Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Tavistock Goose Fair 2018: The Stormy Buying Meetup

Well, the Day vlog is done. Sure I was extremely lazy with editing but it managed to get its time in the end. But flirting and phone calls on Deep Freeze nearly stopped me from getting it up, jusr a all nigher a few days later.

But this night vlog, well that was a bit of a fun time and well, even seeing new fans to become friends for the first time. That and present buying too. But for now, enjoy the vlog below:

The Late wet Run to the fair

It was nearing 7:15, the family left an hour before that, well mum and dad anyway and I was getting to the stage of running down with a hoodie with glass and no case to go with it, it was a risk, Especially as it was deciding to rain as well. It was the start of Storm callum, that is for certain. But I then got my way down there, with the stalls still having hype and the cardboard boxes piling up as well this allowed me to carry on down. 

A lovely tiger shirt I was passing by

The crowds as we head towards the fair

The browsing in the rain:

Well, the weather decided to get wet and yet it was being on an off with the rain so you had to guess when it was going to, which meant glass was going to get wet. But the stalls were still busy with all the same but extra deals going on, but I headed to the fair by about 7:35 ish. The fair was not as busy as i originally thought, the rides were still forcing their wait to excite the crowds but I was not there for long before exploring for others. But the fortnite stall in the car park was pretty blunt about how many key rings to buy, so i passed that and carried on


The streets with some crowds 

More Sizzler

Freddy's and Superstar

Dodgems and more

Danger Zone and Tagada


Then it was time to head back into the street to start getting bits and pieces., 

The buying in the square:

So i decided to get a few bits and pieces on my way around the square. As i was walking down, not much offered was good, but there were some ideas. But eventually i went to another fornite stall and goit some bits from them and turns out it was a customer i know of so supplier hype. Then I saw shortbread and bargained 4 boxes for £5 which is for work suppliers. 

Fortnite merch for £20.00

4 boxes of Shortbread for £5.00

The big wheel 

So walking past the Auctioneers and even Disney infinity was being sold for £2 as well as other toys, it was pretty immense at the crowds who went for it, but Then i passed my way up to the street with more merch and also more bits around before hanging around the fair again. 

The auctioneers at it again



Dodgems of the Rock n Roll

Then I decided to walk my way back home, thinking to get an hour extra to edit the vlog, but it was also time to get some socks.

The Wet walk home...or not

Now, it was a bit of a wet walk back up through and I saw so many mini ideas and as i walked my way back up, from Oreos dairy milks for £2 (3 of them), to the heated socks at 2 for a £5, it was nice to finally finish this, But i saw someone familiar and then i glared at her and she did vice versa, I was then buying a puppy calendar on the last stall. But received a DM from her on insta and then i walked my way back to the fair. 

Walking my way back

Blurred vision

The pupp calendar for mum for £1.00

So with that I made my way back. 

The meetup with instagram fans. 

So, the wet walk it was and I did dm then to say meet in the square but went to the fairground instead, I saw them on Danger Zone. She was estactic with both short hair and a few nice geezers as well, 3 of them follow me on social media too. 

A wet walk back 

The Wet HDR View
So all t3 nagged to go on Danger Zone but i said i was weak so filmed them instead, it was great and then we chatted and took a few selfies and i was in her vlog before me and his mate was chatting about work and games while both girls were on Typhoon. But the fun thing was, i was no way attracted to them, well okay a little bit with char but not sure. Then we were meant to go on Dodgems aka first person filming, but that failed, so we walked our way back, 2 of them got doughnuts and i was explaining battered oreos to her, the look on her face is priceless, low keey feeder flirting.

Heading out of the fair. 

But then we waked our way to the nearest atm, me and the 2 ladies were chatting while the guy was getting his jacket back from the cider stand. We saw this dog or bulldog just wondering around and it was happy and content for sure, but it nearly got run over. But anyways, we waited and chatted then walked our way to her car by her sisters work, so it was nice to be talking, the mate had his 20th on that day after and it was me saying it gets worse after 24 but maybe it doesn't. But then it was casually get in to the front seat of her car. 

In her car

I got in and we all did, then she was panicking about a vape she had lost and it was a nice smell in the car i must admit, maybe it felt like being in Emma's car but that was years ago but time always brings back memories.But then she drove her way to the last estate where i live and so I got out and thanked her then I forgot a blue bag so i managed to get it out and then left and ended the night, I was dazed a little bit i must admit by it all. But there we are

And there we have it, the big event is done, just one blogpost left.