Saturday, 13 October 2018

Tavistock Goose Fair: A Wet Finale after work

Its the final day of the fair, things were behind and well, it was a quick way to get the vlog and week finished. From the time of buying a gift for my sister on her birthday to the donuts while seeing my landlords reps buy food and wait for donuts, The vlog it below:

The weather delayed the storm 

Well, during the days in between the vlog, the storm was going insane, the flooding with storm callum and the chance to be having all nighters and also feabie chatting along with whatsapp chatting to potential ladies which i will admit its distracted me a fair bit. That and the gifts from the Wednesday night blog. 

The purchases from Wenesday Night. 

Storm Callum flooding the area 

But its been great and also no sign of black ops IIII Sold which is a shame and a customer who was having to bargain with me on Fifa 19, bragged to his mates so i pretty much said "I know you've been bragging about it" that and also its good news with repairs and things as well. But then it was the saturday .

Never mind that, so....

The windy browse. 

Not much was around really, fair reides were going strong but some crowds were there, but most were wanting to have the day finished really, i did see a landlords rep and his kids and an old school mate who used to enjoy kicking me in the penis said hi to me when with his kids and missus but that was about it . In all honest i was waiting for the donut stall to be open, but that dog from wednesday night was barking for food bless it. 




Cloudy Fair views

Final of Freddy

More Fair Scapes

The gifts and walk home

Then I went to get a pug from the hook a duck, so i paid £3.00 to have a go and won a pug, i could of had 2 wins for £6 and gotten a bigger one but it was not worth it at all. So i went for the small pug and headed to get some donuts, which that was the last 8 for £5.00. 

The pug for my sister for £3.00

8 Doughnuts 
And alas it wad then a walk home, with passing roads and also popping into spar and chatting with a relative of a customer and then I walked home, it was actually the end of a busy week and even though I have been alot less productive this time, it worked out nicely. #

But now some important things have popped up and maybe i might be taking you along with me.