Monday, 24 July 2017

The day off

with July nearly over, it was always coming up to my monthly visit to nanna, with the weather being amazing and also the time right before I finally leave GAC in under 2 weeks time. it was time for a visit.

I woke up , with a new alarm on my phone and also having the redmi reset and on a xiamomi EU ROM due to Google play not liking the China ROM it's supposed to have. I checked the internet as per usual. Eventually it was 8:40 and time to get up, so I did.  by that, I had some washing to put out on the line and then a kiwi oroange smoothie to gulp before calling a supplier about ordering issues which I know how to fix now for another order.

Once that was done, I know a few admin and Checking things was to be done before I got change and headed out to get the bus, Rosie was sunbathing in the lounge window and I made sure water was topped up for her too. I got at the bus stop by 9:57 and waited until 10:15 for it.

The view when waiting 
Then it was getting the payment done which the driver ended up taking it when I left to get off at the usual stop, with me being the only one on the bus, it felt awkward at times. the return was £3.60. I eventually got off and walked to nans, it was nice to walk down, the heat was nice with a slight bit of wind too.

Getting off the bus

Another view
I got in then it was chatter about recent events, work, the past with family, memories my nan had and then sipping on a drink of a Schweppes fruit punch which is a meh taste to it.
Then it was helping out with my grandad's phone before we ended up putting the news on for lunch. that was a nice sausages, hash browns and baked beans meal.

The lunch

Following the case of the baby, trump's us russian drama and also the green energy plan before it was time to tidy up and talk some more while checking pics and social stuff. then it was half 1 and it was soon time to leave and then time to get the bus back. I packed up and me and my grandad were chatting as we walked up and then a friend of his walked by and we all chatted before 2:05 and the bus arrived, which was my time to leave. a few people got on as well as me and the journey was on. Halfway through, I noticed a butterfly flying on the window and gave a peek, which it rested and by 2:20, I was home

The butterfly
I finally enjoyed to catch up with the internet before fixing glass for a hour or 2 and then it was a chance to walk Rosie in the same place. Then it was nice since the wind was strong but also the heat made it nice and some pony was biting my jeans. But then from talking and we decided to get some food in Tesco. Which one of those purchases was for a review later on. £5.54 was the cost.

The £5.54 shop

Once thats was happening, i went toilet and then it was time for tea before I tried to have a look with glass, which had no luck. But the beef tacos were quite nice. 

The tacos for tonight
Then it was repairing glass which has now gotten stuck in recovery mode. But that didn't go so well, which then it went to be a game of thrones which then it made things get shocking and furutuama after that. 

More posts will come soon and I will try to get glass fixed or replaced before the Fireworks Championships and there might be a holiday too.