Friday, 11 August 2017

A calm fireworks championship (day 2)

The second day, now this is the first time I've ever vlogged both days, with the first one finished and uploaded just as I was getting change to get ready for tonight. This time I had to go earlier which was for getting something from drakes circus before it closed at 8pm. the vlog is below.

The plan

So, I finished the day before's vlog, it was not too bad, one power cut due to me not plugging in the charger can be annoying but it hasn't done too much damage this time. That was in-between walking Rosie and snacking every so often. But by 4:25, the vlog was ready to tender while the dogwalk was happening. The morning dogwalk was with a friendly chap who has 4 dogs and Rosie didn't mind them. Also the battery in the LED shoes are rip with the wire for the switch dying out, no charging for that one.

I was running to get the bus by 6:10 and it arrived at 6:25, this was interesting since there was more people, the cost was the 5.50 day rider and some kids at the back decided to get a speaker out and a bit of fiddy cent. then Romanians behind me as the bus got into roborough, it was getting packed pretty quickly. Time was ticking but on my side since I had a bit of time to get the cable.

The sunny evening near uni

After getting the cable and exploring drakes circus, it was time to make my way to see the taking place for beyond at game, this was really nice and that competition to win a Xbox one I didn't enter since I don't need it. Then I made my way to the barbican to have a look, it was not crowded but it was nice to see a few singers and cap n jaspers was stocked up. I made past there my way to the hoe.

The dusk as I passed royal parade

The hoe

Now I was wandering around, but walking up on the road from the barbican, the crowds were building up and it was peaceful as it was busy.

A stage on the barbican too

Looking back with the crowds behind

The hoe was getting busy

Jetskis on the hoe

I walked to the fair, the crowds were in different places and the energy was just as busy.

Crowds by the tower

In air orbit

I also went to the screen, spar had free cans of coke, fanta and sprite to be had and I went for fanta.

The collection of drinks left to just grab

A nice fanta orange

As I wandered to the kids area, I noticed a phone call on glass, it was swaggy, it turns out that him and Pete were here and I walked to meet them, it was only near a fish and chip van. I saw pete, leather jacket, same phone case as me, ripped jeans and then we chatted or more a girl near me chatted to him which then I caught up with him slightly while walking to see Libby and swaggy.
in trackies and a white shirt, Libby in jeans and furry jumper, more interesting than I thought. her daughter was with her, we chatted and then me and Pete decides to walk to the barbican to get donuts. We had a good catch up, I found out the house has split and also I told him the truth about leaving games and computer's, he was shocked a little bit but all was good,we got to the stand by cap njaspers and he ordered 10 donuts for £6.00. it was already prepared. We walked back up, I saved swaggys new number and we then delivered the donuts, I was offered one, me and swaggy chatted whole Libby was playing on a stall with the daughter.

The doughnut

Swaggy and the tower
They came back, she won a fidget spinner and I noted down the company for a friend to help buy them since they were CE approved. After that, I walked to the viewing spot, it was much less crowded this time and then it was soon time to watch the fireworks. the first lot were pretty good

A look back at the fair

The view before the display

Nice redness
a short spark

it gets brighter

after, it was looking at the 15 minute break before the second lot, the sun was finally leaving us, and the rides lit up the sky.

The bright fair sky
The second lot started, it was actually quite nice, it was quiet but started to hang up and really explode the life in the end.

A small spike

Red sparks

a boom

a coloured boom

Then it was the last wait before the 3rd one, this was a pretty intense amount and the explosions were no short of incredible at the end.

here comes a real boom




the red woah
Then I walked my way back to the hoe, the grass was damp and I nearly slipped in the flora, but I wobbled on up and got to the fair in the end.

The walk back

the crowds walking on the road

I explored the fair for one more time, it was a really normal fair fun, but by the slushes, I saw a soft lady I think I follow on Instagram, Brooke, obviously she has never seen me before so I didn't introduce myself. by 10:53, I was deciding to walk back.

the swing out in air

The spar and the tower

nightly fairscapes

I ran a backroad to royal parade and that was packed, so I decided to go f it and run further up until the bus gets unpacked. That worked for 18 minutes and just as I got to a bus stop, the bus was behind me and let me in.
Blurry running

As I was on the bus, some 2 people were chatting and I found out about a tapas on the hoe which isn't the done and do really good food, both were off by the time I was at marjon, that as well as seeing a cute BBW I was standing next to, with lovely black eyes and a amazing figure. then I saw a former schoolmate with a lovely supersized blonde,  she reminded me of someone I follow on feabie, he said hi to me as he got off at yelverton. Then it was quiet from there out, I was off the bus by 00:05, yawning, smoke was in the air, I know it will be a long night but this week off allows me to get things done better.

see you for more vlogs soon