Sunday, 19 February 2017

The Big Wedding Show Wander

Here we go again , my friend hosts his annual which is soon to be more often, big day wedding show. With his mind focused on this and other parts, he designs and almost perfects what will be a passion of his. Also this year has been a different year to what I would expect with the past being repeated yet new challenges and maybe new experience. But the vlog is below.

The mild morning

As I ended up watching a film which featured someone that looked like Frenchy,  in the eyes and the cheeks too, which was until 1am  the shaving was later that I thought and also another takeout was bought but this time it was worth it. I woke up with the alarm and then headed out to check the internet. With origin, the life of me will now be quicker, backing up pics to one drive took an hour unlike 7 hours with ADSL which I'm impressed by.  Life shaving on instagram for example.

a shave on instagram live
Eventually I was out to go for a shower by 9:15 and using the hot chocolate shower gel, it was now time to prep up and get going. Also the kitchen was pretty much finished which looks nice and modern, after 60 years of the same design but not colour

The now modern kitchen
Eventually after Rosie greeting by teeth and me changing into jeans and the LED shoes and the usual Hawaiian shirt, i was running down to lidl in 10 minutes and the bus was just a few minutes after for £4.90.

The same old bus stop vuew

a bright selfie

I got on and the it was a relaxing journey, the road wax not too busy, construction was everywhere from outside Dartmoor diner to even the part by woolwell as well.
Eventually it was coming to 10:50 and i was by the library.

The .Library which was closed off for works

Now there show was to start at 12 and I had to be helping my friend out from 11:45. So I walked from there but stopped in poundland on the way to look at drinks but I had the strong ideal to make sure that I don't need no drinks and walked out to get to the pavilions. I got there for 11:10 and met my friend having a breath of fresh air as the night out blogs give a jist of. He introduced me to some of the models. Joseph was one and a nice sound chap. Some ladies I saw but never chatted to, but it was then time to look around before going to back again to get this sorted. Bear in mind I was a bit on a careful not to snap everything.

Browsing was amazing, with some of weirdest events I've seen like pig racing/derby, magic tricks and much of the venue's from hotels my sister's and mum's work at to the aquarium and even newquay. Food was everywhere, chocolate brownies, Macaroons, cake, and even Popworld were doing free entry passes before 12am. There were the question of "have you chosen your wedding venue yet" when like most of you know, I've never had my first relationship yet.

But alas time was to get back and just as I was getting ready, a customer HAD to CALL me on my DAY off when I needed the phone off. But that was sorted as a visit booked for friday.

The crowds before the first show

The backstage life

Now backstage was full of ladies, guys, screens and I decided to get the thing going of the rules on how to push people to get changed quickly and somewhat ready. But with obvious ideas, my phone was off and I helped as much as I can, the EE power bar was useful, then some beautiful ladies, of all sizes back and forth which one made me blush but kept professional which I was told to be. But it was nice to help get the gowns lifted so some of those models could walk, I really also stood next to one model, I started to feel shy and she was a dream look and she did smile at me then but her game face was on so no distractions was best for her. The signers later on backstage arrived, one smirked at me but thats life.

The show was going on and the music is a nice taste to what was to be a very fast show, rushing changing, catwalks and a whole other side to life I would never expect. Hats, roses gowns more money than my steambox and laptop combined and suits for moments when I need to be that other league. Too much was going on but it was fun and organised which I really liked and the chaps and ladies were down to earth and not caring who I was etc. I admire how they change quickly.

A Pound break

Eventually the show was up and now it was done, all relieved and product and my friend really did the special speech and then I went to poundland to get home drinks . I walked down there and it was reasonable, getting 2 x 1ltr of nestle for £1 is nice and j20 was nice for £1 too.

£2 for drinks, 2 litre bottles of Nestl water for £1 and a J20 for £1 (technically 2 for 1)

Shows and stalls to explore

Then I ran back and browsed, from smart wedding mirrors from Tavi to more magic tricks where I wasn't feeling any magic near me from Lewis was a good one. then I handed the drinks over when he was ready and was shocked at the 2 for a quid. Explored and relaxing by 2pm was nice.

I also tasted venison as well which was lovely and soft and very strong, we call this gamey

The Venison I had tried

Then it was ice cream testing which I said to him about the YouTube eating videos I might do some with their products and he said it's £8 for a dairy free 2l tub of any ice cream you want, i tasted chocolate and raspberry sorbet which was lovely. Then it was time to film the show.

The stage was set

Another show

It was loud and exactly what he wanted to plan and it went so smoothly which makes things work better, if you noticed, the songs are reasonable in its trends with chatter in work suggesting songs and he asks me where Amazon saved it to.

Then the 40 minute show ended and I went backstage or outside to join him for a bit of fresh air and hang around for a bit, he was ecstatic that I filmed the whole show and asked for a DVD of it for later on. Seeing the models in casual clothes and they kissed him on the cheek, it reminded me of that film what women want. But the model I felt a nice vibe and like said hi to me with a smile and she was not with a guy, I have hopes.

The Run for the bus home

Then it was time to get home, which I started running after checking the stagecoach app to see what bus I needed which was not the one I ended up catching. but popped into 02 for a chat on mifi and she said the e5330 will work nicely. Then to warrenjames which had no one into until a cute girl that hasn't added me walked out to the counter and have a small smile at me before I walked out and ran to Mutley.
As I ran, I had to realise I was early but my sweat was incredible and legs were really straining from the running. but meh, i might be doing a marathon soon so it's better to train, like I said to a rep in Nuffield health who were there as well.

Mutley with the usual grey Skies

So I decide to run even further and it ended up the bus stop I had to stop at when doing the Christmas shopping vlog due to a phone call. which I was soaked by then but there was no rain. I then got on the bus and it was pretty busy after my friend wasn't on it. The journey was a usual one and I saw a bit of fog when leaving Plymouth and on the moors, thicker as we were by yelverton. But it ended up home by lidl about 5:10 ish and then it was a end of day .

With a event like this started, we are now heading towards the start of non catch up vlogging and day out blogposts. I will try a Bristol day out and maybe Cornwall to meet this lovely girl called Leah who jokes a my meals but likes my selfies and has a lovely size, but if that lucky lady I was next to backstage as smiled at me meant something, then I might have a chance at finding love. I will see you next week for a video of some sort no doubt