Saturday, 7 December 2019

A Busy Fresh Dickensian Evening

Well actually, the December days are here. Work has the crazy black Friday deals I mean fucking crazy, Fifa 20 @ 15 quid crazy. Well enjoy what happens for a quick vlog

Now the vlog is below:

Insert Vlog here

The Prep & Catchup 

So its black Friday the week before, yes I did crazy sales like £15 games from games released in September, like christ, its alot of hit but will it generate the footfall, the answer is actually yes it sort of did on the first 2 days. But it slowed down until soon. Finley is having the time of his life on a roof as well, but well this is the small times to get him out of the house now he's been neutered. 

Me and the bum of Finley

That and well I was meant to meet Chloe but plans didn't work out that weekend, but it didn't matter since sometimes things and feelings build. But that is something of a shock which I'm not going to talk about since it was happening at the time i was typing this up at 2am in the morning. 

That and the support i had been raising that CSTAT to make £££ and work has been normal. Sure election talk it's making a December vote next week too, which i have my client after work that day. 

But None the less, that and watching AOE2:DEF and also Open RCT2 videos were a good distraction while Finley meows at 11pm, oh and people on snapchat get buggy.

Oh and sega wins my prize for Spotify actually. 


Suprised Cuphead made it to 4, then again some good tunes

The Dickensian Day: 

Well, i got up at 8:15 after a fap, I got up and then rushed for finding the sweep uniform. Which then i found under a storage box, But then i got changed and time to pose, my mum actually got better shots using her redmi 7, but you will find out once the Redmi Note 8 is on Review. 

One selfie

Another pose of sorts 

Then after a bit of bickering on work to get down with a Bag of PS4 Bits . But wearing the jumper which had pockets with zips and i was off, me and mum were having a gossip since dad forgot she had a day off. But then she dropped me off, I walked to work and then it was time.

The Cleanup and busy day

Lets be honest, it was alot of boxes to get rid off which i did, But then it was like 5 customers all in one after another and one was not happy with the fact others jumped in when away.  Then it was soon time to get lunch and pickup parcels by 2:50pm

Picking up parcels from DPD in the Pharmacist
 Then i saw a deal for Bacon Bap for £0.99 and Mango juice for £1.00.

The lunch for today. Mango Juice and Bacon Bap. 

Then it was more to tidy up and this kid from another stall came over and wanted t help me BUT he was trying to blag gifts off me and okay, in the end, he got a Stealth VR headset (got for free due to an order) But then it was time to book stock in and also soon prepare for the dickens fun.

A reasonable night 

Well, it was okay, sure i enjoyed an actually nice beef noodle with chicken satay for £7.50 and also use the rest of that mango juice. IT was tasty but not as filling as i like, 

The meal
Then it was serving customers, selling Fifa 20 Champions edition at 25 quid (sold 2) then playing CTR and arguing with that kid. Then he got a hoodie and then a Tekken mug, But alas it was 9:30 and then time to pack up the inside again.

The mess i left behind minus trolley. 

Well, then it was time to walk my way home with a bit of run and also the stopping for the phone and iPhone to be put safely. But by 10:20 I was back home and well ready to get the vlog up but some online drama appears.

The lights as I left and the packing up 

So I got a message from a person on feab a few days ago mentioning about a Twitter group chat to plan to scam me, interesting on the last name was ringing a bell on which I can't mention but it also mentioned a familiar shop I know of as well. 

But sadly its a pain since showing screenshots from there can get me banned, its a major shame since scamming and not following through can actually be soul-crushing, but that irritated me is that screenshots about this were given to me by the girl who sent it. I'm actually confused as fuck about this from

But it made a sleepless night with Gufel and just as its 8am the Saturday, this gets finished, See you soon or the end of the year.