Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Tavistock Goose Fair 2017: The Drizzly Night Before

HERE WE GO. Its the fun of the fair for another year, now with a new job, which I've got the week off for it too. So its a lot of preparation for me this year, with changing laptops to be able to get vlogs up when I'm not at home, you know, holidays like normal people have. But that and the rain, which made this night begin, The vlog is below, I might try to go live as well.

A Day of prep. 

Well this time it was waiting for deliveries and also talking to someone special last night, and it made me think of a plan to build her trust and also help grow her but its a thing to consider. But that was to be decided later. That and waiting for deliveries which was a 1TB SSHD (Firecuda) for the new Dell Latitude E6230, this is a 7mm slot which is shame. But that £55 from a supplier worked out nicely. That and some nice snacks to go with today.

A toasted Ham Sandwich

Delivery from a supplier from work

Then it was spending time with family and getting the files transferred and also walking the dog, but this was a fair few hours with what was to come over the next few days. Since the snapchat filter has been prepared for £33 and also the laptops raring to go for editing the clips. It was also getting wet which might be a washout this year, I hope it isn't though, for the sake of glass.

A ham, Mini roll and peking duck sauce roll

Fitting a SSHD into the new laptop

A grey cloud when #dogwalkingwithomracer

The walk in itself was fun with the fact that we actually had to search for someone since a couple on holiday got split from each other and got lost, that was fun in its own right. But it was also getting into the time for tea before a last-minute prep to get going by 7:30. Preps like the toilet and shave before going.

The Tea for Tonight

The Drizzle at the ground. 

With me walking into the dark, with a hoodie and jeans, we wandered on and saw what was going to be a interesting fair this year. Running there was only 13 minutes and then by the car park, I noticed that it was only half again, but remember we are in Brexit years so it will be a bit of time before things get busy in years to come.

Getting to the fairground and it was a dark path but lights at the end
I explored, puddles everywhere but it was more spaced out, Freddy's Revenge was here, Groove Rider still rocking, 2 Terminators, Tagada and even a Sizzler to shine the car park, but there was a gap where Laser Dome was. That was interesting. 
The Helter Skelter

Freddy's Revenge

Terminator and Phantom Menance 

Sizzler after a big gap along with terminator in the background

Sizzler in the front with Typhoon to my right

Tagada was with a different sign this time

Then it was time to explore the Square. 

A Busy setting up Square:

I walked to the square, more puddles everywhere but after seeing a friend, I started looking around, a new orbiter was here, looked like extremeride, then the Dragon Coaster and now more stalls were starting and building up.

The stalls startiong

#extremerideukin the dark

The Dragon coaster
I then walked my way up, past the bedford and via amusements along with other stalls. That was until we live streamed in the fair again.

The Auctions and more stalls

The streams went ok, but there was a sense in the air of quiet and possibly a drizzly day ahead. It Ruins it but oh well, But we walked our way back up, the buss station was still busy and full, more stalls parking up and then it was nearing the top of the road. 

Heading past the surgery

More stalls and a Quba sign 

The great brit carvery van in the usual place. 

Which then it headed off on the way home and ready for another night. 

See you for the fair tomorrow.