Friday, 27 April 2018

omracer's Holiday: The Marathon Farewell Journey

Well, it was the final day of the journey, the heat around and also the excitement of the night before which at that point I still haven't slept from that. The vlog is below:

The Packing 

Well by 8 am, I was finishing off the vlog fr8m Friday, my energy was low and sometimes I might have pushed myself to get too much on, but it was time to pack after a shower and gfuel grape to be consumed, it was nice. I managed to get the room back to the shape it was when I got there.

The gfuel grape and water

A messy room

Cleaned it all up as best as i can

Then it was the last bit of finishing the vlog and texting the Airbnb rep goodbye via WhatsApp, but by 10:30 I was gone and I was on my way to borough market again to get some gifts.

Leaving for Borough Market 

More Streets 

I got there and it wasn't ad busy and some places and stalls were closed. Which means it was going to be hard to purchase gifts for mum and dad, but I managed to get the bottle of elderflower wine, that was £10.99.
Borough Market again #throughglass


£10.99 for Elderflower 

Then It was time to make my way back on the other side of the bridge and maybe make my way to the other side, which was on the part of the marathon.

Back streets

Tall Ships

More Bridges

The views from it

You can really see the  water

The marathon passing. 

Well well well, this was where the fun really begins, wailing along the road the marathon goes, except the drink stations were shouting "Move to the left" was the key there, like having to get off the course for that bit lead me to the riverside

The water spray

Lucozade sport by the gallons

The riverside

Getting by signs and walls

It was a tiring walk but I did get past BBC sport news crews as well as different charities showing them selfies of and one person was like "excuse me" as I leaned over to see the runners on the route.

Back down the street

Signs and charities 

Looking back
 But eventually I had to turn to had right and headed back into lecister square via the road near convent garden.

Back into the city

The posh hotels and cabs

But it was also the odd thing happen when I went round in circles with charston cross underground station, like I dragged the case down with me with it clacking as every step I passed but I got nowhere minus homeless people sleeping peacefully even with the loud echo of wheels from the case moving, but I dragged my way back up via another stop and then made my way to Chinatown.

Passing Tralfagar square

Plazas and shops

Chinatown passing

I was in awe as i walked through, it felt authentic and i even went in a Tech store and they had a Redmi 4a for £220, like No, but soon I dragged myself to the Chinese supermarket, there was so many offers but alas, I was nearly running late, So my time in chinatown had to have an end.

China Town

That entrance though

A Piccadilly passing

Then it was time to pass Piccadilly circus before I really had to run back to the coach station, with Pikachu there, my quest was going to get more intense I thought.

Those signs #throughglass


Then I really had to run to Victoria coach station from here.

The cain to the coach before it goes...

This was the intense run on the road, the shoving and screaming and getting stuck in the crowds, the sweat pouring off me and well, event free chocolate melting was all the part of this chaotic run that got me to London Victoria Coach station by 12:45 ish. But things will feel better when i got there....

I got a free dairymilk oreo bar while running past the ritz

Buckingham Palace #throughglass

Down this road


But then it was lucky the coach was not boarding, until 12:50 and I had to drag the case down the stairs to go for a toilet, and the chap at the machine, he saw me struggle, I thanked him then went to have a refreshing toilet and blow my face off before It was time to carry the case back up. I then decided to get a can of Grape and Elderflower Juice from one of the Cafes right near my coach stop. This was 1.10 which for a small can is a bit of a rip off but tourist prices do affect me quite a bit.

The grape and elderflower for £1.10
I then got on the bus after showing the tickets, which then that was it, a few short minutes later it was off and I was then on my way back to my average life. With parents and granparents called, they were safe to know I'm on the way back.

The lunch for that day, Dairymilk oreo and elderflower and grape

The Tiring Editing trip back

This was pretty much it, I was on the way back in the bright sunlight, with the laptop with me, while editing Saturday's vlog, but from Passing Heathrow and making me miss that times from the night before and also that was a delay and a half with it as well, like 20 minutes and a few mini kicking off before we left and on our way to well, reading, of all places. But It was a bus stop outside of Reading which looked to be like in some park and ride and 2 people got off and they looked like lemons, it was haha. Then it was more coaching it and trying to edit while checking the internet every so often, my tiredness was starting to come into play as well. But I was passing all the  sights, the clouds were starting to grey towards Bristol which sucked but it really did tell me that I was on my way home. With the only services being Taunton dean again, I was starting to feel the thirst and hunger which by 4:40, we got there.

Passing Cars


More views

The searching break

I wandered around looking for cheapish drinks, which there wasn't any good ones, even in the shell at the end of the road, 2 quid was the min price for any drink of a reasonable size, minus maccies small drinks, but for a coach trip, a bottle was the way. I skipped snacks since I still had the ones from when I traveled up, but I eventually got 2 bottles of Oassis for 3 quid. Which is okay but for prices, I missed out on alot of junk food fun when I had this trip in all honesty, but Hopefully if i get somewhere like this, I can get to feed a girl irl again. But maybe with becca for a lunch date might work, which has been on my mind a little bit. Eventually I headed back on the coach by 5:05 and started snacking on the crisps before we headed off just gone 5:16. Also there was a coach from Birmingham to Brixham i kid you not.

The services

2 for £3.00 on Oasis from WH Smiths

The Final journey,

The sun was getting brighter as we were heading towards Exeter, which then it really felt the missing of the big city, but I also was a bit relieved with travelling. I was snapchatting with the team on how they got on with decor and it turns out that they slept most of the day and only did decorating from 3pm, so the idea for me to run to his after I got off the coahc was a reality. Maybe it could of been more last minute preps before the Lef 4 dead stream he might be doing this weekend of the 29th. But it was soon time to get to Plymouth by 6:30, which means we did REALLY well for the traffic considering the time of the marathon causing the ruckus.


This is the bridge that makes me KNOW i'm back in Plymouth

The Run to Torchy 

So, it was a run i've not done for a long while, via #crappycityplym and up to Torchy's place, he snapped me asking when I was getting there, I was running it pretty meh, but with the heat and the cold wind along with the distanced and suitcase starting to really get knackered, I was feeling it. But I made it to him by about 7:10 and then I was waiting outside where we have the car parked, hhis fiance waved at me along wiht torchy and after a 10 min wait, both him and James walked out and joked how tired i was, which considering it was a all nighter on that day, i did pretty well and once loaded the case in the back of the car, I was off.

The catch up

Now, I told both all the stories of the past few days, from showing the studio to the Razer reps to the indulge night out with Doreen and the meal with the lot. They laughed and Torch said "If we get really Popular, I'm DOING a documentary on your life Mattie", like even thought I said Sandy said about doing that but that went down the pan along with that Sky Vision Documentary that went down the pot as well. But it was finally time to say goodbye for now when he dropped both me and J off. I then decided to run up the hill before finally getting home by 7:50.

I Made it.

I finally greeted my parents and it was time to catch up with them which then for me was all the delays from a nice snack when I got home and then bath and bed by 11. Things turned out OK,

A well deserved mugshot when i got home

And that  was it, I hope you enjoyed a story of the holiday of my life by myself at first time. With the times i've had and people I've met, its been a blast. But for now, I hope you have a good week and hopfuelly I can do more of these Holidays in my life. But it also means I've got not 1 but 2 New Years Resolutions done. Which I'm impressed with.