Thursday, 2 March 2017

Catching up to a new month

Well, its now been the first 2 months passing of 2017. Which to be fair has not been impressive for me, but its also helped me finally start to plan for other things later on and also means there might be some hope for me. Especially with the recent surge in followers and also the chance with using Origin Broadband to finally make uploading content easier for me. But lets go through it since our last catch up in January..

The Last part of January.

The events of the Tranquil dogwalk were fun but it finally meant things were going to go worse, with the bike being stolen. It was a shame of that happening but sadly its reality of life of things going bad. I did get called a few times to ask if I was ok and that due to budget cuts, we can't look at CCTV footage so that meant the end. My family pretty much said that to me from the start, which gave me the question of why did i even report it missing, But at least its another lesson learned. 

The RIP to a ok bike that i've struggled but used 

The weather was quite nice though

Which nothing much happened after that. Sure meals were popular like Crunchie spread was used with almost everything and I finally started the copy of KH 2.8 and DDD is pretty impressive, using dream eaters is cool and its much easier to grind and level up than I thought. 


But the final day of January was the action to finally spend money and switch from Talktalk to Origin Broadband which it turns out is a Vodafone reseller which part of me remembers the past and Emma who is still a memory of a crying old heart, which that also happens later on too. But with a £39 a month deal with Origin for fibre with 9mbps upload, this means the chance to finally get content up quicker for when I need to and i was soon to be blown away.

A feat of Feburary. 

So with a plan or Fibre in motion, it was of course a time for shaving. To clean the hairs of a former month and hope this month is a good one. 

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Also it was finally the time of me chatting to this girl that has the most amazing cheeks on snapchat and instagram and sometimes twitter. This has been on an off for about a month, but she is a food lover even though recently turned vegan and wanting to lose weight. But then again its like another girl I've chatted to this month on snapchat who was an EX feedee and was 22 stone but now smaller than me in 8 months.

Also Gracie uploaded some pictures to her AW profile and she is the same size as when we cuddles and kissed in september which made me smile, I know i will need her again and that one cuddle a year can really help my lack of experience.Then we fall into the day off and a Oreo Chicken Sandwich to start it off.

But with days off comes #dogwalkingwithomracer and that hasn't really been good. Rosie really is aggravated with me recently, with teeth and biting shoes when she gets chance to.

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Which then it lead to a question which might be linked to a plan of mine this year, if you really wondering, the poll secretly is the answer.

But it was then more working and even building a PC which was nicely packaged before it was finally time to start a new video series named #omracereats and we begin with a gammon and nutella sandwich.

This was then part of the next plan of a review which was prcey-ish for finally a maybe way to not having my bike stolen again. I present the Tile.

tile on a bike. 
This was also the time during a change in the kitchen, after 60 years, my parents were determined to redecorate it and they got their wish which was about 3 weeks of mess and struggle to film as well as family meals in the lounge a bit more. Also I went on a swing

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And then it was Valentines day, which of course brings back memories . This was a time to reflect, with no effort being made this year unlike previous years . But at least i had something heart shaped to eat.

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But with that feeling of lonliness on a day that is common, it was time to update the Tinder profile to be a bit more witty with the lines with also being stright to the point on my love skills. People complained at that bit.

The Tinder profile before editing
Which by this time it was finally the time for ORIGIN to work for me the way I want it to. So it was the W9970 to get it going for me.

The router, looking the same as before 

That upload speed though

Then it begins, the faster speeds of internet making uploading quicker and downloading faster too. This was proven with the BIG wedding show wander.. That show was pretty good, it was amazing being around ladies of all sizes, Faye was amazing but married and there were some really eye openers for me on that day. 

A Vast stage

A place i might see more of this year

Then it was quiet, from working and making Pulled Pork hunters fajitas to Taping thighs up as well as playing DDD here and there. It felt like a passing moment. 

Some Hunters Pork Fajitas

What happens when you try to tape your thighs up and work and move around in them

Then we start to make another video for the omracer eats series of Hunters chicken Noodles which was nice and very filling too.

And time passed by with late nights, fapping, tinder rematches, flirting by feeding and streaming all while working the normal days until it was another Tinder Profile update, which made me like a 🐍 bugger by not being honest about my love skills and also overuse of food emoji to stay hip. Which i've had no legit new matches since.

Another tinder edit

Then it was a surprise trip to plymouth which was quiet minus seeing someone and Storm Doris soaking me up. With little to buy and minds aflutter with ideas, it was nice to see how it would progress and new sauces to eat for Pancake day was an idea too. 

Which then it comes to this, Pancake Day. Which was work and eating 3 pancakes bascially. Peri Peri for spicy, Nutella for Classic and Ham and Mango Chutney for a twist.

Pancake 1

Pancake 2

Pancake 3

And there is February.

A guide on the Goals.

Well its been 2 months, Have i actually got anywhere. 

  • Get into my first relationship with a girl - NOPE
  • Try to meet up with a girl from Feabie - NOPE
  • Visit Bristol by myself for a day or overnight - Falcon Bus from Plymouth - Not yet
  • Finish at least 2 Games on PS4 - KH 2.8 and N.Sane Trilogy (Pre ordered N.Sane but DDD is just under halfway complete then its 0.2)
  • Stream More  - Now i have fibre, I can
  • Get videos and blogposts done quicker -  I'm bad at this
  • Have at least 2 myself days out for vlogs that are further away from Plymouth  - NOPE
There you have it, a month or 2 past and not much has changed but things are now looking at the up. Maybe it will go right for me, maybe not.