Monday, 2 October 2017

A BPD Interesting Catchup

So, its another month past and This month was the BPD again, a time to check with how i feel and also you know if i'm not fading in my down there, and its not as dramatic as i thought with that. But with Feabie chatting and also my 3rd date, things actually were looking up for me and in a way, considering its been nearly a month since I've left my first job and its been actually really good to have a different change of life, with being busier some days but also getting time to myself to get blogs and vlogs up without allnighters on other days.


So its was the final few days of my first job, with the final day approaching and this was also colliding with a charity event which I was doing as Run as a Nun. This was actually quite fun, I did manage to run a few times. There was also a new Wooplus match but that was turning into a bit of a no go and losing hope with that site.

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But while that was happening, I was enjoying food in the same way which people went ott, not as Buzzfeed hype but a few shocks here and there but its still nice meals.

But it was fun and new times were being prepared. Orders planned and Ok sure, a reddit thread caused a message with these sensation looking girls which isn't too bad and leah was sending snaps of her and sam on dates which remember when I said "i hopefully might get the chance to meet up with her", well that feels like it won't be happening anymore :(. But it was also that feeling that made me think actually, maybe it was time to have my 3rd date. Preps like seeing what games to order

But then it was the Final Day.  Which it wasn't emotional and sure a nice £25 Google Play Voucher, and my mum and dad treated me to a indian takeout and we had a nice drink in the Queens head to celebrate, it felt nice with a glass of water. Which in my own way, was a nice start to my first FULL week off working since 2012 when I went on Holiday.

The cards of leaving

The celebratoru glass of Water

Then it was that week off, so Crash was one of the projects to finish off. Here we go again with dying on Slippery Climb. 

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It was also the soon to be end of GoT and that was pretty intense with a last minute dive and more truths to be told without realising what could happen in the next 2 years. but after this was a new Video to get up. Well after a wet cycle for a customer first.

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Then it was Coming up to the Fireworks Championships. Which was the last time the LED shoes worked for me. But that was actually good weather for BOTH days, so i did BOTH Days . This was also when I started a new Glass since the other one has died, its been just under 3 years with it.

A Selfie

How the night life is

With new Glass 


The Barbican #throughglass

A crowded hoe #throughglass

Sunset #throughglass

The night lights #throughglass



Then we were in the stage of talking to girls on feabie and then realising i might be falling in love with someone from chatting to her on an off for nearly a year now. It maybe is one sided but i've had those feelings the same as when i fell in love with Emma years ago. But you know, i always fall for someone that isn't interested or already is dating but i didn't get this vibe with her. I did buy her Pizza to help make her feel better which really is the small things to help build up a friendship into a relationship.

The Pizza

But it was also soon time to get bits and pieces done and this was a shop at lidl for ideals which I will need for future times. Like a power bank that fits in my pocket and also new LED shoes.

Then we were deciding to have more food which was lush and people go crazy for it. Burger Sauce is still an amazing sauce at the time, the texture and other bits.

From more selfies attracting me and more chatting to girls, it really was a quiet time when working in the low lime and starting the business up. also telling a camgirl that Wetherspoons is a style of a British pub in modern life is interesting to say the least, insurance was an nightmare to order and also a local girl pete told me to follow on Insta years ago was doing nothing for her birthday and I tried to ask her out, I still never heard a response to that, but she did add me on snap just to view stories in the end. Also Poundland shopping and a shop in Tesco which lead to another Review.

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But then it was, time with walking in the Sun and also the intenet over a biscuit sandwich as well..

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More Food ensured and It was a bad idea when i hinted to admitting to fall in love, but sometimes laying your cards on the table is better than hiding it since a better move will outdo you. There was a catchup with another girl but that was one worded answers

Then a new chance to review a product before the BANK holiday was coming up. Which mean a swim and also more good weather before the end of another August.

A nice in action shot

The mi fit finish

But then that was over quickly and time was heading towards a new month and a new chapter, more time to get things done, more food to eat and more dreams to have

Also it was the start of Gemma Collins memes, that had some sort of relate able ones but i might be using it in vlogs before its too old and out of fashion. It was also soon time for my 3rd date and I really should of lost my virginity with the 3rd time lucky sayings going around. But we found out the other events to happen.


This month was pretty different. But we kick things off the LED trainers review. It was also the Start of the BPD of checking how my down there was coping, with this month, I find out something important about it. 

But also we have more food which was nice and people kicked off over again.

It was also time to myself and I WAS meant to have a #omracersnightout but the RAIN was A NIGHTMARE. Which was meant to be the first night out using those ESMARA LED shoes and I really kick myself for that. But it was nice to be watching some streams on twitch. It then makes it annoying moments with Rosie Losing her ball in the river. Which then goes to the #royalbaby being announced but a omracereats go get done as well

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This continued while times were busy for me in working which was a massive armount of new food to try out.
Also I owed a Mistress (friends with on FB) some food so a just eat order had to be done there. Its funny that its been about £200 I've spent up to that point of Just eat takeouts alone in 2017. But Crash 1 was being played inbetween times to

Also the return of Bacon burger waffles was happening too, after a long day of work the day before.
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It was a good hope to try to get the Night out made, that sadly went out the windows since it Rained like 1 hour before it cleared up, I was PISSED, so eating and streaming was the plan. as with snacks too. Also the range do funnels which I will need to get one for weekends away if i get lucky with a girl, I thought to myself.

But knowing that soon, it would be my 3rd date was also exciting, so snacks happened. oh and a Review on a OTG Hub

the OTG Hub

Then it was the day of the 3rd Date. This was just incredible, sometimes you bond with someone and you feel somewhere else (well I was in her bedroom) but sometimes its what the little things are like, we fed, I jiggled her belly and talking, its not much but for someone that still hasn't been in a relationship for the first time, its one of those special moments in my life.

A glass of water helps calm my nerves

waiting for the moment
Then my time was up, romance for this year was over for me and life resumed as normal, well there was a Day in the life to go with as well as Ducktales started which is pretty good. 

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Building PCs and Westworld

Selfie to start the day
Work for me to start with

Weighing in

The quorn chickpea curry I made

Selfie to end the day

 By the Weekend, the parents were back home and life had returned, well almost, it was a mess getting things up with some clients and also hunger striking again.

But Onion, Chicken and Mars bar (the lidl variant) was always a popular look at how food can work well for me.

Life was grand with casual food, girls sitting on seat pics and also a lush oreo onion sub style meal.

It was soon near the end of the month, I was trying to finish crash while working and also time with family, but it lead to a nice day out as well which I really liked for a short bus trip, I might do more soon like that.

Calstock is peaceful sometimes

Lovely Weather too.

But it was soon time for another Swim, which I tried to enjoy but Fishing folk can interrupt me alot. And also I started to chat to a cute girl on Feabie and Kik, and it sounds llike it might go well for both of us. But a follower on insta I added on FB and turns out she was 17, i was hmm about that. Which then ended the month nicely.

I also did finished playing crash 1 too but Edting that will be in October before Goose Fair.

The BPD. 

So its been up and down while all these events have happened. 

Its interesting that it looks like 5 on average a day and some of the days have been higher, this was due to a day off or with Gracie. Since i've chatted on Feabie more, its also made it higher. Weather has also been bad on days with Higher amounts than sunny days, but all in all, its normal as far as i can see.

The New Year Resolutions, 

Well its now coming to this. I'm going to Dive in

  • Get into my first relationship with a girl. - Nope
  • Try to meet up with a girl from Feabie - I have got close but nope
  • Visit Bristol by myself for a day or overnight -Nope Not Yet 
  • Finish at least 2 Games on PS4 - KH 2.8 and N.Sane Trilogy (KH 2.8 finished and Crash 1 Finished. 
  • Stream More  - Now this has been better
  • Get videos and blogposts done quicker  - Yes this has been a little bit better
  • Have at least 2 myself days out for vlogs that are further away from Plymouth  - Nope Not yet but now i have a smaller laptop, I can do vlogs easier. 

Well its Goose Fair after one more vlog possibly. Keep eyes peeled on that occurring.