Monday, 26 December 2016

Christmas 2016: The Early Carvery Family Moment

Now, it was the second part of Christmas, with people preparing for hunting, Sophie was a super liked on tinder and a night of going to bed at 10:50. I woke up with the led shoes fully charged, the phone was supposed to be fully charged and sadly it was at 49 even with the charger plugged in and it was charging the other shoes too. I eventually woke up at 8:23 after a feabie fapping.

The fresh dogwalking

Mum had gone out with Rosie for a quick walk, But I checked emails and then it was 9:40 and I walked with mum and dad around the golf club again. fresh views and the boxing day hunt was actually shown off. The big balls I got rosie were fun and I also broke a USB cable that the pin bent.

The dogqwalking at 9:40 or so

Seeing horeboxes for the boxing day event

Then I got home at 10:50 and it was a shower and charging the phone and a argument about trousers but it ended up me getting long ones, then we left at 11:15. The journey was fast and stressfree and chatter with Gran Your talk ande mini things. Eventually by 11:40, it was time to get it done and get into the George. We got out and I walked in last.

The outside in the George

A view when walking in

The Grouped Meal

Then we ordered drinks, it was the lime and lemonade for me and others were Cooke and koppaburg. But once we had that, I walked my way to see. the family. As I walked in, the rest of the family saw and was impressed with the shoes, thee bright led ones flashing away. Then we chatted and everyone got in, my sister introduced her boyfriend to the family again and then it was chatter and family talk. I hit my head on a lampshade as I was moving seats.

Then this incredible  waitress called Lauren that was a 😍 served us. She was tall, with a blonde pigtail hair, small makeup on the eyes with a nice belly and pillow thighs in her black trousers. Most of us had soup and some had salmon. then it arrived and it looked amazing.It felt like the Heinz onces I cook but with some nice presentation and extra spice. I think Lauren said "here you go sweetheart" to many of us which was nice.

The Soup
Then it was soon to be the roast which then Lauren said to everyone Orders, we all said Carvery so she said in her lovely voice to "go up when your ready", So we all did and then it was a queue. I was behind my granddad's Fiance. She asked how I was ans I said "good" and then the Chef called Anthony was a decent chap, to everyone he served on this day. He asked how my granddad and that was and also usual chatter (since they are regulars and always spending there), waited for the pigs in blankets ("it doesn't matter that its £2.00 extra") and then Anthony chatted to me and I said my Christmas was nice and he said he worked yesterday and all, one of those decent guys you could probably have a drink with. Then I loaded up with extras and walked to the Table to get this eaten, it was lush af and I was feeling about to burst and had to unbutton my jeans afterwards, from the gravy to the potatoes, parsnips, gammon, beef, spouts and more. 

The Roast with so much piled on
The empty plate

Then it was more chatter around while doing Crackers and snapchats while waiting for Desserts, My sister and Dad didn't have anything but the rest had Tea, Terry's Chocolate Orange Sunday, Crumble and I had the Chocolate Meringue Pie.

That selfie

The contents of the Cracker

The Pie and some cream (I Ddn't Eat that) 

The Presents to handle

Then it was just relaxing and eventually we all left, it was time to get home and everyone was getting to us at one point, one was quick to get back and we just got home with gossip in the car, one point where I heard gossip and usual reflections, before and Me, my Sister and her Boyfriend Walked to Spar, he bought Millions and I had a few and she enjoyed her walked. But then it was getting home and chatter while waiting for my Grandad and his Fiance to come back from their house to check on their Dog who has problems with him going toilet properly (messing everywhere). I ended up being the present handler again. So I got things handed out, in random orders with reactions and nice talk about things and thank yous from everyone to everyone. 

I Got some  unique things which some were nice and some made no sense but hey ho. From Torches to Powerbanks and Chocolate of Course, there was always a story to tell for each one. Like gun shops not being law compliant unlike big franchise stores and having to be a member of a football club just to get some Leeds Swag. I heard and learned somethings. Also ANOTHER Micro USB Cable had a broken Pin, ugh There was also references to a Leeds matching being 3-1 that My sister's Boyfriend announced and was asked which was making her happy, but she likes me for not having an opinion on Leeds FC. 

A Power Bank, Note the cable is the 2nd one I've broken today from it being in my jeans

£25 and a Cadbury's Selection Box

Fat Face Socks

A 5W torch and check shirt from Aldi (both) 

A USB Fan LED Clock.

A attempted buffet and Goodbyes

Then it was 4:30 and we all finished the presents and chatted about various topics, I went to help with the Food laying for a really mini buffet which actually only 2 PEOPLE including me had. Which had some Bombay mix, spicy fries and Profiteroles which all tasted nice. I had some burger sauce with mine, It was nice,

The selection of Food after

My only portion and things on it. 

Then it was all time to go, the Family decided to leave and It was greeting goodbyes with everyone and Rosie was barking and missing out on the action. Grandad left first, then my sister, then one uncle and the other was waiting and chatting about Feasant Meat, Game shooting, back problems and how busy local pubs were. Which it was then blue sky in the air, the cold was nice and made it a good evening and if things were different, amazing weather for a Night out. But instead, things were nice to relax with the Family, watching TV and having snacks and meat as left over from the days of festivities. 

And that goes the Christmas 2016. Hope many of you enjoyed reading the way I celebrated this event this year, from seeing family to eating in a Toby, it felt less sly than I originally thought and most of the presents were decent, I'll probably do for a massive walk to ease off the stuffing tomorrow (What the parents really want to do) then its back to work as per usual. 

Have a Merry Christmas from me and I'll post the End of the Year blogpost before NYE (its almost done at the time of writing this)