Saturday, 2 December 2017

The clear switch Dickensian Evening

Well the last month of the year, it's had it ups and its downs and maybe it's best to end this year early. but life doesn't  work like that at all so we have to keep going with it. But to start the last month, it's Dickensian evening. This was actually me just working so I missed pretty much it all, but that's life? . Enjoy the vlog below

A focused preparation day

We start but waking up before 9am, After talking and fapping etc, but this does lead us to getting thing ready, in terms of making sure that I had what I needed for this year.  like stock. powerful charged up devices, etc etc. since I was also looking after Rosie for the most of the morning. There was also deliveries as well coming in  which was for the night. That and i was printing some business cards out which can help for events like this and save some money.

The business cards
Then it was some posters to design which was for the FB page and printing out, with that and another walk with the dog before we got ready and by 4:30, i was about to walk down. Getting changed, with coal on my face, selfies were here and there too. 

The selfie after changing

A selfie before leaving

Then it was a light run or fast walk to the town, with passing Road closures and also there was stands setting up, but it was getting busy as crowds were around. then it was a rush to unpack as work was getting busy when i got there.

Running down the hill #throughglass

The Evening starts

Which after seeing friends, I rushed and eventually got setup, then it was #Advertising and even selfies.

Stock at work

Games at work

Selfie with a Switch

Things were being shown off, candles were smelt, jumpers sold and even the Hori Pads. The family popped in  to see how I was getting on, my neighbour was getting a tiny bit tipsy, but it was nice to chat to them as usual. Then it was time to pay £10.00 rent and carry on, but eventually things were coming to the end.

The lights and christmas feel in work

Time to Pack. 

It was nearing 9pm,, the event was coming to a close and time to pack up. Others had packed up in small ways but there were a few people exploring too. But then it was getting things in and then to go with a box that was falling apart but another box was given to me earlier on which helped me a fair bit. So that was destroyed and binned. But I was out by 9:30.

Packing up

Almost clear

Then, with those 2 Sports direct bags. I hauled my way up to the home, but with making sure I wanted to get a Chinese on the way back, but the problem with that was the cost was more than What I had if i wanted to get that i really wanted. So after 20 minutes of thinking, I decided to walk out, aka no luck with any combos under £10. 

The lights on, the stage I never saw and well thats it

a blurry walk back home #throughglass

Then I got home and it was done, the dickensian evening was ended, the stall only sold 2 things but that actually paid for the stall which is not too shabby. Then that was it, accounting was done, a meal was had after (a toasted Ham and All Bran Sandwich) then I fell asleep while trying to type this up.

Then we will see you for a Christmas shopping vlog and the Review of the Year is coming up soon.