Friday, 14 July 2017

A Cloudy Summer Shop

Another summer day in a day off from work. Things were needed so it was time to enjoy a cycle to see the city of the ocean . The weather was ok, I wasn't tired and enjoy the vlog below: Now I was up by 9:10 and was actually making a trailer for an old vlog of mine I never put up 2 years ago last weekend which was due to what happened from the anxiety attack in temptations. But by 9:50 I decided to have a shower and get going. Eventually I left by 10:20.
The Bike
As I was cycling I did have a phone call which did slow me down and my legs aren't kicking in as they were used to. But the fry paths and not too busy roads made it an easier journey, it did take 1 hour and 48 minutes too.

The college path #throughglass

Reaching the tunnel #throughglass

That Llamma staring at me #throughglass

More lanes #throughglass

The road to derriford roundabout #throughglass

The roadworks while in a queue

The flyover

The route in google fit

Now I went to go toilet in drakes circus and then explored around. From Apple having a chat to cheap clothes from poundland and even the market nearly closed off with some stores newly popping up around. There were also some deals I was planning to go back for which I hope to myself to see if they were going to be there. Also I went in greggs and that was packed. I sat on the big deck chair while watching a bit of the tennis before heading to CEX and my normal way of life, nothing interesting was in there.
The deckchair selfie
I noticed a 1tb sshd for £30 which I was definitely going to be going back for and I also need a NowTV pass for next week with Game of Thrones. But I eventually saw store closures, temping drinks, doughnuts and much more.
I eventually passes primark which lead to office outlet and to the barbican from there. Walls were boarded, graffiti aplenty and the walk felt long and I got there with lovely skies and walked my way to the hoe with coffees drinking by me, bikes parked, french tourists and some random nutter dancing on the pavement saying he works in the army. The citadel was being revamped and by the time I got to my usual spot, it was 2:30. So I typed up this for a while until heading back to town by 3:10.
Relaxing at the usual spot #throughglass

As i was walking back, I noticed MTV Crashes schedule which is pretty much a 2 week stint for a 2 day concert. As i walked back down, it was time to head into Poundland which actually didn't have much new things on in that store. But then it was back to Poundworld which had a nice combo of Tango Freezer triangles, Now this time it was 5 flavours, Apple, Cherry and Orange. So for £1.00 that was added, also butterkist microwave popcorn for £1, i added that too.

The tennis chairs were packed #throughglass
the £2.00 Bundle
I then popped into greggs to see whats offered and my behold, i saw a box of 12 ringed donuts for £5, which my eyes opened and beams with a #turnonthursday thought of taking a girl on a day out shopping and buying 2 boxes for later that night. It looked delish and decent value too.
The lush boxes of fattening doughnuts
Then it was a case of popping to Poundland which I noticed some jeans, a 34W and 32L (which is ideal to trim myself) so I bought them, for £5.00 is was a sweet deal. Then I bought earphones with a built in mic, i'm not kidding, it has a mic built in when the packaging says volume control. Then it was a box of Capri Sun 5 Pack for £1. Getting that. Then that was a nice £7 total on card.

The tech stuff

The £7 bundle
Then it was the SSHD for £29.95 from WANTS. Which is £20 cheaper than CEX. Thats for a project to buy a cheap i5 13 or 11" macbook to use for doing vlog edits for weekend away or holidays which i'm planning on a few in the next few years.

the £30 SSHD
After that was the walk back up to Game by Drake's Circus to pick up a NowTV pass for GoT next week, that was £15 used on the card from winning the Powwow competition. Then i went to Holland and barret and went for the 2 bottles of the Aloe Vera juice i tried a few months back, the cranberry flavour this time, and it was HALF PRICE again :). Another £13.48 spent on that card.
The aloevera Juice. 
Then that was it, time to have a gulp or 4 of the juice and then cycle back. IT felt tiring with my legs and I was pretty slow for this one :/. But after alot of sweat, a drink of the juice in the diner car park and more traffic to pass. I got home by 6:45 and that was in a 2hr, 7 min timing.

The down hill road

looking behind at the roadworks

The paths at 6pm

The google fit stats

Once that was in, it was just in time for tea which was a Fish Fingers, Hash Browns, Chutney and beans.

The meal with a sausage roll added in. 
Now this is one vlog done and this weekend will be a big announcement in the carnival vlog which will be a good life change for me. Hope to see you then.