Saturday, 19 August 2017

The 2nd Saturday

Well, this was a nice intresting day, with work, chatter and casual what could happen more often. But with a day in the life coming up soon, this could be an idea to peek into my daily bit more.

A checking Morning, 

I got up, there was no alarm, but 7am and checking the phone is the way to go. Checking snapchats of wedding preps, pigging out, girls night and more antics, I then woke up and checked e-mails. A niced onion burger sauce sandwich breakfast was REALLY Good.

The onion and burger sauce sandwich
Eventually i was browsing some drama about a person taking money and then it was time to go to walk rosie, with the rain happening just as we go there to being clear sky when we left and then more rain when driving, it played out nicely. Rosie was not happy about wanting to go and also jumping across a leat was fun.

She was not happy about wanting to go

The clouds

Trying to jump across this leat

The clients to see, 

Now, once that was done, I was dropped off to the market to see a few people which was to do with sorting e-mails out and then a chat with a few people on plans. After that was the run to another client who was a Roku bit of lessons and the annoying point of the TV providers requiring sign ups for watching shows :@. But that was sorted and i nearly locked her out of house, woops. Hills are a nightmare in Tavi too.

The hills to run up

Then it was to run to another client and it was a bit of a wait and I was one hour early. So I got a look at it and getting ig platform Id is a nightmare then it lead to no sound later on. But it was nice to chat to him which was pretty deep about things. But that was eventually fixed at 3:30 and then a run home in the sun and it was ok.

Passing to the meadows. 

An evening,

So it was then a phone call when I was home, caught up with Rosie and then after that long call with sound issues, has odd voip and I was pretty much in a bath which was nice, hot and refreshed me to get a Review done of a Donor Kebab. That was nice and good end to my evening.

While that was being made, I did have a second lunch as well which was a bit of tuna and BBQ sauce

The mixed 2nd tea after

And that was it, I will try to get a day in the life done next month as well as a couple of blogposts before then as well as maybe a few mini vlogs if I get time. Until then, enjoy a weekend.