Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Christmas 2017: The Barking Cloudy Wet Christmas

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE. Lets get that out of the way first. With the times going far, the fun moments with family to be had and even more to enjoy. After the antics of the fun family side Yesterday, it is now the BIG time, the Christmas wishes to all who wanted it and things to enjoy.
But this day starts off quiet and ends up busy then a quiet one.

The Vegas morning.

So, waking up, fapping at 8:30 like the usual life. But nerves got the better of me with how things went later on is the guessing. I was then up and walking around by 9:10. With Rosie whimpering since mum had to look with the chickens at a neighbours. But then I got glass out and ready for the festivites to begin, with Turkey in the oven, I put the presents by the Tree. The onesie was found for the Christmas Message. Heck even clover said Merry Christmas. 

The presents by the tree

The turkey in the oven

Even clover said Merry christmas

I then got the desktop up and said Fuck it, I would buy Vegas Pro and other Magix software for like £16.25. That was purchased and downloaded, while cooking was being done as well as Dad waking up with his cold back. Spotifty Web Player works with Chromecast which it is not supposed to work. So Christmas Classics it was on the Kitchen TV and soon it was time to get Rosie ready for the big Event. But a toiletbreak before hand. 

The Presents by the TV

The Vegtables

The Homemade Bread Pudding my sister made

The Dogwalking Christmas Message. 

Well it was soon time to get changed after the clean up then it was the christmas message, in the mud and dull weather. With better camera and a new idea of what to do. But then It was time go greet my sister about 11:10 too. I managed to get the message done and the dog walked. She pulled and pulled, I accidentlaly passed my grandad i saw yesterday in his 4x4 and then crossed the road to go on the muddy path to find the place to film, we got to the nice viewpoint which there was a selfie and time to film.

The selfie before filming

But Rosie was being a interrupting pest and this really did piss me off. Her vocal barking is over the top and I really did not like it and we did play ball for a short while before we decided to head back.
Then just as i got back, a car arrived and my nan and grandad were here. Which I just got done with sorting out the onesie and was about to edit it up, but time progressed and it was really time for the Big Christmas Dinner. This was when i was halfway editing the message.

The Nice Roast.

Then, it was time to enjoy the Roast. With a massive plate of Seasoned Vegetables and the Turkey, sprouts and others laid out on the plates, I let others get their fill before placing it on mine, it was amazing. Seven brides for seven brothers was on. But we chatted about things and it was nice really. The chatting was nice too

Alot on the table #throughglass

The Roast Dinner for tonight

Then it was time to get the desert which was a special mix of bread pudding as well as some chocolate and extras. But it really was nice and very filling too. But while this was being served, I managed to get some more footage edited.

The Homemade bread pudding 

But then it was some of the washing and tidying up which was me for me a rush to get the video up and it did talk longer than I should of taken so it was holding up. Eventually it was 2:10 or so and I then got it finished and we were ready to hand out the Presents.

The Presents,

Well now, it was the time to be the guy handing out the Presents. Some chatter was going on but mostly everyone liked theirs from me and I liked most of mine from others. Some will be hmm like the reflective vest and the bike computer, but the LED lights, Dips, socks and Google Home went pretty well. 

A gift Set

Google Home Mini

Addias Set

Avon Set

A florescent jumper 

A card Caddy

Blue Dragon Dipping Set

USB LED Bike Set

Playstation Wallet

Merry Christmas socks

More Socks

The Touchscreen Gloves

More Socks

Waterproof Steel Toecap boots

A card with christmas money

But then it was heading towards the queens speech, which we were handing out cards while this was happening, lets be honest here and I might of skimmed most of it but it felt nice that the queen said about Home and also identity where as online mentioned the divide of rich and poor. 

The Queen's Speech

Then we had finished the speech, the rain was heavy, Cinderella was on (with some attractive #uglysisters, in terms of face and not figure), But i showed the Stealth Challenger and decided to just go for it, aka i owe work £150 or so. But they offered something towards it, I said no.

The Stealth Challenger

Then me and Grandad looked at Steam link then Setup Google Home, its actually quite loud for a 5v Speaker too. But we got it setup and actually without Chromecasts, there isn't much hoem tasks it can do.

Setting up Google Home

Then they and my sister were leaving, so I looked after the house aka I went toilet and tried spotify on the speaker, it worked nicely but minus premium features. Then my parents got back and we got some chores done before It was time to Review aka setup the chair. But I walked outside and my road had flooded which was a shocker

Flooding on Christmas Day

The Evening. 

Well after the antics of the chair to setup, which then it felt comfy, but shortly, it was time to check on some chickens, they got locked up in a pen but we had to make sure it was locked, The road was soaking, the shoes were soaked and i nearly slipped in the neighbours garden. But then that was it and it was time to relax before a Late buffet tea thing. Which some movies were on which helped. 

The Stealth Challenger is complete

Later on, it was time for tea and some nice meals to have with dips, onion rings, cranberry sausages and stuffing too. These meals are alwayhs a nice thing to have and do make a evening out of Christmas. 

For Tea, Onion Rings, Sausages, Stuffing, Wrap, Salami and more

And then it was more relaxing until the end of the day to get this finished up before bed and another special day which actually might be either a waterlogged day or a long day of walking the food off. 
But thanks for joining me in these festivites and some of this will be meaningful in my own life years later. But for now. Enjoy your Christmas and we will see how the FINAL week of this crappy 2017 goes. 

The film at night