Sunday, 9 July 2017

A humid afternoon at Burrator

July is here and this month will be full of surprises in both love life and work life which you will find out soon. but with a weekend to spare, it was a family walk again. From food to walking, this is pretty much the day.

A quiet morning:

With the Sunday upon me, I was waking up earlier at 6:45 then a phone charge and sleeping before finally checking the internet and the fap before waking up at 8:05. Sure things have been better chatting to different girls on feabie this past week, bringing back crushes, possible food shopping and also one i might be meeting up with soon, i'm close to  finding out. But it was relaxing and also sorting out onedrive which was playing up. A guilt trip was on my mind with a past memory with emma losing weight but I always say shes gone now and it does linger on. 

Eventually time passed to 11:am and my sister drove in and then we all decided to head off somewhere are her catching up with work gossip. It was sunny skies with a bit of cloud but we headed off to Burrator.

The Roast with dogs. 

As we got there, the heat was higher, the bikes were out with a recent rally being around, we were sitting outside, which another dog did bark at Rosie. Dogs were allowed inside so we went in. A table by the bar was perfect, sure bbws would't fit in but its cosy. Drinks of Lime and Soda water were nice to start off with before Ordering Roast beefs for £9.25 each.

The pint of Lime and Soda Water
Shortly after, the food arrived along with Horseradish and Mint sauce. It was really tasty, filling to say the least even before having half of my sister's since she was full. The cloud wifi helped me get it up quicker. 

The Roast beef meal for £9.25
It was really nice and then we decided to head to the top of Burrator reservoir via a different route and then it was time to do a nice scenic #dogwalkingwithomracer. 

The afternoon walk in the forest paths. 

Now we were parked up the top by the bridge and icecream van, which then we decided to walk on the left which then turned off to this car park and that veered off to a mini trail through a woodland with rivers, walking in the tranquil area before rivers that dogs can even paddle in, which we did with rosie which didn't enjoy it too much. 

The river by the bridge.

The river Rosie was trying to  go into.

The paths by the river
Eventually it walked us back to where we began, so we had ice lollies to eat and relax before going to a different part of Burrator. I went for strawberry while the rest went for Almond fake magnums. Rosie was barking a bit but thats how she is. 

The strawberry squeezer

The cloudy Dam walk. 

Then we got to the car and drove off to the Bridge side and walked back on the Dam and tried to get towards the right side of the lake which has actually people and dogs swimming and it was hot too. But we passed the dam and the height is quite steep. 

The bottom of the Dam. 
Then we got across the dam and noticed this little ledge which was a former bridge formation due to concreate in the resviopur and a chain underneath, but the views there was nice. But walking further on which then went to the beach which happened due to the low volume in their, passing a weighbridge, but soon we made our way back and the clouds were pretty dark. 

The Shot of burrator and the clouds

The HDR Version. 

Then finally we went home and relaxed before some tea which was a nice mix of Chicken, beef, salad and crisps. Which an old friends of dad popped by for a 3 hour catchup after 3 years or so. Which was during poldark too. 

The tea for tonight. Crisps, Mayo, Chicken wings, Beef Ribs, bagguette, beetroot salad, potato salad, salad. 

And that goes another day, there are a few more posts before the 8th year twitterversary catchup and then we hit August.