Saturday, 8 December 2018

A Dickensian Wet Night in

So, its back to this then, the final weeks of 2018 and this week was Dickensian evening, which actually it was quiet for some of it, But the vlog is below:

The Day

Today I will admit it was wet and i woke up a bit earlier than usual and sure i’ve been chatting to S and also another girl from london and even another further north and also the girl that stood me up back in feburary messaged me about this girl that was looking for a Handsome man last night. So i did chat to that girl and well shes from the US so its a no go there. But I got up at 8:30 and then made my way up to get changed and everything fittted without much issues. Like really it did. But by 8:43, I was in the car with my parents and thye gave me a lift down, but the honest part was I didn't arrive until 8:55 due to the major traffic and the fact that a truck had burst tyres so it caused delays by the cops.

I then unloaded by the bedford and pulled my way down to work, torchy liked my style as I passed him and then i got in and unloaded and it was a major tidy up to get fixed and sorted. But so glad i bought BFV boxes down, since making them up to store things worked a nice treat. That was most of my morning and a few customers until about 2pm, which then it was time to delivery a PC that arrived to a customer and also post an item and also pickup a parcel from a supplier.

Delivering a PC

The selfie when getting change 

The parcel from suppliers on a sack truck

Then i got back and it turns out my mum had left me a sauageroll with my colleague which was for me to have which I thanked him and also joked about mum overprotecting me but she means well, so then after that he left to sort out school for his kids and said he was going to come back, but he didn't.  That and one girl I was talking to on snap has a messed up order from ubereats after i sent her a £15 uber gift code which she was happy about though unsure about it since shes never used them before, well i used it with christea and creams and they messed that order up for her so its not all uncommon/

The sausage Roll
So, I ate that then got the new stock booked in and games like PUBG, Hellblade, Tetris effect, Kingdom Hearts controllers and even Fortnite Xmas jumpers were in the mix too.

New stock in for work

but that was all priced up nicely then it was packing up time and some calls before it was nearing 5pm and time to get the PS4 out to start showing off customers and also get games sold since there was a £13 discount I put on, even on games out like Just Cause 4 and Smash Bros, like yes i can't really sell them that cheap but better gone and not coming back instead of stuck on a shelf. But the tidying did well and I was in full swing by 5:30.

The setup for the night

The Evening

Crowds and kids were popping in, Fortnite was the star of the show, some kids tried hello neighbour, on the account while I was chatting, I did play some but got caught easily, games were being sold and the printer was being slow, but it was hetic from 6 until 8 to be honest, it wasn't like sale after sale from that time. But games were going and I managed to sell 6 on that night, But later on I managed to try out Tetris Effect. Which is a decent game and I really got my head around it and could really focus if I wanted to. But i did get a couple of people to try it. 

Trying Tetris Effect Out

After that I played some Downwell and then tried Party hard which actually is quite fun and surprisingly slow paced compared to the hotline Miami style it wad going for (well maybe more mcpixel compared) But it was heading towards 9pm.

The packing and cold way home

So, it was more playing party hard until 9:20 or so and then it was 10 minutes of me to pack up and thought im taking some things back with me, Most of it i can take back next week or some I don't have to take at all but we will see. Me and torchy caught up and chatted before his higher up was shouting at someone else. But by 9:35, i was leaving.

The mess to sort out soon
I walked back through town to the square and most were packing up, the air was cold, the ground was waterlogged and I managed to get some nice pics of the lights for the way back and cover photo for social media. 

The trees, roadshow and clear sky

Then I ran my way back with the arms feeling cold and the wind and slight spitty rain, But i got home by 9:50 and then eventually getting food later on but a nice snack before catching up with parents, then checking the internet and having a nice chilli white chocolate naked noodle.

The naked noodle

And then that was it, another day gone and time to get this up and then the vlog up tomorrow before streaming, since I have a whole night off to myself which is productive and what I need. and the end of year review is coming along slowly,but will be done before 2019/