Saturday, 24 December 2016

Christmas 2016: A Chilly Kreme Wrapping Eve

This was a nice event, the air was fresh, it was a Saturday and Work was abound. So after fapping as the usual before any normal day goes ahead, I walked out and then Ran down to work. This was at 8:54. As I ran down, I noticed my sisters boyfriend offered a lift as I was running down listening to some decent music and getting into work by 9:05.Work felt quiet and a few sales here and there, so to pass time, I did a small tidy and got the FP Sims from Thursday ready to put out by heating the price stickers off each sim. Then I also had to drop off something which was a customer's job and didn't charge since it was a regular and it was nothing too advanced.

Then I popped into Carphone warehouse and saw a mate of mine serving my sisters boyfriend and He was being shown Pixel and some £38 a month deals with a £40 upfront for the normal size. Then I walked back with him to work and chatted to give him some insight to Boxing Day hype, with the second half of the family. 
Then I used some Christmas cards lying around to write some out and pass them to people who had given me some earlier in the week. They were handed out to each and most were busy so I left them on tables, only one I managed to give it to in person. But all thanked me at one point which was nice.

Making cards to neighbours and friends in work

My colleague arrived, then he had 2 presents with them and he "these are for you, since we talk about them all the time and there was a deal on" Which I said he didn't have to but he used it as a thank you for me covering for him with his recent new life of a second child. I hugged him as a thank you and then we chatted and he left to finish his other shopping. 

It was amazing to have to boxes for Christmas
Then it was more standard parts of selling and chatting and some banter which was fun like the measuring tape malteaser challenge, but it was soon 2:30 and my neighbour Gave me a box of Chocolate from another shop in work's landlord's place. He did it as a thank for looking after the stall as an when I can. Bless.

The chocolates from my neighbour :)

Then it was heading towards the closing time of the neighbours, Which that was about 3pm, but for me it turns out shortly after, I had a phone call from a couple and that ended up having an iPad mini setup with them which made the day a normal long day. So by 4:45, I was leaving work like any normal Saturday, but with the exception of a lovely sunset with the Christmas eve going into darkness.
The lights and sunset as i was leaving work

Then the run to work was nice, the usual 15 minute run up which included monksmead and all. But I got home and chatted to the parents and showed them the gifts I had gotten, then it was chores until I had chance to relax. But before that was a chance to Bag the kreme's up for freezing, which I tried 3 of them and it wasa divine orgasm in my mouth. But then it was all tied up and put in the freezer to consume later next week after the big meals that were going to be ahead. 

Bagging doughnuts for freezing 
Then it was relaxing and time to get all the presents wrapped. With a good sized bag full of things to wrap, I started and then hoping to get it ready to play some ps1 games later that night. The PSP had died but I was getting the Vita TV all sorted for playing some.

The Presents to Wrap:

I'll just list them to make life easier:

The stash of presents to wrap


Bones and balls


Dad's Swag


The elderflower Hamper

A wrapped on with the gift card inside


Sister's lucky Pile


A worthwhile present


And then it was a nice filling light tea of ham and salmon with jacket potato as well as bakedbeans and crackers. That was nice to eat while watching a classic Dad's Army Episode of a race that went wrong.

The meal

Once that and the Presents were wrapped, it was time to relax before a proper relaxing bath which helped ease my back, But it was actually making me excited for Christmas itself, especially after I got a special present from mum and dad for next year's streaming ideas and also classics to replay in new ways. 

The bedroom full of presents to store for 2 days 
I'll see you on the big day