Monday, 24 December 2018

A Rushing Christmas Eve (Christmas 2018)

Well, Christmas is finally here, its Xmas eve and presents were being sorted out, last minute shopping and it was also a day in work. Sure i actually miss a family meal since one person who decides to want to go shooting on boxing day, which means that I and my mum will have to miss out on the meal with the not seen often side of the family. But maybe that was a good thing.

The Christmas Eve morning

After possible missing out the chance to get a present haul done, I went to sleep, then woke up at 1am, but then i properly got up at 8:30 after the usual fap and also it was actually earlier for me running down. I was meant to wear for the Xmas vlog but that was binned overnight :@.

The Xmas Selfie

But i ran down and it was a busy morning, to say the least, 2 Dualshock 4s have sold and also Xbox live Gift Cards were doing well and when a DD of £110 was meant to go out but forgetting that £138 was going in, i panicked but with no need to.  Also, the Xiaomi PocoPhone F1 rooms were hard to get in, TWRP was being a pain so MIUI 8.12 might help.

That and also in a turn of events, the UPS arrival SAVED that day. Like switch games being demanded have arrived. Which then i couldn't price up since no invoice but then it went manic with sale after sale and family friends did greet me and my mum popped in. All the Dualshocks 4s from black Friday sold and some other games. Also another delivery for some HDD cases and DP to HDMI to add to my #iowemyself list arrived.

The UPS Delivery that got me sorted
More bits of kit

Then it was nearing 2:30 and my colleague left with the change to spare and things went quieter and more admin and messaging exes on behalf of friends.
But it was getting to packing up time by 15:44. Since torchy and i were chatting, i told him to get vegas from the humble bundle. then we said to have a good one after telling each out the plans for this year. Then he left and others were packing up, I had some admin and also some presents to organise and take back, like ubereats for christea and also Deep Freeze for Hannah. But then it was time to head home, I was slightly unsure of my reactions minus i got a fair bit of money sold today.

The Lights as I left for home
Running home was some excitement and was also the time to enjoy what i wanted to do, Well i got home and my family were watching NowTV, which was the last Airbender although my dad doesn't like anime, he likes irl animation. hmm./ 

The Visit of a family

This time, we all left by 16:35 and got there by about 16:45. It was a nice drive and my sister was talking about a book she had read about health and i said i was going up to Bristol by coach and she wrapped one of my presents up for mum since it was a shared one, But we got there and greeted my granddads finance before we walked past amazing food and went to the lounge where i had to sit next to presents, I chatted to everyone and they were shocked at how patient i can be with customers, one uncle called me and entrepreneur and one joked how patient i was because i get paid for it,. 

Then it was handing out the presents and there were some unique ones for everyone, from truffles, deer horns, canvas, bamboo socks and more. I got a fleece, £30 Amazon and also £80 cash, which was nice and something more casual for this year. But then it was time for some food. 

Then it was a table with small plates and some nice food, like Lemon meringue pie and Strawberry gateau, sausage rolls, chorizo in blankets that peeled off and also some egg potato salad, so that was my first meal. 

The first meal, some nice combos actually

Then it was the desert and that pie was really nice. i mean so soft but also tasty too. I had about 3 slices of it, then 1 slice of the strawberry gateau but that was too rich and creamy for my liking, maybe the piggy im seeing next month might like it but not for me. 

The lemon pie
After this its was time to go back to the sitting room to chill while some of the family had to go home since they had under defrosted the turkey so that was them saw for 1 whole year minus 10 minute gaps or so possibly, But then in the lounge, it was my sister and granddads fiance chatting about wedding.

Now I'm going to quote you what she said to me

You'll fall for some lovely girl in the market and then you'll shock us all whne i see you in there to say i'm getting married .

Which i said "It won't be anyone local" Sice from what we might discover, it is not close ot me at all, minus Kaylee but i think she was a catfish in the end. But then it was sitting and chatting about things from badges shooting, people dying and also bad food in Toby Carvery and other pubs. 

But then it was soon time to make our way home, which i greeted everyone goodbye and then it was time to get in the car to hold the Plate of the desert home safely. 

The dessert I had to take home with me 
Then it was the chatting of the way home, well it turns out the grandparent and fiance didn't feel well, maybe still getting over the virus they had months ago, maybe it was because of the meal at the end of the day since I and mum were having it later since we skipped the meal. Bujt either way, we got home about 7:30 and then i got the presents out and the DP to HDMI Cable worked a lovely treat. 

The jumper, amazon voucher and money so far

Mars bar on the final day 

Got the cable working for £5.00

Then that was it, Christmas part 1 was done and it felt better to have it like that this year. Since more things were to be done and I was also to get the Xmas Haul done this year since i felt like it as a video for you, plus the Christmas message. 

Insert Video here

But see you on Christmas Day.