Monday, 21 January 2019

A Nippy monday to visit

well, January has been an expensive start already and this was the only non-work day off minus Sunday I had, well I would say none work actually all I had to visit a customer near my Nana's, so it's back the old times. But I did go dogwalking earlier on Sunday, oh and also got a laptop partly built for streaming soon.

A Laptop setup for me to stream

The views when dogwalking before seeing my nan

Love catch up

before this though, times have been good and even more girls I've chatted to, like hopefully a new local feedee to meet up with soon though she had issues with the Uber vouchers I get from work, which is fine. S is wanting to go on a diet and won't have sex with me if I ever get that chance to meet her but I'm happy to accept that. Also, the FF chatroom has been full of fun and even have a 638lb feedee my number but her Pete is feeding her anyway.

but also I did get stood up since I was close to going on a coach holiday to see a feedee but she was unsure of her work rota, now that's fine and all BUT she removed me on snap the week before I was meant to visit her which was last week. that seriously bummed me out.

also, I have been offered to feed a girl in real life for special rates too and I did see a Schweppes and banana bloat and used the spoons app for a meetup she planned up 100 miles out but hey, progress is progress and I got her number and also christea's as well.

then it comes to last night and a new girl came upon feabie, called Chloe and well she messaged me and we got chatting and she's down to earth and lovely, and well she offered to meet me for this weekend coming (26th/27th) so that means my 5th ever date is fast approaching 😍.

The message of meeting up

The visit

after the gap, I got up and got changed before making a smoothies, a nice berry one actually, then after email checking and changing, I was in the bus to get to where I needed to go. The smoothie was an orange, grape and strawberry one along with a ham cookie sandwich.

The breakfast

then I was in and started to tyoe up after paying the £3.70 return fare, which has gone up pretty steep. but then eventually I got to the outskirts of the village and then ran my way to the customers which were only 3 minutes away,

The road when getting the bus again

Then I had to get devices setup and one after another in quick time and teknique cameras are a load o shit. but then I finished at 1:30 and walked up to get the bus home and also got a padlock from the premier and look at some tasty deals o will admit, then I waited for the bus.

The cold wait for the bus

as I aS waiting, a greyfacd from plym on feabie replied to me after I said I wish I could f3eed her, asking what with so I said things like donuts, cake, pizza and more but she wants more of a casual date, but we chatted and then suddenly the chat disappeared which is a shame. But I then got home and relaxed with some work to do and also then it was #dogwalkingwithomracer at the field. Then a ham and Pineapple crunchybran sandwich for lunch since that's good too.

the Ham, Pineapple, crunchybran and ketchup sandwich

A relaxing afternoon

Pretty much after this was the chance to chat with girls and ended using a spare uber voucher from work since one girl I bought one for was not able to use it and I said "I'll have to get you another one if uber support cant help out" which I didn't hear a reply from that at all. I also did speak to the 688lb lady but she did leave conversation after teasing of "I wish I could gaze at your belly" so that didn't go so well. But the girl I got the uber to was so nice and down to earth and also said 

What a good example of what this website should be about. 💕
3 hours ago

Which really makes it great is that I get to impress her buy using money but she did apologise for other messing me about but sometimes you have to endure that to get the end result. But then it was time for some casual normalish tea. That and one phone call for an Xbox part that isn't mine to repair soi have to nag colleagues to sort it out.

The pasty,. pasta, crisps, baked beans and ketchup for tonight. 

Then it was time to get the post up and chat to S after her day at work before relaxing and movies, so maybe things are on the mend and up. Also, new streams coming out this week as well.