Monday, 29 May 2017

A Tamar View Afternoon

One of those bank holidays which not much happens from the weather, a week since the legs of mine were tired from the night out and running that way as well as carrying on with life.  But with the Bank holiday coming up, things were going to be um, well normal. Since that is what this day turned out to be. But enjoy anyway.

A foggy morning.

A 7:30 am alarm was off, which actually was before I was awoke with thoughts and a odd dream about something i didn't do and something bad happened, its hard to remember those types of dreams. But checking the internet was always the time of day to do it. Then it was the fap  and awake I was about 8:25. Getting up for a toilet break before checking e-mails and charging the phone up. By this time, mum was up and it was off to warren's cross for more dogwalking. This was really foggy and sure it was mild but by the time we got back to the car, it was dense. We chatted about things like work and the weather. But by 10:45, we got home. 

The foggy walking

The it was breakfast, so a nice few sandwiches would go. First was a chicken and nutella toasted on. That was beautiful, but after was a stuffing and lime pickle one which was a bit of a stronger kick. But then it was relaxing on the internet and playing fetch with Rosie before we finally headed off to Tamar View Nurseries, the nice garden centre in saltash. 

The chicken and nutella Sandwich

The afternoon with a Tamar View. 

We eventually got there and it was time for lunch, there was a lush chocolate fudge brownie we all shared after a meal of each of us. It came to £24 something. I went for a special of Fried Chicken dippers with BBQ Sauce with salad and chips, Mum went for a Panini and dad went for Roast Turkey. It was really nice. 

The lunch

Then we walked back to the aquatic shop to check out pond things and also saw the Koi which didn't have many and then also the reptiles were cool, some chameleon's were trying to escape. The place was busy.

The Koi
Then it was to the Fruiterers next door which was having some decent deals, which one of them was a 24 box of sweet potato crisps were for £2.99 and also other goodies like sauces and cookies for £0.69 and even 2 for £1.00 on ketchup (it was out of date). But then that lost came to £6 something and it was time to go to the actual garden centre after putting that lot back in the car.

The first bundle we bought
Then it was browsing for plants and trees for a hour or so. It wasn't too much to say, but it was me daydreaming about plans out to different places in cornwall for a vlog or few of them. But from Victoria Plum trees to purple plants bees were pollinating in. But eventually we chose that and then some smaller plants and i noticed bubble wraps. But then it was time to leave and get a few things for Rosie at the pet store. Then it was back to the fruiterers for more bits like onions, onion chutney, tango which was reduced and then we got our way home.

As we drove home, we called our sister who was actually playing golf nearby in her work so we didn't join her. We then got home and walked rosie before it was a nice chicken salad style mix. That was nice along with the crisps and chutney from earlier. That was after a nice 45 minute dogwalk by Tavi College.

The tea for tonight

And that was a bank holiday Monday sorted. With the end of may now happening, it was coming up to the summer months and plans will be met. But for now, to relax and have work to carry on with.