Sunday, 25 December 2016

Christmas 2016: A Wet Onesie Christmas

Today is the day, ITS CHRISTMAS. The preperations for this were getting there, the food was grand, the house was clean and happy thoughts were in the air. This Christmas felt nice and more open  family wise. But we show the gifts and joy that everyone has with each other as well. I actually was up until 00:30, playing Wipeout 2048 which was soem shit time trials and all

The snapchat filter just after it reached midnight on Christmas Day

A Wet Morning. 

It was 8:22 in the morning, my eyes woke up and it felt like a normal sunday, with the clouds in the sky and the internet checked like a normal day, things were ok, I even got a WooPlus Match which made things nice, of course the Tinder line was a no go for me :/. The usual mornings meant I got up and was hoping to find time to get the shoutout done, which after checking E-mails and FTP on the PSTV, I was then ready to get her out of that rosie and the video to be made, So, 9:41, i snuck out with Rosie with the onesie, jacket, boots and then walked on the muddy path to make it real and well a nice shoutout vlog. Which after 10 minutes, I was then home again. 

The selfie
Then I walked back and started to get the video up. Which took about an hour and inbetween that time, My sister arrived after dropping her boyfriend off to his grandparents for a brunch, We chatted and then it was tidying up and moving presents into the spare room and moving a sofa to the lounge, but she bought in some Malteaser rocky road which was MMMPFG. Also the food was cooking nicely. 

Sasuage Rolls and the Turkey

The rocky road 
The lounge with the Sofa moved in. 
Then it was just about 12:30 and my granparents arrived and I was just close to finishing the video, which then we chatted and I helped my grandad out on his phone with the equaliser and the mobile data charges from that V company.  Eventually  I started to upload the video and by the time the food was ready, the video was up, which made life easier for me :). 

The chatting tea. 

This was finally it, the amazing meal that most supermarkets hype up big time, and it was a nicely decorated table, UB40 was being blasted on the speaker  with a PUG feeling on it and we finally got sat down and Mum and Sister got the food laid out, Partsnips, Pigs in blankets, Horseradish and much more. It was a scrumptious meal..

The meal #throughglass

The meal
I only had one plateful, with some scraps after works which meant I wasn't full to the brim but i wasn't hungry or starving either. But the chatter on the table was nice, from memories to car fuels to even my other grandad popping in to say that the next meal tomorrow at the george will start at 11:30 instead of 12:30 as normal. So that means a longer blogpost. hay hoo. 

The empty plate

But soo it was time to clear the plates, I helped dry and put plates away, Dad took the mick out of Glass (spock, Android etc) while chatting to my Nan and Grandad, But then it was desert, which was either Strawberry Swirl cheesecake or a Black forest Gateau, so I went for the Gateau and that was actually amazing, sure there was a lot of cream and also I added the rocky road on top. 

The Gateu and Rocky Road

a better view
Then it was more chatter and tasting before a tidy away and clean up before it was time to do the presents, But before that, it was time to walk the dog, So i went with my sister's boyfriend and Rosie, taking her to the same route as where she went to this morning.  As we left, a mate of his popped by and I was introduced, the turkey hat scared Rosie and then they chatted before we left to walk. As we walked, we were chatting about the gossip about boxing day and how to keep in a leed's fanatic english teacher's cookbook. But then it was wet and we headed back. Which then left to the Presents. 

The afternoon of giving.

This was a nice 2 hours, of presents and things to give. 

The stack of presents around and rosie looking. 

The Tele was on which I turned off, the presents were stacked in front of the fireplace (not lit at all) and it was my time to burn legs and hand out presents. From fragrances to PJs and other pieces, things were nice. There were loads for us all and I had some unique things, you can see them below: 

Batteries and a Jumper

A customised mug with my name and sunglasses

Bike toolkit and Screen cleaner set

Police Rebel Perfume

Cedarwood PJs

A Jamie Oliver Cookbook

Volume intense hairspray

Walking boots

Bike lights 

White T-Shirt

Nivea Classic gift set

PS4 500GB

5 Pairs of Socks

Customised nutella Jar

Morrison £10 Gift Card
The collection of most of the Presents

This was lovely and it was then time to relax and also we caught up with the Queens Speech about the power of inspiration and this was how ordinary people can strengthen her power but didn't mention  how those ordinary people were inspired to rebel against those she had met and helped run the country before the Brexit started. she looked well and healthy though, which was good :). 

The queens Speech on iPlayer. 

Then it was time to say our goodbyes, with Mum and Dad dropping Nan home and me going to walk Rosie again, it was looking a nice and relaxing night.

A chillaxing Evening:

As they left and I walked Rosie, It was raining, in spitty form and while going in uplands, I saw a dog staring at us from behind and as I walked towards it, it ran further back, but followed us when walking to crease lane. But Rosie was Frozen, with staying on the ground and eventually we walked on which was getting to crease lane and then walked on the usual route which another dog started on Rosie (tiny thing) and that made her bite my foot. But then it was home and typing this up after a Toilet. 

A selfie in the dark

Then once it was 7:15, it was one of those buffets for tea, which was one of those nice vibes and a relaxing ending to a really coming together day, with Pineapple and cold turkey with Potato salad and sweet chilli crisps, it was a lush combo while my dad was whining about the crap TV on tele this year until I said about the Grand Tour being free for this weekend as well. 

The late tea spares for tonight 
Then While finishing this off, I tried a bottle of J20 Glitter Berry, which was nice but a a bit of a strong cherry feel to it, so its not one I would drink all the time. omracer's Rating: 4/10.

the glitter berry drink.

And that was that, it was nearing 8pm and Christmas films and DVD's to watch was the nice way to end it, before another day of Christmas with another part of the Family, so with that in mind, I had to charge the USB LED Shoes before that happens. And then organise the gifts up and see what happens in the next week as well. Since this time Next week, is the start of a NEW YEAR, with blogposts nearly finished and a music video to make, it will be fun to see how 2017 starts for me. 
But from me, the last part of the Christmas trilogy is to be tomorrow.