Friday, 2 December 2016

A Plymouth Shopping Thinkabout

It was a nippy morning and It was finally time to go to Plymouth on the first day of the final month of this year. So a Christmas jumper and expecting to think on present ideas, it was time to. watch the vlog.

Time to get going

I woke up at 9:30 and after email checking, i was getting prepares, phone on charge and ready. the grass was white and the bike was ready

A selfie before i head off is a good way though

The bike as per usual
By 10:35 i was leaving in the clear sky and nippy weather, my legs felt it, my back was warm and that journey, was not as easy in near Baltic chills, a stink bomb was let off by lidls which killed my nose for 20 minutes, not too unbearable but ugh that smell was vile.

The fog and the white grass

The pitch was looking white

The moors was as well 

The crownhill to pass up

The bike Arrived

A Time to think on what to buy

Eventually in 1:48 i was in town and a toilet break before exploring was the way, first was that new shoe shop (FootAsylum) which had a Victorian feel yet modern feel too but the prices of that was overpriced, to the apple store it was. I saw a customer I teach buying and iPad. we chatted and he might be wanting a lesson later on pr next year.

The views in Drake's Circus

 Then i walked out to game and saw deals-ish, passing tat i visited the place Nicole works (turns put shes dating a feeder now too) but i browsed, her mate said hi like neither knew who i was, maybe a way to put it. Then i walked into game which i told someone where to get PS Vita memory cards from. Then it was checking out the Christmas Market opposite, there was some good deals there and traditional items for sale. crepes, pasties you know.

The christmas Market and its reindeer ligjhts
The market 

That famous Snowglobe
The reindeers in full form

The owl

Then it was exploring town as per usual, techie deals and deals for Christ are starting to pick up,. Poundland was full of Christmas deals from food to tableware and much more. The deals on shortbread, trees,,chocolate was pretty intense, my feeder side almost knew what to but but i didn't give chance to get the stuff. I looked online and aloe vera and j20 was in stock so i knew it would have a online order later on when i got home.

Then i walked down to near the market, with odd smells of weed here and there. the main market, which had the birdcage effect that my landlord might have contractors do the same for work if need.
but it was business as usual with thai food being whiffed around and tempting me but i resisted.
There wasn't much deals, sure there was the possibility of consoles but i saw one advertise but it was a psn banned console but that took £50 of the price at £119.95. Then it was computerbase asking for hdds and £35 for a clean-pull 1TB but the supplier i bought a Dead on arrival 2tb was going for £10 less ex vat.More walking ensured but it was nearly 3pm which i decided to make the buying.

The Ferris Wheel in Christmas form

So Poundland was my first place and i noticed that shortbread collection for 3 quid, took one, then saw two boxes of chocolates at a 2 for a £5, took those too, ooh tinsel at 5m, added and finally some burger sauce which is lovely from hellmans and that was it. Paying was smooth as anything on a self checkout which was packed and queues on normal checkouts as well

The Shortbread for £3

The things i bought in the bag 
Then it was time to get the ram, which was £3.95 for 2gb, which for that budget n3050 is ideal for really. So that was added and paid for, which meany it was time to almost go home.

The 2GB of DDR3 and the change

As I  walked up, I decided to go back into drakes circus for a quick wander, with one more look into the jewellers i was in earlier, i didn't see Nicole this time too, but theres no gift for her this Christmas due to the hookup now anyway.

The big santa is at it again
I went into hmv and saw some deals but not really the best idea since mum says tv season DVDs aren't worth it to rewatch these days, okay GoT is an exception. I then walked opposite and into boots, not many things i'm into really, but i think i saw stacey who i used to flirt with but blocked me years back, with a red top, red pencil skirt but hardly my dream size. i then passed on and got the bike up and cycled home which I had to pass darkness, traffic, wind. chills.

The Lights in Drake Circus

The Town before leaving

The google fit stats on that day

Cycling up the hill

The views were clear, the road was heaving

Getting onto the clearbrook road

The darkenss has really set in

Getting back into Tavi

The Tesco Shop 

Now we come to the final part, I shop in Tesco for the things i might need, now one of those things was a Santa outfit for when I get the actual christmas shopping done, as a laugh like i did 2 years ago. Last year i left it to the last minute and didn't get the outfit :/. But I noticed it was there this year so now I was close by, it was time to make the effort, and buy reduced stuff along the way. 

The first part was doughnuts, since my mum brings some back on a shopping trip so I should do the same, also its half price which means better deals. So i picked up a few packets (2 of the sugared jam, 1 of the festive mini ones) and also muffins to top if off. Then it was fruit, since smoothies are a nice kick back for me and keep some energy going without the use of coffee (only extreme cases or nights out I use that) so I bought 3 tubs, 2 of them were £1.42 each and another was £0.80. Then it was a bottle of shloer for £0.99. And that was a massive £16.66 shop but I had £1.50 coupon off which saved at least 2 items off the total. so £15.16 was the total. 

The reduced deals for £16.66 without the £1.50 off coupon. 

Then it was that foggy cycle up the hill and since my phone died at this point, i couldn't track how long that actually had taken. But I was home by 6:30 and then it was a relaxing time to order the stuff online and get the vlog up which was until 00:30ish. 

And that marks the first of 2 shopping trips, I might try to get a blogpost in before that time and then the end of the year is to be starting now as well, I know i procrastinate over that but I also want to stream some games during this festive period and i have the end of year music video to make as well, exciting stuff.