Thursday, 25 May 2017

A hot day off

Its been a nice day off for a change, okay I didn't do much but its a quick catch up since the big night out last Sunday..

A Productive morning. 

Now this is a wakeup after a reasonable sleep. Sure it was a day off and after internet checking and fapping and waking up, my alarm (second one)) went off then it was to get some stuff done for a project I will announce later on in the Year. While that was going, I made a smoothie and put washing on the line until my sister arrived and then we both set off for Tesco before going back to her place.

heading into Tesco. 

As we walked around, we found what we needed t, Malteasers were too small, Lime Pickle was £1 and A posh carrot cake for £2. I also looked at the gaming section too, PSN and steam were selling pretty quickly. Then it was to my sisters flat. I got in there, a strong smell and then the pug was excited to see us and then after picking up bits, it was off to my nans.
We got there after chatting, Capital FM listening and sun around us. It was about 11:30. 

The hours at relatives. 

Then we caught up and chatted. My sister and nan did some foot pedicure and me and Granddad sorted out his android box and casting from one device to another. Then it was time to have lunch served while we were checking facebook. We watched BBC news which had full coverage of the attacks which is still a traumatising event and solidarity is the best to do at these times. It was a simple Fish, chips and ketchup. 

The lunch 
Then it was that carrot cake and more talking and catching up before relaxing on the sofa and watching the local news until we left around 1:50. But just before, my grandad did a painting of my sister's dog and so a few pics of that ensured. 

The pug and the painting of the pug

A hot afternoon

Me and her chatted then got home and I had some thing to try out which took until 3:45 which then I decided to walk rosie in the hot weather. It was quite nice but Rosie kept losing the ball and one field was really tall while the usual was quite nice. So after 15 minutes, she was tired and we walked back.

tired or waiting for the ball. 

Once i got back, I chillaxed and chatted until 4:50 which then i started typing this up. But I did make a nice Ham roll inbetween that. Lime pickle, Onion, Mars bar included. 

The mini ham mars bar onion lime pickle roll
Then it was 5:40 and shopping was done with Mum and sister back, which then lead to a salad for tea when my dad got home. We were going to have it outside but instead inside was better due to the wind that was strong. It was a massive salad based meal.

The salad based meal with pulled pork, salmon, lime pickle, crisps too

A #Dogwalkingwithomracer evening. 

As time went on and the meal ended, My sister left and my parents went to see the dad's side of the family before his birthday. So i did a dogwalking with omracer. All the way up to the mast. With rosie biting my left show to the point of having to take my shoe off to the lovely sunsets and people walking on the street. Oh and i saw a hare in a field as well as a dead squirrel on the road. I left about 7:45 and got back at 9:45 ish. 

the road where the dead squirrel was

in the distance is that wild hare

The mast with the setting sun glowing on it,. 

And thats it, another quick blogpost done, sure nothing happened and also sure that my love life has pretty much gone to a halt and work has gotten busier, but i will get more days out vlogs done soon. but for now, its a bank holiday weekend to enjoy.