Saturday, 26 December 2020

A COVID Christmas - A Facetime Frosty Day

 Well, here we are, the biggest event and only event of this year that was working, since everything else mostly was cancelled from Fireworks to even Goose Fair and even Dickensian Evening, But for some The government had to cancel christmas, In this case I was not in that list of some. But after preparing and working for a few weeks The day was to arrive. But enjoy both the vlog and the Christmas message below: 

Lets Begin: 

After chatting to friends that are important and it was the case to make sure that they were okay. Especially with both of them receiving Christmas presents I sent them, That and it was nice to reconnect to friends too. But it was soon to be 1am and it was having to sleep before we start the day. 

Eventually it becomes 7am, my Bip S beeps and it was then time to check socials and the like before by 8:40am or so, it was time to get up to get the first part of the plan which was to get changed and to get into the onesie for the time to film the christmas message. 

The Selfie before going for the message

AS i walked to the usual spot, I did try to go to a new place but instead it was back to the path and then it was some filming attempts to get it done,  But the air was crisp and the suit was warm too. Plus it was good to have selfies on it as well. 

The selfie 

Then it was time to get back to start the editing for it, which then it was a bit delayed for it due to the start of chores such as hoovering, moving bags and preparing the little things before it was time to knuckle down. 

The hoovering

The hoovering with glass

Picking up the pieces 

Then it was soon time to finish the most of the message and then a time go to for a #Dogwalkingwithomracer with the parents and it was then, a drive past the golf club,  which then the 3 of us walked around for 20 minutes to get around and make sure Rosie has some walks, the air was not as crisp and some words were said with making sure we all get along this year. 

The car ready for the travel for a walk 

The Square on Christmas Day 

The moors in its dull glory

The clouds were slightly clearing 

Icy puddles 

Then it was time to head back to the house and prepare for the last part of the Editing and uploading before It was time to load the presents into the car,  

The presents in the car

Then arguments were about to happen since I was rushing to wait for the message to render then upload and this was about 12:45ish and by 1:07 we were on the way to my nans and then we got there, the turkey smell was so lush on the way there, then we got out and then greeted and started to prepare the table. From me cooking Bread and Onion sauce and moving the presents in the hallway. Nan's Neihgbour brought over some homemade stroodle too. 

The cooking and also the stroodle

Organising in the kitchen

Then it was soon time to finally have the lush roast my appetite was waiting for, all of use had a nice amount of turkey, there was plenty to go around, the pigs and blankets were a slim picking but everything else was really good, especially the cranberry sauce with it this time. I eventually had the 2 portions and some did have 2 as well. 

The sunday Roast 

A closer look at the tables and the drinks on there too, the rhubarb and ginger irish water presse

But then it was chatter about relatives acting snarky/blunt then work then rain and weather and eventually it was time for the deserts, which was for me the Stroodle and a bit of Yule Log 

The deserts

By this point it was nearing the 2:30 mark and less than 30 minutes until the HM Queen does her stuff and reference religion and also it was time to plan out the presents just after the speech, which in this case was to facetime my sister while they stay at home due to a person passing them by had covid last week. So that means things were not as close but that is what others have had the same so not alone. 

The presents 

As we went on, we had a quick facetime with my sister with her The child Christmas jumpers as wel as her fiance, but then we ended the call and watched the Queen, for some reason I turned glass off so from here on out, things are now as taken as much, but the queen was VERY religion based this year unlike others and also she did acknowledge other religions so there is a tiny bit of diversity in life from her, but sadly it was more of the same and less meaningful, maybe the fake one might be better. Before that I had to pair 

But then it was to open all of the presents and making sure it was as it should be, we facetimed my sister again and she watched us open them, we should have tried this 10 years ago but connection was still very hard back then.  Now its was actually really smooth, even with 1mbps up and 17mbps down at my grandads place. But we opened up more of a rush than the other years I would say, but alas it was time to see presents from granddad getting the Chromecast with Google TV, I got loads of jeans and even jumpers and shirts for running around in the future. It was warm and cost and my mum still never found the disappearing morrisons gift card. But eventually it was nearing 4:30 and we got all done thanked everyone for the presents then setup the google TV and then by 5pm it was a sunset to head off too. It felt nice to say goodbye as well. 

The sunset on Christmas Day. 

Then it was the dimpsy drive back home, which then it was time to put the bags back in then a time to go to get the dog walked and catch-up about things such has dad being negative due to his family and his tinnitus giving him stress, then me working non stop, then our sister being in our Christmas bubble. But the clear sky was out and the nice end to the festive day was approaching. 

The bag of goodies

Then it was time to have tea but before that was some last presents which were the Cat treats, dog treats which she already was angry at me about and then it was time to have a bit of leftovers and Hellman's coleslaw was soo good. 

The cutest pic of Finley so far 

An owl on a tractor and my sister got it framed for my dad 

Finley and the catnip

The leftover turkey, pretzels, potatoes, mackerel pate, pickled onions, 

Then it was time to relax and manage how to make the blogpost finish off since its overdue as it was on this day, but it was that and  watching Wonder Woman 1984 which has a good theme about wishes as well, which ends our day of Christmas at last, well except I had to do technical support until 1am since someone was struggling to make a usb of windows for him to use. 

The fire and Wonder Woman 1984 on TV

There we have it, another Christmas, more of so a very peaceful one and make sense to spend it with the loved ones that I could have, friends were supported, some loved the gifts of the candles, a special girl got double stuffed and eaten more soon, I was even invited to a flat of someone else after Christmas (Shame that's still illegal currently) But for now its time to relax and get things ready up, to prepare for the last few days and things to catch up with. Since we have to be aware of those choices too. 

See you in the Review of the year