there was meant to be a 2TB drive to replace that 500GB in there but that was dead on arrival. Actually I was up until 3:30 getting the video made and 5:30 i started uploading it after crashing out and then it was up by 7am. 

So thats that, the final part of the November blog posts, okay it was actually 3 which is a bit poor and i'm sorry for that, works been busier than I wanted it to be. But soon its December,....