Sunday, 13 October 2019

Tavistock Goose Fair 2019: The Wet Browse Home

Well, here we are again, the final night of Goose Fair in 2019. Its been a casual one this year with gift ideas, distractions and even realising I went on a sugar binge The vlog is below:

The Saturday: 

Well after typing the post up from Wednesday night on a Friday night and I got to sleep about 1am and woke up to *censored* and that did make me nervous, sure there was a chance that Christea did go to NYC in the end.

So I ran to work a bit late (like 10 min late) but then it was getting to just cain some game listings on amazon, sure it was all a loss but it means like it clears room in the place AND also I get to make small amounts of money. But 90 odd games listed before a few customers here and there. But some of that pile has already been sold

The games to list on Amazon. just half of them

Then it was the last hour, a Power cut happened which made me feel it was easier to close up early. But I had parcels to wrap from some of that games sold already. But due to the Powercut, there ws no way I could post it. So I made my way to the Fair. 

The rain in the fair. 

Well, I explored it for about half an hour or so, there were more crowds than I guessed.  But I checked the doughnut stand, looked at candy floss. felt wet in the rain. The smoke was starting to show much more as well. 

The view of the Fair


Tagada for the last time

The back of the waltzer

The RGB of Superstar

Freddy glowed up

The RGB Terminator

Then it was a walk home, reflecting over this morning and missing someone. Spar has not much in the place and then it was time to walk up the hill and then I was at home and getting this video up and a nice Chinese to finish the week off.

The nice Chinese, 

And then that was it, this week had ended. New videos will be made such as the REAL review of the Calypso Lemonade, the 4G Router, plus work is going to be hectic this week too.
See you soon.