Wednesday, 16 December 2020

The Overflow flatlined of retail prep ( Lockdown Stage 15)

I'll Be honest and say this is nearing to the final posts of this year, well maybe 2 left to go until the Review of the year (Just Started it) but this will be the final Lockdown Stage of 2020 for me at least anyway. Things are ready to go since the attempt of more tiers is back again. Videos are a no go minus one or so, but here we go.  

Novembers final week. 

Well its been days since the PS5 was released, times were really changing and well it was also the time, A PC was to be built and more cycling at night for visits, time stops for very little these days. Plus it was finally overdue to build a gaming PC. 

The parts for the build 

Halfway there 

Built and then the cable tidy

But it should go on, it was looking like the final week and also adverts have been getting in the way which on these 2 week, i was experimenting with games from this weird games publisher from hong kong and it felt like pure gambling, no doubt about it, which especially with how friends dealt with gambling, it really is something of knowing when to stop. Cash Solitaire is great for the first $70 but it never goes high. Even an Magisk adblocker didn't help block the repetitive ads with people being poorly lip synced and its just nonsense. But for now it was still time to go walking and work was still full of visits and it was also the stress with the Bike Tyres hopefully finally fixed, or so I thought.

The ride at night on the way back from a long day

Then it comes to the punch and thread, it was catching up before December was upon us, and also new plans meant i had to treat my mum and dad to a special advent calendar, since next year a big relief was taken from my shoulders but that is too private for me to explain. And Also for the first time in recent memory, we put the Christmas tree up before December begins, well especially after how bad this year has been, which well I'll be able to talk about it. 

This is the Tree

The £3.00 each for the Advent Calendars 

We then also see ideas on cooking wrapped pickle or something that might work, but it is a big if to go with and that can also be fried, maybe to try with peperoni or something else, to maker fake sushi, its worth a shot in 2021. That and those scam calls nearly make you want to just jump out in the front of a car to get the insurance claim. 

We then turn in the day of starting to make some Crispy seaweed after talking to Sugarwater about it and she shown how good it was and using Nest Home, a recipe appeared and the first time i think i went too salty. 

The home made Chinese with homemade over salted crispy seaweed 

a Second batch of PS5s 

This was then the last of the digital consoles arriving in, which I'm not gonna lie, is a tough one to sell, but with time comes customers, the disc version is mostly the demanded nightmare. Which later on is the final batch of them.. 

Plus it was also time to realised is been over a year since Finley came to move in with us and boy he is happier and well also well fed. 

Finley having a selfie 

Which then leads to the final weekend In November, which well turns out to be the second to last day off before Christmas and well it was looking like yet another pair of jeans ripped and well that means only 3 pairs + 1 posh one to use. and to celebrate the end of the month, it was the last one of the Pop Tarts to use up. 

The Mixed Sunday mean with leftovers and pop tarts

Which then it was the final Monday and  work day before December was to hit. Since turns out the Tyre burst after the first visit and riding on a flat tyre always is dangerous, but it was a long day and the nights turn in so quick now.  But it was one bumpy  ride and especially having to go up hills and it really does make one tough ride and even the main road where car crashes have happened and one wrong move and i could be dead. Luck i was careful. And alas then it comes into December. The final month of this really crappy year. 


Well, here it is, the last month, and we begin with a peanut butter advent calendar. 

Peanut Butter Cups for advent is cool 

Then it was the time of the last vlog uploaded so far, the time to prepare for work to go back to some normal. Enjoy the time-lapse of what to come for this and this was the final day the Tripod from Lidl worked which was bought back in early February, my god that is feeling longer than I thought.

Which finally made chance to make the place look well like it was open 2 months ago to that exact date. 
The shop getting a bit tidier

The Gaming goes to the shape it should be 

Outside with the Lights on

And then most of my life ends up working for the next few days, since this coming weekend was the last Sunday I was going to have off, with some chats happening, the sneak steps of more commitment and feeling buzzed for the future and well things slightly heading in a better direction. Plus shire horeses on the street and more casseroles you have to add extras in to be tasty. 

The Hall and the trees

shire horses stand (yes there is one behind) 

Which then leads to the final day I had off before working for the rest of the year. Which was an early birthday celebration for my sister, which is the time for planning the Christmas videos, which looks like both a Christmas message and also a Christmas day vlog, since half of the events are cancelled this year so more time to get it done. 


But this really means a chance to see family carefully in the bubble formed according to that law which doesn't make sense, but we follow what we have to know, but it ended in a nice reflection of happiness, it was nice to have a nice walk with mum and dad first on the moors, even with the damp weather. 

The view from the moors for a morning/midday walk

Which then with little eating, it was more time to plan for a afternoon tea of sorts which also includes those slate things to make it look really pish posh, which then by around 2pm we did head off, which on the way we had to check for a grave for a friend of mums that passed 2 months ago. But then the sister called and we were on our way to our nans and then it was time to unload and prepare the food. 

The platter of food and the cake slate 

Which then it was nice to enjoy and catch up with family which it did even lead to selfies and that felt special, plus it was iPads knowing i had to repair them in the end, which made me think slightly. But the food was really good. With pork and sage rolls and ritz and even posh crisps, felt and even special white chocolate fudge brownies.

The plate of mine of afternoon tea 

But we then decide on the next day of more cycling for work, Monday was bearable and well just about manageable in the ice, a few slips here and there with the pedal, but the tyres were coping just about. But well it was soon time to deal with Crash ice physics, like this really was dangerous, I did argue with my parents about leaving in the morning. Which that was a mistake, I  managed to get to the morrisons roundabout was slipping badly. So by 9:30 and I nearly parked the bike by mole valley, then slide and run to Yelverton, And by the petrol station, I'm slipping already. This was on the day that a special choice was made 1 year ago. 

Stressed out of my mind, I run back to the bike and then go to work to catch up on things and sort out since some Console orders were getting beyond a joke but that's due to voicemails and payments to make, but the weather was good for that cycle in the afternoon to the inner depths of the valley. 

Parking and making calls 

This was also the best and slightly warmer than the morning on via the route and then it was the  sunset of the city in front of me before passing Buckland abbey then the final call on stock stuff then that was it, time for a long few things to do, which was a relaxing relief but

The views as cycling down the hill


 Now then on that visit, it was taking a long time and the customer did drive me back to tavi which was in the rain then it was a long rewarding meal needed after a long day of exercise and nearly dying in ice physics, which pop tarts were the last of them. 

The meal from coming home to 

Which then helps me to continue from the rest of this week, which for me included work and well, it was time for Cyberpunk to release, 2 people pre ordered it, which was a hope it should do well, especially for an anticipated game of over years, which well loads of marketing to put up at work as the normal vibe, which that means it will be a big one, but well it arrived right on time, But the midnight launch i skipped due to visits and the rain. 

Copies of Cyberpunk

The adverts outside the shop 

Which then it was getting time to have more visits, day after day and also preparing things for the end of the year, since it was very much time to get the year typed up, and i felt there were going to be some distractions, and also some memories to reflect on. But for now it was also watching DrDisrecpect enjoy cyberpunk or skipping half of it but god the streams are long but perfect to watch while catching up. But well soon within less than a few days, one customer wanted to return it, but sales might help the vibe. But it was also a chance to get some Christmas shopping, which this was more presents to wrap in the with gift cards to get next week, but there were some good bargains like stationary sets and also the booze gift sets sine both mum and dad like drinking, not a lot but a bit. 

The shop in lidl for £25 odd

It was also catching up with the second job which I had to do and well now the last 2 sundays before Christmas was a thing, it was making sure things were ready, and repairs were starting to increase so new equipment to get and also it was soon to get presents wrapped up. But it was finally realising the plan to get 2 videos up for Christmas like the message and the vlog of the day. 

As time progressed, work was carrying on and also feelings were building, yes I was getting distracted from different things and more fake conversations but also it makes me wish i could do those things with someone from a long time away. I mean also it was a close shave with what could have been with a project with someone from the past but she backed out of it, and well now its close to being on 5 star (actually it was )  and well i think my hormones kicked up a notch from it, which will be a regret for my productivity, maybe its what I missed, that and sometimes trying my skills at solitaire since having to face no internet from earlier on in the autumn as well. But more food to eat and casserole was needing a spicy kick sometimes. 

The Casserole

And alas most of our story ends, since it was very close to catching up for the second to final time. Plans were going better, friend keeping tabs, and even old friends coming back without realising but that was just one chat at night. But it was getting just that routine of using the time to watch things while typing up since I know i need to get more of it done before its too late. But we also have to lay rest to some plans too, But this was now on the final full week until Christmas and 2 weeks left until the final day of 2020. And Also a good note is that I finally got Youtuber Partnership again which means money will be a bit better this year hopefully. But that and things are coming to a close. The Pets are getting on with each other much better, work is just like always but except much more freedom and also I'm looking forward for my dreams next year to become reality. 

Both the Pets on the bed 

We will catch up near Christmas