Wednesday, 25 December 2019

Christmas 2019: A Fresh Reflective Day

Here we are. Merry Christmas, But things have been on my mind and well its also where times get changed and bonds build and things scare everyone. But with my energy levels pushed to their limit, how will things go.

Well actually amazing. But Enjoy this Christmas.

The weekend before Christmas

Well its been actually a strange few days with losing connection to someone and someone else building up the chatter and even buying her first curvage clip, which well its exciting especially since when i didn't see her after the Fireworks shes expanded and oh my i'm impressed. But it was also time to get things to subside and closure to make sure it falls into plan. The review of the year had 8 months done. Plize Prizes Won and Floods around.

A christmas jumper day the week before xmas 

I won hot chocolate with it

Packing shortbread up for suppliers 

Fell over when running at night 

The storm elsa waterfall 

A customer wanted a maibenben

The lap tray

But it was the last weekend of work before Christmas, I've been working 2 weeks straight and Xmas Eve was the last day. Sure I had a letter a day before saying I owe paypal £274.28 and calling Wescot Credit services and they found out it was not me so back to action fraud after 5 years, they have and I've sent that across so that should be okay and in the process of sorting out. That and some last minute gifts to purchase too like processco from spar and costa gift card. 

Prosecco for £11.00 and £1 for giftcard 

but then it was normal preparation The time of food and all BUT THEN it was late at night, nearly midnight and time to get some filming of some presents sorted. 

The glow up bottles

The Tree

Then it was time to get the video sorted.

Which that went pretty successful at the cost of filling up iPhone Storage. But then it was the wrapping and it went sort of well. Fineley had a blast to get it done.

Hes on the paper 


All Wrapped up  

Then it was to go sleep since my eyes were hurting and all. So a 2am rest until waking up for the final day of Work. .

Christmas Eve. 

Well its that day and actually it was a nice busy yet quiet state of affairs Things have been closing off, stock moving, yes COD for £20 and NFS heat sold to shift it. But that and parents came in and told me about tidying up Work and well it was actually a bit of money in and then by 4p, it was closing time. 

Boxes to tidy up

Closed for the 2 days 

Then i was on my way home, Passing sheep for nativity and well knowing i had to get the video up for the haul, it was stressing me out and well i did overdo the Gfuel a bit. Plus a light snack for tea as well.

The cat that walked by me 

Stacks of PResents 

Ham, pringles, Sasuage Rolls, bread roll


Then it was editing the Haul up until 3am and then my eyes were getting drowsy, even with 3 glasses. and Well it was a sleep then time for a new day.  Plus its the case of finally getting the closure with a few otrher

Christmas Day. 

So I woke up about 8-ish. With the air fresh and the happiness of the haul up, I decided to get up early and not fap since well alot to do. But as wifi was on and a message appeared and well it was a chance to finally get to speak to someone i thought i lost a week ago but thats feelings. 

But we Get up and then start to prepare with chores such as cat little and then texting at the same time made me freeze and mum didn't like that. But Then it was minor things until about 10:50 and it was the house to myself. So time to get the video filmed. The place was a bit nippy out and i did see

Wrapping one more pressie

1 year old gingerbread and pressie

its wrapped

Looking back on the path 

The branches 

That field is ruined

Seriuously ruined

But then it was to rush back and then get the vlog uip. Sure C was chatting and all and also it was crunch time with a nice hot shower too. But eventually it was time to get the meal done and i finally caught up with the family after uploading and time for the food.

The roast


Mostly finished 

The desert

My phone is looking 

Then it was time to look after the cat and finally it was then presents AFTER the queens speech, which was a sombre affair, which well after what relations cant control themselves, it makes sense for it to be like that.

The presents

The Cat in the room 

The queens speech

Then it was time for the presents, this was a bit nice of the timing. But we got it all done in the end. 


Then it was time for my Grandparents to go home since they were not feeling themselves, when my Nan was not anyway. But i helped her leave then it was me and my sister going for a walk, as we did it was the shame time of going for back since we could not go on the road.

Time for a walk. 

Then we came back and she was time to head off, she forgot some bits but i'll see them tomorrow. But after that it was talking to friends and typing this up. It was time to get this up and running for the post to be up. Also pumpkin pie is so good. 

The loaded after tea

Then it was time go get this up and relax for the night. See you for another day with the time of the other family. 

See you soon.