Friday, 20 April 2018

omracer's Holiday: A Run to Plug-In

Well, this is the second day, one of the main reasons this holiday even started, but it was exhausting but seriously worth it, a run to silverstone and also back again. With drinks, tech chat, food and also some speakers. It really turned out to be a eye opener. The vlog is below:

A Early morning Explore: 

So we actually wake up at 5:30, the eyes awake and the body feels warm, we decide to really get up by about 6 and prepare for this day, sure it did involve typing up the blog from the travel day but that seems quite quick when I took a shower and got some things sorted quickly,. from seeing the garden to the reserve and also greeting the lovely Monty as well.

Waking up in the morning

The bathroom

The selfie after changing

For breakfast gfuel apple and coco pops

The nature reserve

The reserve has views
A path to the road which actually was too muddy to bother with

It really made you feel welcome and at peace in a way. But after a bit more of the gfuel drinking, we leave at 9:40 which is just after when the host left for shopping it seemed. But then it was a bit of a change in pace. 

The way of field running today. 

This journey was more intense than I had guessed but according to google it would take me 2 hours to walk it, so my goal was set and boy did I beat it. I ran past the school, up to the footpath and on fields with some mud and dirt in them, nearly missed a bog then reached a area called Stowe. It was a posh big house with a university like feel to it, with bells ringing as I ran by and then turning right to go down a hill which was a shortcut to Datford.

A mini Castle from the Field

 AS i entered Dartford, it was now on a hill, things were going to be tricky, but my pace felt stronger and as I was running on roads, I was seeing Silverstone much quicker than I thought, but with these things, timing takes a bit longer so it was. But I made it in 52 minutes. 

Dartford selfie

Golf Clubs always are on the road

We made it
Getting there with Mi Fit

The empty browse

I was actually an hour early, so the first thing to do was to get some drinks, which there was this coffee shop on my left, boy that was a good idea, it was so kind in there, after going to the toilet which a plumber was doing some work in. a nice cute softie was working outside with her mate and she said "you can come in this was but best to go to the front) whcih i didn't know, but I walked in and looked for drinks. The sad thing was it was actually £2.00 for drinks, but after asking for other cold drinks, the staff got me tap water for free, like 2 cups, that was kind of them and even rejected me giving them £1, as well as free tissues.

The cup of water for free from the coffee shop

But then I made my way to the industrial estate just straight ahead which had car parts, racewear and other firms too. But then i passed a food van who was asking if i wanted to buy food, but i thought she was a wholesaler only so i refused, but then she parked and served a few mechanics just up from me, i looked but pretty steep prices so nah. Then I made it to a bike shop and asked about bike trackers, which the reps were helpful for that, but not in stock and over £100, I thanked them and left. Which then one more toilet break before I run to the event. 

The Event was inspiring

Even though most of what happened is NDA, i can still tell you some of how i got on, we begin by having to run another 10 minutes to the exhibition centre due to long distance walkaways, which was fine, even though I had 2 offers for lifts which i refused kindly. But then we walked in..

The exhibition building, they call thing the Wing
I walked in to the 3rd floor, then we got to get our little badges, it was amazing to get it, I felt part of something, which I am, but then it was drinks and refreshments upstairs, which oh yes, orange juice on tap in heatwave weather will be a disaster for my body but oh well. But hanging around before 12:00 which then the presentation started. 
The circuit
Brinbg on the free juice

What i was about to see for my eyes

Empty seats but not for long

The Talk, 

Well this was some mini facts learned and it was quite nice linkage with David Coulthard and Mark Gallagher, some banter from them but also how F1 is tech driven now due to deaths and risks. But all in all, some points to note, some well not really. But he was very open to selfies, esports and others. 

Coulthard and Gallagher

What a F1 Steering wheel looks like

Then it was about 1:15 and lunch...

A long wait for lunch.

Lets be real, 300 people + going to have food, well that won't be quick, so it ended up me wandering around, getting the desert (lush posh chocolate brownie) first then waiting 15 minutes + for the Chicken Tika and Spinach Masala, nice magazines to read on tables that were getting full and empty at different times, some really cute waitresses as well. 

The chicken tikka and Spinach Masala

The Taps

The track and starting line

Then it was 2pm and things were going fun with all the tech to be seen. 

Tech browsing.

I can't say much but seeing big names like Elgato, Razer, Xbox, Kaspersky, Norton, Seagate, MSI, Gigabyte, TP Link and also trying to help torchy out a bit, got the razer rep asking for his twitch as well as both being impressed with the studio so far. But from goodies bags like Huawei had earphones, hypertec with HDMI cables, Ethernet cables too. But 4pm was a secret conference I looked at and learned some good notes what will never meant to be heard, then it was coming to 5:00 and everyone was packing up and heading down stairs to the pit reception. 

The Posh Pit reception

I walked down and out and then turned left, it was a full on mini bar with MORE JUICE, ICE and also booze for those who enjoy it, but we just casually walked around, over 300 of us did, the staff were friendly, like one girl i was speaking to when the slot car was stopping, she sounded really happy and great to talk to someone who wasn't rude, she wasn't my type but kind af, Then before I had one more glass of OJ, I decided to get the free goody bag and some good stuff from a powerbank to tile slim and more guides and books, which then it was the decision to run.....

a mini Silverstone F1 Car

The goody bag

the last of my OJ addiction this week

The run home. 

Well this was the next part, it was PAINFUL, my sides were aching, runner's nipple was bad and well, painful times by running in the sun, it actually took me alot longer but it was so rewarding when I got back. 

Running back

down those hills 

The distance

You can tell from the distance that it was a long time away. But airbnb and shower before editing the vlog and packing bits up for the grand manic adventure tomorrow. I'll see you for it.