Wednesday, 4 January 2017

A Widemouth First day on the beach

It was the first Monday off f 2017. The catching up of 2016 was done except backing up laptop for vlogs this year. But leaving at around 11:00 Me, Rosie and mum and dad were heading off to a beach. Which after fuel top ups and Reddit comments, we eventually got to Widemouth Bay, with lovely sun, a busy car park and the tide was out. It only took us about an hour but we were finally walking around on the beach.

The beach in the sun

Views of the cliffs

We walked casually, Rosie had her tail wagging up and she was sniffing the sights. The fresh air was there, the wind wasn't that strong and Rosie was having dogs running around her and she had her tail up and it was just those scenic days really. Some dogs did bash into her but excitement to be had with her first time. We went up to the tide and it was a way of making her jump, she was and is afraid of the water, She never wanted to go back to it but didn't mind the shallows. Which the views were stunning.

Bless her, waiting for the balls to play

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Action shot of her across a puddle

But eventually it was time to get a lunch break, which there was a cafe along the beach which was busy and also nice and very modern as well, we sat down and ordered food. Me going for a pasty and chips (same as dad) Mum going for a Panamanian and Rosie having bits we feed her :).

The view from the Cafe

The cafe itself

The pasty, chips, beans and mango juice

Then it was resting after eating that for 10 minutes until we decicded to go for a longer walk down the beach. While this was happening, we saw our neighbour who just arrived and we chatted to him for 10 minutes or so before we carried on our walk. With the ball being lost at times and the wind slightly stronger. The dog was enjoying herself and ignored other dogs approaching her. 

Views looking north

The rockpools in the glare
 We were walking for an hour before we finally made our way back. The sun was bright and near the Reel cinema, there was a smashed up van which was a 3 car pileup and cop and ambulances too.
Then it was finally home and we relaxed as I typed up the blogpost for the resolutions..

Thats a nice quiet start which events like this might happen, it might delay me with getting videos up But i will see what I can do.